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It is also a year spring, bid farewell to heavy down jackets and cotton coats, and finally can be lightly installed. But in fact, there is still a little cool, so it is still not the season of the legs.

Is there any single product suitable for spring wearing a concave shape? The answer is that there is a hundred-winning jeans.

Speaking of jeans, everyone is not strange, but what version of jeans and what color of this spring can lead 2021 spring fashion? Today we will take a look.


First, different leg types choose different version of jeans

Frequent leg type analysis

The normal legs we often say are H-legs, and the H-legged legs are straight. This kind of leg type is very suitable, no matter what kind of jeans, no troubles to wear.


X-legs and X-axis legs are suitable for wearing trumpet jeans, while O-legs are suitable for harsh jeans.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of different version of jeans.

2. 3 styles necessary for opening spring jeans


Speaker jeans

Trumpers, as the name refers to the shape of the trouser leg like a horn.

Its feature is that the waist is short, but the place where the butt is wrapped tightly, and the legs are narrow in the legs.

This trousers type of jeans can function as a modified leg shape.


If the calf is not very straight, the open speaker legs can block this shortcomings.

The trumpet has been popular since the 1980s, is one of the very classic trousers.

Wide-legged jeans

Wide legs are basically the same from the thighs to the foot of the trousers, so

This trouse type can effectively modify the leg shape.

And compared to other version of jeans,

Wide legs are more atmospheric.

When wearing, you can match Loffa shoes, high-heeled boots, pointed shoes, with different shoes, can create different temperament, can create OL style, and create a temperament.

Tobacco jeans

Tobacco pants, named inspiration comes from “cigarette pipe”,

It is characterized by fine, so it is also known as narrow tube pants.


Because it is a more slim pants, so

It is relatively high for leg-type requirements. It is recommended to wear a narrow hip legs.


If it is a wide butt, or the leg-shaped dress will be exposed. When matching, the upper body can choose a knit shirt or shirt, the shoes can choose pointed shoes, small white shoes, etc., such wearing is very beautiful.

Second, 2 colors necessary for opening spring jeans


Blue jeans

Blue is the common color of the most jeans, from light blue to dark blue, can meet the needs of all kinds. At the time of matching,

Light blue jeans as much as possible with color shallow clothes, such as white, yellow, light blue, etc., it is best not to match dark-stained tops, because the color of the color of the above color will give people a soft feeling.

Dark blue jeans is very wild, and any color clothes are coordinated.

2. Tobacco jeans

The smoke gray jeans have been very popular in recent years, subverted the traditional blue jeans, let jeans’s match with more choices, although the color is not very wild, but because of its novel color, it is a highlight.


At the time of matching, the choice of the top is as mainly in the beige system, the white line is main, and the personality color of the smoke is highlighted, and the same color-gray matching can be selected to reach the overall coordination.

Third, the matching skills of jeans


1.T shirt + jeans

T-shirt + jeans is one of the most common wearing, a simple T-shirt, simple and generous, with a jeans,

Not only can I highlight the body, but also simply look, give people a clear and cool.

This way to wear is not need to spend too much, and anyone can easily control.

T-shirt + jeans match, the choice of jacket T is very broad, you can

Choose short sleeves or long sleeves,

Color pattern

Can choose different designs such as stripes, letters, cartoon patterns

Matching shoes

Can be sneakers, canvas shoes, small white shoes.

These options can be combined to create clean temperament of youth age.

2. Shirt + Jeans

Shirts are one of the sub-items of the first spring, not only light breathable, but also wear a very temperament.

Matching with straight skirts or trousers can create OL temperament, with jeans match, casual.

Because it is spring, the color of the shirt is selected.


Try to choose light, such as pink, light green, white, goose yellow, etc.




You can also choose a blouse shirt.

These gentle colors are more suitable for spring colors and styles.

When the shirt is worn with jeans, there are 4 kinds of wearing:

1. In the shirt, it does not stop into the jeans, which is naturally natural, and it is very clear. 2. The shirt is put into the jeans in the jeans, which is simply designed. 3. In front of the shirt, sway in the jeans. 4. The left side of the shirt before the shirt is put into the jeans in the left or right side, and the two wear is more personal, which is to create a personal style.

3. Knitted + jeans

Spring finally bid farewell to the down jacket and cotton coat, but there is still a little cool in the early spring, at this time, the sweater will be used.

A sweater + jeans can easily go out, whether it is a head sweater or a cardigan sweater, with a simple jeans, can highlight the taste and personality.

Knitters + jeans match, there are some tips to feel bright in front of it, such as sweatshirts wearing a slightly loose version or Oversize.


It can be added a T-shirt to make the T-shirt to show up, create a superimposed effect, make the overall shape more levels. It is also possible to wear a shirt that leads the child, showing the lapel, and makes Sword temperament.


4. Suit + jeans

Speaking of the jacket suitable for spring, there is definitely a place in suits, if you think that the suit suit is in the body is too official,

Try to change trousers into jeans, this kind of match is not too engraved.

It is also suitable for commuter wearing, not only pulling into each other, but also more comfortable and convenient.

In a suit + jeans, the version of jeans is selected.

Try to choose nine pants,

Such length will make the whole person look very foreign. shoe

You can choose flat shoes, small white shoes, La Fu shoes,

This kind of match is not only very fashionable, but also simple and comfortable.


Today, our wear is over, I’m ending, I believe you also have a lot of ways to match the jeans of the jeans, so you have to take all kinds of jeans and match it, then beautiful. If you have anything about wearing a good way, please give us a message below, let us discuss the most fashionable trendy.