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Girls who love beauty always spend a lot of time dressing themselves. Not only to please yourself, but also to make a good impression on others.

Especially in front of the boys you like, you must be beautiful.

However, will guys really like how we dress?

For the following outfits, the boy said:

I don’t think it looks good.


Snow boots

Snow Boot

Snow boots are a warm artifact for girls. No matter how cold it is, a pair of snow boots can warm our feet.

However, boys don’t think they look good.

They feel snow boots look

It is bulky, like home shoes, and it is not suitable for wearing outside

There are even straight boyfriends who can’t be straighter and think,

Snow boots and old grandma’s cotton shoes are the same type of shoes.

Foreign boys also said they didn’t like snow boots:

UGG boots are made from shearling, the skin from sheep with the fleece still attached. Millions of sheep are slaughtered every year, and part of them is going into these hideous boots.

UGG boots are made of sheepskin, which still carries wool on it. Thousands of sheep are slaughtered every year, some of them made into these ugly boots.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if your snow boots are genuine leather or fake leather,

In their eyes it is just one word:


They can’t be blamed for this, Gucchi’s slippers are home slippers in their eyes.


Hair coloring

Hair Dyeing

Many girls like to dye their hair.

Coloring our hair makes us look stylish and highlights our personality.

However, in the eyes of boys, as long as it is too bright a color, it is very strange.

Granny gray, flax gray, gradient, pink…

These popular colors don’t get into their eyes at all.

Girls look very weird in colorful hair. They are just like parrots.

The girls’ colorful hair looks really strange, like parrots.

OK, I got it.




Nail art is also a favorite of many girls. You can change the style according to the match, mood, and makeup.

But the boy thinks,

Hands are used to carry things to eat, and applying nail polish is not healthy at all.

They prefer clean hands without painting their nails.

Acrylic nails cost a lot of money and require a lot of upkeep. I’m not sure where the plus side is on these, at all. I’m not sure where the plus side is on these, at all.

Plastic nails are expensive and require good maintenance. I don’t know exactly where its plus points are.

Probably in their eyes, girls’ nails are like this ↓↓↓


Heavy makeup

Heavy Makeup

Boys don’t like girls’ heavy biomakeup.

Too strong makeup makes girls look too glamorous and not serious enough.

It will give them a sense of distance.

Most importantly, they feel too fake and unnatural.

Men especially dislike it. A lot of them feel women are being ‘fake’ when they’re hiding their face with all those chemicals.

Boys especially hate heavy makeup. If girls put a lot of makeup on their faces, boys will feel very “fake”.


Long skirt

Long Dress

Girls should dress with curves to look good. Seven out of ten men thought so.

They think that the girl in the dress looks straight and straight,

They like to appreciate the exquisite body of girls,

But the long skirt got in their way.

Men believe that long dresses just don’t do your figure much justice. They want to see your natural curves, and long dresses tend to cover them up.

Guys think long skirts are very unfair to your figure. They want to see your natural curves, and the long skirt hides your figure.




Boys don’t mind girls wearing headdresses.

However, there are two kinds of headdress boys who don’t like it.

The first is

Oversized fake flowers

。 They think girls wear this dirty.

Men say they don’t really care for the floral accessory because they’re just not real. It looks weird.

The boys said they wouldn’t care about flower decorations because they weren’t real flowers. It looks weird.

The second is


。 Girls wear it and look childish.

This look is widely accepted around Asia, but many men just don’t like it. They think that it makes women look like they’re on their way to their first day of school.

This dress up bow is popular in Asia, but many boys don’t like it. They think the bow makes the girl look like a child who goes to school on the first day.




Boys think fancy leggings are very ugly. Only thin legs look good when worn.

If your legs are not thin enough, don’t wear them.

You can choose a skirt or loose pants.

If you have a little extra weight, or don’t have defined legs, men say this look isn’t for you.

If you are a little overweight, or don’t have a pair of beautiful legs, guys will think that you are not suitable for leggings.

And if you are the ‘type’ that can wear these, then make sure your shirt is long enough, or you’ll look like you’re on the way to an aerobics class.

If you’re slim enough to wear leggings, make sure your t-shirt is long enough or it looks like you’re going to a calisthenics class.

In their eyes, leggings are bodybuilding pants.


Beautiful pupils

Fake Contacts

Beautiful pupils are also not liked by boys.

Because it’s not real, it’s not natural.

When men are looking into your eyes, they want to see your natural eyes looking back at them.

When guys look into your eyes, what they want is to meet your natural eyes.

Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that girls choose beautiful pupils with small diameter natural models.

Anyway, the boys in the natural model can’t see it at all.


Muffin shoes

Flatform Shoes

Fashionable muffin shoes were also shot…

The muffin shoes are very beautiful, but the boys just don’t like it.

Men have a very strong opinion about these weird, chunky shoes. They think that women look a bit clunky and blocky while wearing these platform shoes.

Boys have a big opinion about these strange, heavy shoes. They think girls look bulky and strong in these wedge shoes.

Where is it bulky, I wear and walk with a gust of wind ah…


Shiny makeup

Glitter Make-up

This year saw a wave of sequin makeup. A lot of beauty bloggers like Pony have posted sequin makeup tutorials.

However…… Boys don’t like it!

They feel,

Sequins look not clean enough and are too pompous.

Glitter make-up is a fad that should’ve stayed in the ’90s. Not only that, glitter gets everywhere, and that’s just annoying.

Glitter cosmetics are popular, but staying in the 90s will do. Not only cosmetics, but also sparkling all over the body, it’s really annoying.

In addition to the sparkling makeup, accessories and clothes with sequins they also don’t like.

Although I believe that there are still a small number of boys’ eyes are normal, but most boys’ eyes really dare not compliment…

Looking at the above 10 points, it can be concluded that boys may generally like this:

Clean, spiritual, simple and natural

In fact, it is the milk tea sister type.

But most girls think snow boots, shiny makeup, and muffin shoes look good.

If the streets are full of pure girls, how tired it is to watch.

There is a difference to look at.

So, even if you don’t like it, I still want to say:

The old lady is beautiful, no matter how she dresses up.


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