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The first time I dried things, I was really a little excited~

Conscientious recommendation! Conscientious recommendation! Conscientious recommendation!

Since using an electric toothbrush, I have never thought about returning to manual mode~

The obvious advantage of sticking to an electric toothbrush for many years is that one day on a whim to wash your teeth (the only time in your life), basically did not wash anything. Except for some tartar between the teeth inside, there is basically no problem, and I was praised by the dentist! Say I brush my toothbrush well~

The previous two were Oral-B, round-wheeled with a rotating head (now eliminated to LG). Speaking of which, it is not bad (under the premise of no comparison), I feel that its disadvantages are: the brush head is still a little big, so some small parts are not easy to brush; Moreover, it cannot be timed, and if you want to brush enough clocks, you can only look at the watch yourself~

This is also when I gave up the Oral-B5000 (?) that my friends recommended a lot when I was replacing the new one. It’s this model), it actually has to put a timer when it is timed… I said that I don’t understand it very well~ Maybe other relatives have a lot of space on the washstand and can put it casually, mine is already full anyway, plus, there is a little devil at home, and when he sees this little dongdong, he will definitely take it to play and finally the bones are gone~

Why didn’t I consider changing Panasonic Bai Fumei~ Price is of course an important factor~ Moreover, I can’t accept the slightly pompous function of the charging cup~ Plus I really don’t like that kind of appearance too much~ I am not Bai Fumei, so I am more insensible~

By the way, there are also Philips who push Philips with a lot of complaints, and the price of the brush head is also … After all, it is a consumable that often has to be changed, and it cannot be ignored~

In a very dazed situation, I was watching at Aunt Zhang’s original planing ~ So I discovered the New World~

I really didn’t know that Omron still made electric toothbrushes~ Although the original models I found were slightly old~ but also let me see a new choice~ I was born to be a guinea pig~ I like to find unpopular and cost-effective Dongdong~

I just started to pan this year, how can I manage the commotion of the mouse hand~~~ immediately Riya searched ah~

How wonderful the price is… There is no need to elaborate on the order process ~ all kinds of buying, buying, buying~

The box doesn’t have to be opened~It’s been used for a long time~

Open is like this sub-drop ~

The charger is like this drop-by-100-240V universal, and there is no pressure to plug it directly into the hand~

The travel storage box, which is the charger, will turn on the red light when charging, and the light will turn off after charging.

In other words, I have always admired the charging of electric toothbrushes, including the previous Oral-B, they have no metal contact points at all, and they can charge the hair? This is the legendary inductive charging? Isn’t that how many years old, why can mobile phones still be used as selling points? I don’t understand ha…

This one is PP~

Basically, it looks like this~ The pointed brush head next to it is another one I equipped, and the original one is the one on the brush handle.

The first feeling when I got it was showy, much slimmer than the original Oral-B ~ two look at together, completely a rough man and a little cute girl~

The operation is also very simple, just a button, press to start brushing, MS press again to change a mode (I haven’t tried, probably the frequency and light and heavy are slightly different) and then every 30 seconds will pause, 3 minutes to their own shutdown. This one really is

Very practical

!!! of features For a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder like me, I definitely won’t turn off the switch myself. From now on, brush my teeth for 3 minutes a day, and the dentist will no longer have to worry about me not brushing enough!

This official nominal vibration frequency is 25,000 times, MS Philips and Panasonic is about 30,000~

The sound of turning on is much smaller than the spinning one, which is the feeling of humming. When there is no power, the power indicator under the switch will light up red~

The feeling of brushing is not as rough as the rotating type, and the strength is also there, and after using it for a period of time, I feel that some of the more stubborn tartar before has improved, and the finish of the teeth has also improved every day.

This brush head is relatively cost-effective, the original is SB-070, Nichia a pair of about 602 yen ~~~ and there are several different brush heads can be matched, the price is more acceptable

I only bought another 070 and 090 gap polishing brush head, use it once a month or so, to prevent tartar ~ 080 brush head has several hairs, soft and hard thickness are taken care of, and does not irritate the gums, so I did not try other brush heads.

First of all, the first time to write is also messy, please pat …

The overall feeling is: the price is good, the function is not to say powerful but the necessary are all there~

To talk about the disadvantages, the battery life may not be as good as Oral-B, then the goods are charged once a month at the beginning? Even if it is not so exaggerated, it is now charged only once a week; Omron should be charged once a week at most. Not a serious drawback for me personally. After all, people are slender, and physical strength must be a weak point~

Low price, good workmanship, complete functions, high value! OMRON Electric Toothbrush HT-B601