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The tall and long body is very envious of girls, but height is determined by genes, and there is no way to improve it the day after tomorrow. Then the figure of Orientals is generally not very tall, so everyone hopes to adjust by dressing, and showing the height and leg length is the most ideal effect.

Jiang Shuying’s outfit is worth learning from, her figure is not very standard, but no matter any shape, the proportion of the body is very perfect, and the good figure is not inferior to the model at all.

Jiang Shuying’s temperament is too good, wearing a white shirt is clean and fresh, no wonder Koreans want to steal it, thin girls are relatively simple in dressing, and they should pay attention to the creation of the waist line in terms of styling, and can look taller. And once the proportion of the body is perfect, not only the leg length is very visible, but the effect of showing height is also very obvious.

Jiang Shuying’s shirt and shorts are clean and refreshing and very high-class. A very important point is the use of the belt, which is a relatively wide belt that divides the upper and lower bodies well.

Shortening the proportions of the upper body can improve the center of gravity, and lengthening the length of the legs is also temperamental. Thin girls try light-colored outfits, using light-colored bloated effects to make their bodies look more even.

The shape of the shirt will be more formal, and girls who want to wear a sense of vitality can put some thought into the style of the shirt. Loose shirts have different adjustment effects for different body types, slightly fat bodies can play a role in hiding flesh and showing thinness, for thin girls, can increase some roundness, the whole person will look healthier and more stylish.

The ruffle design at the shoulder makes the shoulder line more beautiful, and girls with a slightly fat upper body should choose carefully to avoid the effect of a large waist and a rounded waist.

However, if you choose a large V-shaped design on the collar, it can slightly make the upper body look lighter, weaken the heaviness of the upper body, and effectively play a role in thinning.

Wear it with high-waisted shorts to enhance the waistline and highlight the leg length. Jiang Shuying’s pants have a higher waist design, coupled with a wide belt, especially to make the legs look more slender. This style of high-waisted pants is suitable for girls of five or five figures. Like girls with a relatively short waist, try to stay away from pants that are too high-waisted, and pants that are too high are easy to make the upper body too short, and it is easy to have the problem of imbalance. Like Jiang Shuying’s shape, the upper body is too short.

Not a very tall girl, shorts are a very long leg item. The white shirt with printed shorts has a refreshing and clean shape, not to mention the leg length. The length of shorts will affect the effect of leg length, small girls choose shorts, to ensure that the shorter the better without going down, a slightly wider pants can modify the line of the base of the thighs, will not appear fat but more thin legs.

The shirt is tucked into the pants to raise the waistline, and even if you wear flat shoes, you still look tall and thin. Simple and atmospheric shape, exquisite and high-grade and tasteful.

Bright colors will especially show fair skin, bright colors can also add vitality, for young mature women, will reduce some sense of age, the effect of reducing age is very good. Like Jiang Shuying’s vertical striped shirt, the elements are relatively rich and fashionable. The underwear suit shorts are high-end and atmospheric, which is very suitable for commuting, and dressed appropriately without losing the sense of fashion.

If young mature women wear too formal professional clothes, although they are very aura, they will also look a little old. So many fashion elements of the shape, can weaken the problem of too rigid and boring.

Shirts and skirts are very suitable for girls with slim upper bodies, but big crotches and big asses. The short A-line skirt will highlight the advantages of the thin waist, and the looser skirt can modify the shortcomings of the figure.

Make the line of the hips not particularly conspicuous, but also make the legs look much slimmer. Using pieces to modify the shortcomings of the body is a key point in choosing a look. The pink shirt with khaki skirt is very age-reducing. In particular, the white to shiny Jiang Shuying is set off, so the effect of light-colored items in brightening the skin tone is very obvious.