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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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1. Description of the preface

Customers need to bind their own company, everyone’s MAC address and IP address to manage everyone’s Internet access, without the bound computer can not access the Internet.

In the preliminary work, first list the IP address and MAC address of the company owner’s application on a table.

Second, telnet login firewall

Using SecureCRT, log in to the H3C firewall

Enter your name and password to log in to the firewall.

system-view enters the system view.

3. Configure the binding of IP addresses to MAC addresses

[H3C]dhcp server ip-pool 30.2— into DHCP address pool

[H3C-dhcp-pool-30.2]static-bind ip-address mask hardware-address 6CBF-B500-6C1C— Configure IP address to be bound to MAC address.


Copy the list of all bindings to Notepad, change it to the command format of the firewall, and copy it directly to the command symbol.

After the binding is complete, save it directly.

[H3C] save

4. Verification

Log in to the firewall web to find that all IP addresses and MAC addresses have been bound successfully.