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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The community is the first line of the city’s cell, but also the prevention and control of the epidemic. Community workers first charge of caring for others, they also need care. November 11, reporters learned from all areas of Chengdu Pi: 4000 “epidemic prevention and control Kit” issued to the day after another 147 villages (communities) of epidemic prevention workers, the “home” and care to Contagion line.

Epidemic Prevention Toolkit is Pi are appointed to the District government agency fighting in the front line of community epidemic prevention staff carefully tailored “warm pericardium” “Come package.” While the head height is not big, but quite informative “material.” The bag is equipped with a mask, epidemic prevention supplies disposable hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, pen, notebook, new crown pneumonia prevention Chinese medicine. Taking into account the recent cooler weather, lower temperatures, tool bag warm baby stickers are also available, it can be described as heart-warming home.

In addition to daily supplies need to use the toolkit as well as “spiritual food”, such as epidemic prevention manual, epidemic prevention should be aware of, understand card, cell (courtyard) normalized epidemic prevention and control six things such as clarity, at any time available for inspection.

Reporters learned that both Pi area of ​​prevention toolkit is a “traditional”, in August this year once dispensing line. “Medical personnel are particularly hard, they guard the peace with sweat and heavy responsibility. Society is everyone’s governance committee ‘her family’, giving them care and support for proper personal protective alerts at anytime obligation to do it. We can work together to build since vaccination solid barrier. “Pi are the District social governance Committee of the relevant responsible person said.

暖心又贴心 郫都区4000个“工具包”配发社区防疫一线

It is reported that 4000 “toolkit” will be issued to full-time community workers, full-time member of the grid and district authorities sinking of community participation in prevention work. Had already finished packing overtime day and night, from November 11 will begin promptly distributed to the village (community) quarantine line.

Huaxi community media reporter Li Yue Lin

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