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What else to do in the summer, TEE+ jeans is the most thoughtless and versatile combination that can be worn this season, simple through a variety of matching small ideas, let’s come to MARK!

The core of summer matching must be coolness, and many people unconsciously exclude denim items from the summer list. In fact, thin jeans are completely fine to wear in summer, He Sui is wearing Eifini white Tee, Lee ripped jeans and black sneakers, carrying Prada khaki bags, low-key simplicity without losing the sense of premium, you can’t feel the stuffiness of jeans at all!

Song Yanfei chose a relatively playful color TEE, Urban Outfitters cherry print Tee with ball hair style, very pleasant, more like to mention a pair of long legs.

To be honest, the pair of jeans and Tee CP has always been the reason why people are looking after it with its simple and atmospheric shape, time-saving and labor-saving advantages. Today we will talk about how to wear them this summer to make them feel high-class!

Recommended pants: denim shorts

It seems that only revealing skin can relieve waves of heat waves, denim shorts + white TEE can not only relieve the summer heat but also easily set up a cool feeling, kill two birds with one stone, no wonder everyone is wearing it! He Sui wore a white TEE with high-waisted denim shorts to interpret the temptation of long legs, easily bringing the illusion that there were legs below the chest.


The denim shorts chosen by Ye Yiqian and Chen Yuqi are quite similar, and the short design combining raw edges and holes undoubtedly increases the ornamental and fashionable shorts, and it is easy to wear a simple and high-end sense with white TEE.

Recommended pants: tight-legged jeans

Tight-legged jeans visually show a slimmer figure, which is deeply loved by leg elves. Zhang Zilin interpreted women’s intellectuality and elegance with light gray short sleeves + cropped leggings.

Ouyang Nana wore a khaki solid Tee, black leggings and canvas shoes, a street style with a youthful personality, and casually “hanged” a piece of clothing on her shoulders, which not only freed her hands but also added a sense of layering.

Zhao Wei’s look is relatively ordinary, the color difference between dark blue Tee and jeans is not large, but raw edges and fluorescent green sneakers have become the finishing touch of the entire look, and the fashion and eye-catching all depend on it!

This kind of plain Tee + jeans on the streets of Europe and the United States is also common, refreshing white with black jeans visual contrast is strong, and change to light-colored jeans, dashing and casual, no matter which combination you choose, wear an extremely casual feeling.

Recommended pants: ripped jeans

Ripped jeans have long become a must-have item for everyone, light-colored jeans are a combination of whitening, distress and other craftsmanship, and then add a ripped design to immediately wear a retro feel. Xiao S wears a macaron curled TEE, light-colored cow-ripped jeans and high-heeled fishmouth shoes, simple or aura.

Zhang Tianai chose the “tight top and bottom loose” dressing method, tucking CELINE black skinny TEE into light-colored jeans, which not only successfully shaped long legs, but also highlighted the slender upper body.

Xiao Song Jia’s style is full of street sense, Oversize long-sleeved TEE+ loose light-colored jeans,


The holes completely dissolve the drag of the loose shape, and the baby green baseball cap shows full freshness and casual vitality.

Recommended pants: rolled jeans

The female celebrity’s matching of rolled jeans is surprisingly unified: white Tee + light jeans + small white shoes, and a hat, relaxed, comfortable and sunscreen.

They all matched this “passerby outfit” with small bags, or slung around the waist, or cross-body, or one shoulder, which not only caters to the casualness of the shape, but also brings a girly feeling to the look, how can it be wrong to go out on the street like this?

The summer vacation standard of short sleeves + cropped pants + fisherman’s hat makes Yao Chen and Shen Mengchen’s black and white match not feel hot.

Zhao Wei wears Burberry red print TEE with rolled jeans and canvas shoes, simple and atmospheric with youthful colors.

Recommended pants: wide-leg jeans

In addition to the lightness, the flowing pants can also bring summer coolness, when jeans meet wide-leg pants, the wide pants successfully cool the pants, with a “fan” effect.

Yes, you read that right! High-slit wide-leg pants are also REAL high-end, like a slit skirt, and the looming legs also make the look more fashionable and sexy.

Recommended pants: cargo jeans

Work jeans are very attitude items, loose and comfortable very suitable for travel, Xi Mengyao, Li Yuchun, Qiao Xin all chose T-shirt + cargo pants shape. Xi Mengyao uses a lively cartoon TEE to ease the dullness of black cargo pants.

Li Yuchun, who collided with Zhao Wei, wore light-colored cargo pants and casual shoes, and the white long-sleeved TEE perfectly echoed the letter print and casual shoes on the pants, and the shape was simple but contained the layers and colors you wanted.

Qiao Xin uses simple pure white TEE with denim cargo pants, but the refreshing shape brings a strong aura.

Recommended pants: Personality jeans

Those who pursue individuality can boldly choose this kind of jeans full of design, messy paneled jeans + white print TEE, making the look cool and handsome.

The MIX of jeans and bow is also a fusion of toughness and sweetness, and a white TEE can be used to create a salty and sweet summer street look!

Finally, give you another wave of ALL BLACK “not afraid of heat” style that the goddesses love, black TEE + black jeans, and cool styling to stage a feminine style.

Athletic representatives:

Liu Wen, Xin Zhilei

The all-black shape + sneakers do make people feel stuffy, but with a pair of cropped pants it is completely different, exposing the ankles successfully reduces the stuffiness brought by the sneakers, and the whole look feels much more comfortable.

Tough Representative:

Jiao Junyan

This Louis Vuitton looks handsome, and the pointed toe shoes are stylish. In fact, there is no need to be afraid of black, but to set off a fair complexion.

Representatives of the leisure school: Wu Jinyan, Mao Xiaotong

Black narrows down the options, and it is completely effortless to match, and how to break the dullness of black depends on accessories to help. Wu Jinyan’s Prada red packet and Mao Xiaotong’s Chanel yellow packet both contrast sharply with black, not only breaking the dullness in one fell swoop, but also bringing a full girly feeling, full score!

TEE and jeans are both highly casual items, and different pants can complete different styles to match, making your summer LOOK more exciting!

Source: Oriental IC