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The weather in the south is really changeable, the sun is out for days in a row, even short sleeves can be worn out, but at night you have to wear a coat, this kind of weather is really unpredictable.

In the face of this kind of weather with a large temperature difference between morning and evening, today I will share with you 3 good-looking and versatile skirts, which are beautiful no matter how they are worn.

Short skirts are too friendly for small people, and if you want to look fresh and ladylike, short skirts are the best choice, wearing them is full of girly feeling, but also can show the leg length, who doesn’t love this?

Sweatshirt with short skirt is also very suitable for autumn and winter, the upper body is casual and casual, and the lower body is sweet and girly, very energetic.

If you want to get a more significant girly feeling, pleated skirts are the first choice, who wears who looks good, well-behaved and age-reduced, with a small blazer temperament full score.

A-line short skirts are more suitable for girls in the workplace, with a mature temperament and a blazer to highlight feminine charm.

Martin boots are popular every autumn and winter, short skirts with Martin boots, sweet and cool, but also can look tall and thin, a must-have for small people.

Wear it with a mid-length sweater shirt to create a sweet maiden peak, and the furry coat keeps you warm, so don’t forget to wear a bare-legged artifact if it’s a little colder.

A black outfit is cold and temperamental, black tights can slim the legs and show the slenderness, with a high-waisted short skirt, immediately wear the long legs.

If it is a girl with long legs, you can try a short skirt + boots, which is also full of aura, and you can turn back wherever you go.

When wearing a long coat, small girls must make good use of the belt, tie it as high as possible, raise the waistline, and make the proportions of the body more coordinated and slender.

The versatile and stylish short skirt is really perfect for small people, does not press the height, and can also show the length of the legs, which is really a must-have.

Straight skirts have always been elegant items, and you can see the trend of straight skirts in major runways every year.

The knitted skirt is a representative of gentle lady, especially the matching of the same color, super warm, clean and neat, very temperamental.

The skirt is certainly good-looking, but the more close-fitting fit still has relatively high requirements for the figure, and girls with wide hips and thick legs need to be carefully considered.

Therefore, for girls with a relatively petite figure, the straight skirt is still more friendly, especially to highlight the curves of the body and wear femininity in minutes.

The knitted skirt and furry coat are even warmer.

A mature blazer and skirt can be mixed and matched with two different styles.

The umbrella skirt is the least picky item, so its popularity is quite high, and it is especially friendly to girls with a pear body.

All black’s shape is also full of temperament, long sweater + umbrella skirt + leggings, how to look at it is very fashionable and attractive.

This bright and bright organ group has its own French retro romantic style, paired with a small blazer, which has a special flavor.

The simple trench coat with floral / checked umbrella skirt is sweet and temperamental, which can be used for business or casual, and the style can be switched at will.

Well, the above 3 versatile and fashionable skirts are introduced here, presumably there are you PICK, hurry up to choose your favorite style to buy, buy.