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Illustration of 465 electronic components of the vehicle (3)

Detailed explanation of 465 electronic components of the whole vehicle (1)

Detailed explanation of 465 electronic components of the whole vehicle (2)

Main Driver’s Gate(24)

1. Driver’s side door outside handle lighting – L283

2. Front left door outside handle touch sensor-G605

3. Driver’s side exterior mirror-VX4

4. Driver’s side door inner handle light – L219

5. Central door lock automatic locking function indicator-K133

6. Front left door contour illuminator – L251

7. Driver’s side exit warning light-W111

8. Driver door closing assist function motor-V302

9. Driver’s side airbag collision sensor-G179

10. Driver side window regulator motor-V302

11. Driver’s side interior lock button-E308

12. Operating unit of the driver’s side memory adjustment function – E464

13. Front left midrange speaker – R103

14. Front left woofer – R21

15. Back cover remote control unlocking button-E233

16. Driver side door speaker bezel illuminator – L233

17. Exterior mirror adjustment – EX11

18. Driver side boarding lighting

19. Window regulator operating unit in the driver’s door – EX36

20. Left door storage compartment lighting – L255

21. Driver Side Door Controller – J386

22. In-car monitoring and vehicle tilt monitoring deactivation button-E616

23. Driver door locking unit – VX21

24. Driver’s side door ambient light – W86

Front Passenger Gate(20)

1. Front right door outside handle touch sensor-G606

2. Passenger side door outside handle lighting – L284

3. Passenger side interior lock button-E309

4. Passenger side door inner handle light-L220

5. Exterior mirror of the passenger side car – VX5

6. Co-pilot side memory adjustment operation unit-E465

7. Co-driver’s side window regulator motor-V148

8. Co-pilot side airbag collision sensor-G180

9. Co-pilot door closing assist function motor-V303

10. Co-driver’s side exit warning light-W112

11. Front passenger side door contour lighting – L248

12. Passenger side door ambient light – W87

13. Co-driver door locking unit – VX22

14. Co-Driver’s Side Door Controller – J387

15. Right door storage compartment lighting – L256

16. Window regulator switch on the passenger door – EX27

17. Co-Driver’s Side Boarding Lights-W93

18. Front Driver’s Side Door Speaker Bezel Lamp – L224

19. Front right woofer – R23

20. Front right midrange speaker – R104

Right rear door(18)

1. Rear right door outside handle touch sensor-G418

2. Passenger side rear door outside handle lighting – L286

3. Rear right tweeter – R16

4. Backrest adjustment button – E425

5. Co-driver’s side rear interior interlock button – E718

6. Passenger side rear door inner handle lighting – L222

7. Co-driver’s side rear window regulator motor-V472

8. Passenger side rear door exit warning light-W114

9. Rear right door contour illuminator – L254

10. Interior ambient lighting of the rear door on the passenger side – W89

11. Rear door locking unit on the passenger side – VX84

12. Right side access and activation licensed antenna-R201

13. Rear right door storage compartment lighting – L258

14. Co-driver’s side rear boarding light – W84

15. Operation unit in the rear door of the passenger side – EX60

16. Rear right woofer – R17

17. Front Driver’s Side Rear Door Controller-J927

18. Front and rear seat position adjustment buttons on the passenger side – E603

Left rear door(16)

1. Driver’s side rear door outside handle lighting-L285

2. Rear left door outside handle touch sensor-G417

3. Rear left door contour illuminator – L253

4. Driver’s side rear door exit warning light-W113

5. Driver’s side rear window regulator motor-V471

6. Driver’s side rear door inner handle lighting – L221

7. Driver’s side rear door interlock button – E717

8. Rear left tweeter – R14

9. Driver’s side rear door controller – J926

10. Rear left woofer – R15

11. Operating unit inside the rear door on the driver’s side – EX61

12. Driver’s side rear waiting lighting – W83

13. Rear left door storage compartment lighting – L257

14. Left entry and activation of licensed antenna-R200

15. Driver’s side rear door locking unit – VX83

16. Ambient lighting inside the driver’s side rear door – W88


1. Front left tweeter – R20

2. Front windshield projection controller-J898

3. Center speaker 2-R219

4. LTE antenna 2-R306

5. Center speaker-R208

6. Near antenna communication antenna-R269

7. Middle dashboard air outlet lighting bulb – L68

8. Front right tweeter – R22

9. Right dashboard air outlet lighting bulb – L69

10. Dashboard contour illuminator 1-L243

11. Instrument panel mood lighting 3-L294

12. Display unit of the front information display and operation unit controller-J685

13. Dashboard mood lighting 2-L293

14. Controller in the dashboard – J285

15. Dashboard mood lighting 1-L292

16. Headlight switch-E1

17. Left dashboard air outlet lighting bulb – L67

Main Driving Pit(10)

1. Left side air outlet potentiometer-G628

2. Front left dashboard air outlet temperature sensor-G385

3. Driver’s side ionizer-J1105

4. Fragrance System Controller-J1101

5. Fragrance system functional unit – GX43

6. Front Park Assist Warning Buzzer-H22

7. Front left foot space lighting bulb – L151

8. Accelerator pedal module – GX2

9. Diagnostic interface – U31

10. Emergency Call Module Speaker-R335

Co-driver’s pit(10)

1. Air Quality Improvement System Controller-J897

2. Left middle air outlet potentiometer-G626

3. Right middle air outlet potentiometer-G627

4. Active steering system controller-J792

5. Glove box light-W6

6. Co-pilot side ionizer-J1106

7. Front right dashboard air outlet temperature sensor-G386

8. Right side air outlet potentiometer-G629

9. Glove box light switch-E26

10. Front right foot space lighting bulb – L152

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