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Good clothes are indeed particularly enviable, the biggest reason is that it is obviously a very ordinary style, and people who can wear it can always interpret a more advanced and fashionable feeling. A lot of fashion bloggers have such charm, though

Instead of envying them for being able to wear, it is better to find the skills in their dressing to learn from and imitate, and the taste of clothing can be rapidly improved.

Take the season of thin and simple clothes like summer,

How to wear a white T-shirt that everyone has to look expensive and fashionable? A middle-aged blogger gave a good answer. Starting from the selection, collocation, and decoration of details, learn from a 50-year-old housewife blogger to wear a T-shirt like this, and the aunt can also become a fashionable sister. these

Most of the matching skills are applicable to basic models, and young people are worth learning, so let’s talk about her T-shirt dressing skills.

How to wear a white T-shirt to look expensive and fashionable?

First, add printing or small design

The monotony of the basic model, mostly because the design and style are too simple, if it is not brilliant, you may wish to try to consider the monotony problem from the time of selection. Like what

T-shirts with simple prints are more bright than solid color models, and if other items for daily wear are also very basic, printed T-shirts can be worn more fashionable and personal.

50-year-old housewife blogger Yoshiko Tomioka loves letter T-shirts.

If you don’t like prints, letters, etc., if you want to maintain the simplicity of solid colors, it is recommended to find a personalized model on the fit. For example, styles with increased shoulder pads, larger necklines or appropriate pleats and split hems

, can make the T-shirt more fashionable, and there are more highlights when matched. Yoshiko Tomioka’s shoulder pads in the picture are very chic, and they are much more fashionable and sassy than ordinary aunt-like black T-shirts.

2. Stack your own pieces

If you want to put on a basic white T-shirt, you can also try adding highlights to the layer, the easiest way is to put on a more personal bottom. T-shirts have become basic simplicity, and the pants or skirt on the lower body are more design and more high-profile, which can avoid this simplicity.

The black skirt in the picture, the wooden ears are exaggerated small designs, will not look excessive and very bright, fashionable and age-reducing.

Layering the lower body with brighter patterns and contrasting pieces is also a good way to enrich your style. If you don’t like bright colors, the classic black and white contrast is recommended. Yoshiko Tomioka’s striped pants in the picture, many elements like polka dots, checks, leopard prints and the like,

can be a way to enrich the sense of fashion. Including her small silk scarf, it adds a bright sense to the white T-shirt.

Third, try to do inner layering

In addition to using a personalized style to avoid monotony for T-shirts, by layering them as an underwear, you can also make white T-shirts the best versatile items. Most commonly layered with a coat, whether dark or colored, a white T-shirt will be the best base color and accent.

The layering can also enrich the fashion and make the T-shirt more fashionable and interesting.

Because white is versatile enough, it is recommended to layer with low-saturation colors in summer, and look good with denim or the same pure white on the bottom.

In Tomioka’s outfit, such layering is common.

The simple temperament is refreshing and eye-catching, and it is also versatile as a color intermediate color

, no white T-shirt is special, it is more fashionable.

4. Decorate with delicate accessories

Simple T-shirts are versatile and atmospheric, and they can also be made more sophisticated and high-end through accessories. In particular, the embellishment of the necklace can not only enrich the layering of the neckline, but also make the matching richer.

The T-shirt with a small neckline is layered with a necklace that is slightly larger than the neckline, and there is also a feeling of elongating the neck line, and if you feel that the small neckline is cramped, it also has a decorative effect.

Gold and silver metal jewelry, in terms of color and luster, can make the basic outfit more detailed and more elegant.

Just like Yoshiko Tomioka’s overlay in the picture, the cotton and linen material is less delicate, but the luster of the accessories can enrich these details, which is noble and fashionable.

Fashion Summary:

1, the basic model needs skills to wear more fashionable, this sense of fashion regardless of age, even 50-year-old auntie bloggers, can also wear fashionable and noble feelings through matching, among which simple dressing skills are worth learning.

2. If you want to wear items like white T-shirts more fashionable, add prints and letters, choose more personalized pieces to layer, try multi-layered inside and outside or increase the embellishment of accessories, you can make the matching more fashionable.

How to wear the white T that everyone has fashionable and noble? Learn from a 50-year-old housewife to dress like this, and the aunt becomes a sister.

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