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Citizen Ms. Lui

79-year-old grandmother

Yesterday at noon

Go to a massage massage shop on Longquan Road

Do a back push

I found out when I got home yesterday

Worn by yourself

The jade pendant worth more than 30,000 yuan was missing

Jade pendant disappears

The old man suspected that the massage shop had been left behind

Citizen Ms. Lui:

” Grandma clearly recalled that yesterday she came to do the body, and then the clerk told her, ‘I’ll go get the potion, you first take off the clothes’, then grandma took off the clothes and hung them on their hangers, and the pendants were also hung on their hangers, and then when she left, grandma only wore clothes and carried bags, then forgot to bring the pendant and left, and then when I came to look for it today, she said she didn’t see it.”

Ms. Lu’s grandmother recalled that she went to the massage massage shop at noon yesterday to push her back, and when she returned home, she found that the jade pendant worth 38,000 yuan was missing, so she contacted the massage technician to look for it.

Ms. Lv’s grandmother Wang:

“Early this morning, I called Xiao Cai (massage technician), Xiao Cai said that when she looked for it, she was not there, and if she was not there, I would come back by myself, I said whether it would fall on the ground, help me find it. I took it and hung it, because it was long, the line was too long, here the white one is invisible, I hung it there. They said that it was not there, it was such a large piece of jade as a dragon and phoenix, a little wider on the head and a little narrower below. ”

Ms. Lu’s grandmother said that because the pendant line is relatively long, the line of the pendant cannot be seen at the neck position of the body.

When she returned home, she found that she was gone, so she suspected that she had landed in a massage shop.

Later, the reporter found Ms. Cai, the technician who massaged Ms. Lu’s grandmother at that time, to understand the situation.

Massage parlor technician Ms. Cai:

“I didn’t see her wearing the pendant, I didn’t see anything at the time, the back was what I did with her, the whole process. I took her to the room, she went in and she undressed herself, she took off her clothes, sorted it out and got ready, I went in and did it, I told her to dress herself, I came out and she dressed herself, and the whole process was like this. ”

From the surveillance footage provided by the massage massage shop, it can be seen that at 12:21 noon, Ms. Lu’s grandmother entered the store.

At that time, Ms. Lu’s grandmother greeted the staff after entering the store, and it was impossible to tell whether Ms. Lu’s grandmother was wearing a pendant from the neck position.

Head of massage and massage shop:

“Since the old man said that it was left in us, we are not sure, but we have surveillance, so this matter is not clear.” After reporting the case and filing it, the public security personnel have already come to see it, transferred the monitoring, and the public security personnel have also made written records of the responsible persons and the parties concerned. ”

After negotiation between the two parties, the massage massage shop will refund the balance on Ms. Lu’s grandmother’s card.

At present, the police station of the prefecture has intervened in this matter.

8099999 reporter

Editor: Miao Miao