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In the past few days, the temperature difference between day and night has obviously become larger, and mothers should pay attention to keeping their babies warm from the cold. The warmth of the small belly is very important for the baby. First, because the stomach is more prone to cold, and second, because the stomach is cold, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems, resulting in diarrhea and other health problems.

Therefore, in order for the baby to stay away from the cold, in the cold season, mothers must pay attention to protect the baby’s little belly. Xiaobian will introduce you to a few small methods that can effectively prevent the baby’s belly from getting cold.

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1. Put a belly pocket on your baby

As one of the most common ways to protect your belly, tummy pocket is recommended by many mothers. Some mothers said, isn’t the belly pocket only worn in summer? In fact, you can also wear a belly pocket in winter.

In autumn and winter, you can put cotton clothes on your baby, and then wear a belly pocket outside, so that the clothes can fit close to the belly, prevent wind, and effectively prevent cold.

Of course, you can also wear belly circumference for your baby, which is more popular now.

2. Dress your baby in convenient clothes

Harmon is a daily necessity for babies, not only very comfortable, but also easy to put on and take off, even if the baby stinks in the diaper, it is very convenient to change.

In autumn and winter, it is recommended that the mother choose an oblique placket or a hat that can be opened for the baby, which can protect the little belly and facilitate the mother to change the baby’s diaper.

3. Wear high-waisted pants for your baby

In addition to jumpsuits, suspenders or high-waisted tummy pants are also possible, and the wide waistband is just right to protect your baby’s tummy from the cold. High-waisted pants can tuck the top into the pants, which will also prevent the baby’s tummy from getting cold. Or choose pants with elastic cuffs or waist corsets, which can prevent air intake and keep warm.

4. When you go out, you can wrap yourself in a windproof coat

When holding the baby, many parents use force from under the armpits, so it is easy to pull the baby’s clothes up, so that the little belly or calves are unconsciously exposed, but the mother does not notice. Many times, babies get cold because of this. Therefore, when you take your baby out, you can prepare a cape, wrap the baby without fear of the wind, and you can also use it as a small quilt.

5. Don’t forget to choose a good milk powder for your baby to protect your stomach

In addition to getting cold easily in autumn and winter, babies can also face the threat of multiple gastrointestinal problems, such as autumn diarrhea. Therefore, in autumn and winter, it is also very important to protect the baby’s stomach. For babies aged 0-3 years, breast milk and formula are still the most important sources of nutrition. Choose a good milk powder for your baby to help your baby’s gut build a healthy microbiome environment.

Of course, to prevent your baby from catching cold in autumn and winter, in addition to protecting the belly is not enough, you must also do more outdoor exercise every day to improve your baby’s resistance.