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Buying clothes can’t come by nature, we have to always keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of our figure! Often girls ask how to wear a pear-shaped body so as not to appear wide crotch? In fact, no matter where it is not satisfactory to you, remember to take advantage of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. If the crotch is wide, then we will wear some clothes that can cover the wide crotch and amplify other advantages! Like what……

Babies with large crotches are not suitable for wearing tight clothes, which will expose your shortcomings. Therefore, choose a top with a larger hem and stretched out like a skirt, you can perfectly cover the crotch~ And this slip slip shoulder long skirt allows people to focus on your slim collarbone, and the long skirt with a loose hem perfectly covers the crotch problem!

Suspender leaky chiffon dress

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These jumpsuits try the flying sleeves to cover just enough to cover your worship meat! The design of the waist can just allow you to boldly show off your small waist, thereby visually weakening the effect of the crotch~ For summer, wearing thin and showing long legs is the right thing!

Wide-leg jumpsuit with a cinched waist

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If you want to look taller and thinner, the power of dresses should not be underestimated, and it is easy to use and save time! The waist style is the first choice for thinness, which is very suitable for “crotch and waist thin” beauty to control. This dress has a simple style, a light color, and the upper body effect must be great!

Striped nipped-in waist

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A stylish and elegant crewneck design is of moderate size, the neck is particularly slender, and the little man print on the chest looks playful and cute! In particular, the elastic design of the waist tightens the waist, making the waist more stylish, and at the same time covering up the lack of crotch and hips! A great tool to show off women’s beautiful bodies!

Sleeveless dress with waist paneled mesh

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Wide-leg pants are now hot don’t want to, if you want to be different, you have to change, these pants have made a bold design on the basics, and suddenly a strand of white stripes stitches breaks the dullness of the dark, and the chiffon embellishment of the top is even more interesting! The texture of chiffon is too suitable for wide-leg pants, and it swings unintentionally when walking. The wide legs and cropped length amplify the advantages and also cover the shortcomings of the lower body!

Stylish wide-leg pants set

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A high-waisted A-line skirt can transfer the goal of “thinness” to the waist, and the A-line skirt covers the imperfections of the hips and crotch just right, who can tell your crotch width? Add thin stripe elements as an aid, make your figure enviable!

Temperamented striped skirt

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