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In the shoe cabinet of sneaker players, there will always be more than one pair of “little white shoes”. As one of the most versatile colors in sneakers, “little white shoes” are also a must-see for sneaker lovers. So what popular “little white shoes” players have appeared recently? Why not take a look with the poison app!

sacai x NIKE LD Waffle

Poison App Users @orange411

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The sacai x NIKE LD Waffle that finally stopped skipping tickets will land in the sneaker market tomorrow, and the gray and white color scheme in this new joint name is definitely the most popular pair of “little white shoes” in recent times.

Poison App user @wangganteng

The shoe is made of dark/light gray with white to shape the body and midsole, and the mesh material is combined with suede to create the upper part, which provides a strong sense of layering and good texture for this shoe.

Poison App Users @Real6P

The most noteworthy thing about the sacai x NIKE LD Waffle shoes is their “dual design”, the double NIKE Swoosh is naturally one of the highlights of the shoe side, and the double tongue and laces design further implement its unique deconstruction style to the end.

NIKE Free Trainer 3.0 x Matthew M.Williams

Poison App Users @Kob2Bryant4

When it comes to the best sneaker ideas of 2019, it is estimated that many friends will vote for this pair of MMW x NIKE Free TR 3.0. The shoe comes in black and white colors, while the white version maximizes the functional properties of the sneaker.

Poison App Users @littlefafaa

The pair MMW x NIKE Free TR 3.0 is shaped by an elastic garter design with a detachable Vibram outsole design, and the men’s and women’s versions differ in appearance, but what they have in common is the elastic upper in the form of a garter cover and the PVC decorative piece design on the body part.

Poison App User @YesYes is Watermelon

In addition, the Vibram outsole is connected to the Free Trainer body with a very functional style strap, which effectively extends the life of the sneaker and provides sneaker players with the opportunity to apply the Vibram outsole to other shoes to create a unique “sole change sneaker”.

Air Jordan 1 x Comme des Garcons HOMME Plus

Poison App Users @imHillary

This year’s hottest Air Jordan 1 is “Barb”? If so, this year’s “Air Jordan 1 Best Design Award” must be awarded to this pair of Air Jordan 1 x Comme des Garcons HOMME Plus co-branded shoes.

Poison App user @mcLaoxu_Yes

The pair of CDG x Air Jordan 1 was first unveiled on the catwalk of the Comme des Garcons, and the Comme des Garcons designers with super design skills modified the nine-hole OG version of the Air Jordan 1 as a prototype, adding punk elements such as rivets and iron rings, and finally created a unique pair of joint shoes.

Poison App users @hank like to rush

In addition, the shoe has a lot of attention in the details, such as the extended leather tongue and the ring strap design at the upper, which add a lot of design to the shoe.

NIKE Blazer Mid Hawkins High x Stranger Things

Poison App Users @Duncan211

This year, NIKE brings us “treasure IP” in addition to “SpongeBob SquarePants”, but also “Stranger Things”, and this pair of NIKE Blazer Mid Hawkins High x Stranger Things white and green colors also occupy a place in the hearts of many toe caps.

Poison App Users @Dr_Heisenberg

Crafted from pure white high-quality leather, it’s detailed with a green heel, tongue logo and laces, and is made of bright orange NIKE Swoosh on the side and features an inner and outer mandarin duck design – the inner NIKE Swoosh is outlined by stitching, and the outside is presented in a solid design with 3M reflective design.

Poison App user @Cririsrai

As a joint model with “Stranger Things”, the shoe added the tiger head school logo of Hawkins High School, where the story of “Stranger Things” took place, on the inside of the shoe body, to highlight its unique joint identity, and it has attracted countless “Stranger” fans.

YEEZY 500 “Bone White”

Poison App Users @hamagi

As the fifth pair of commercial shoes in the YEEZY vintage running shoe series YEEZY 500, the YEEZY 500 “Bone White” color scheme made the sneaker market boil at the end of August, and the appearance of this shoe model should not be underestimated.

Poison App Users @benRoutine

The YEEZY 500 “Bone White” shoe is made of bone white throughout the shoe body and midsole, although the main solid color design is the rich layering brought by the suede and mesh material, the rich texture of the shoe is not monotonous, but rich in texture.

Poison App User @EMRYS Frog Boss

This shoe is a light-colored version of the YEEZY 500’s first color “Blush”, and the 3M reflective strip decoration on the side of the shoe is also shaped in a different white shape than before, which is very bright in dark environments.

NIKE SB Dunk Low x Diamond Supply Co

Poison App Users @time_will_tell_ shoes

With the release of the Supreme and OFF-WHITE co-branded versions of SB Dunk Low, NIKE SB Dunk Low has emerged more and more wonderful colors, but the NIKE SB Dunk Low x Diamond Supply Co, which debuted in 2018, has always been the favorite of “little white shoes” players.

Poison App Users @Youbest1

Presented in the SB Dunk low-top version, the shoe is shaped with alligator leather pattern and high-quality leather, and white is used as the main color of the upper part and midsole, which gives the overall feeling quite refreshing.

Poison App Users @mellllllo3

The most eye-catching design of the NIKE SB Dunk Low x Diamond Supply Co is its “hook change” design – the silver NIKE Swoosh on the side of the shoe is Tiffany green representing Diamond Supply Co, and the heel part also has the same color “NIKE” logo, which adds a lot of color to the overall visual effect of the sneaker.

NIKE Air Max 1 “Schematic” white manuscript

Poison App Users @beckhwen

What is it like to wear the “manuscript sneakers” designed by renowned NIKE designer Tinker Hafield? Following the release of the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 6 manuscript series, the NIKE Air Max 1 “Schematic” manuscript series shoes were officially launched the day before yesterday.

Poison App users @Ms_ female signs

This pair of NIKE Air Max 1 “Schematic” is made of pure white throughout the shoe body, and is embellished with black lines evolved from Tinker Hafield’s manuscript design drawings, giving a unique “two-dimensional” sense of déjà vu.

Poison App Users @WhatupYo

In the details, the shoe also reflects its “manuscript” identity everywhere – the retro NIKE Air logo is added to the heel, and the signature details of designer Tinker Hafield are enough to highlight its identity.

John Elliott x NIKE Lebron Icon

(source:Sneaker News)

In 2018, New York fashion unit John Elliott teamed up with NBA superstar Lebron James to launch the first casual shoe for the “emperor of the league” – John Elliott x NIKE Lebron Icon. Recently, the new color scheme of the shoe is about to be officially released.

The white version of John Elliott x NIKE Lebron Icon features a translucent cicada wing upper, striped details as embellishments, and an off-white full-palm visualization of the Air Max cushion midsole, which is very breathable and foot feeling.

At the same time, considering the fashion and wearing comfort, the shoe presents the NIKE Swoosh in the form of a mini on the toe part, and applies a thick sponge design on the upper part, and the insole part is added with the Lebron James and John Elliott joint logo, the details are very good.

Wow! I didn’t expect that there were so many “little white shoes” good goods recently! I don’t know if you have successfully planted grass after reading the recommended list of “little white shoes” brought by the poison app for everyone? If you want to know the latest, hottest and most complete sneakers and trend information, please keep an eye on the drug app!

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(source:Sneaker News)

(source:Sneaker News)