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Hi everyone, I’m a duck

Seeing that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 next door has reduced its price, the new year’s flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 and MIX 5 are definitely not far away.

This is not, according to the blogger @Digital Chat:

“Xiaomi 12 standard version L2 will be on the production line this month, and the mass production of high-end L1A and L1 will still be a little later”

And the MIX 5

“Normal iteration, the progress seems to be faster than this year

Combined with previous years:

Xiaomi Mi 12 is expected this year

Released in mid~late December

The Xiaomi MiX 5 is expected next year

Released in June~July

After the pre-heating work is over, it is time for the “subway conference” that everyone loves.

First of all, the tempered film of the Xiaomi Mi 12 was first exposed, judging from the picture, the Xiaomi Mi 12:

Edge microsurface transitions

The R-angle transition is handled naturally

Adopt a centered cut-out design

The top/bottom thickness of the tempered film is almost identical

Source: Weibo @ Digital Chat Station

Next, there is the subway exposure image of the Xiaomi Mi 12:

Judging by the pictures, the screen ratio of this flagship is very slender, and the diameter of the top hole is controlled quite well.

Then comprehensive breaking news information, Xiaomi Mi 12 will:

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 898

Adopt a new packaging process

All series are equipped with 120W wired fast charging as standard

Equipped with LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen (1~120Hz adaptive adjustment)

In addition to the new flagship, Xiaomi has also directly released a new anthropomorphic image this time, and is currently calling for names:

You know, the first virtual image announced by Xiaomi last time was still 17 years of “Xiaoai classmates”.

So, what do you want to name the Xiaomi anthropomorphic image this time?