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A San Francisco company is trying to convince office workers to start working on wide recliners.

The workstation-style desk, developed by Altwork, was first released in 2016 and sold for $5,500. Recently, the company showed off an updated model worth $7600 that includes a built-in plug and an optional 40-pound spring-loaded casing to keep heavier computer monitors in place.

According to Altwork, working lying down promotes blood circulation, which helps reduce physical ailments and increase productivity.

In a report on Altwork’s recent office chair, Mashable’s Chris Taylor said the experience of working lying down is not only more comfortable, but also more productive.

Taylor writes: “Stepping away from endless sitting or standing positions and suddenly being released from distracting discomfort, your brain finds itself better able to present good ideas on the screen.”

“Once you’ve overcome the panic feeling that the monitor looks like it’s going to hit your face, you’re fine.”

To keep the keyboard and mouse running around, Altwork installed a set of magnets at the bottom of the table to make sure everything was where it belonged.

While there is little research on the exact effects of working posture, some preliminary studies have shown significant improvements in cognitive performance in this posture.

According to Altawork, working in a standard posture of 90° on the torso and legs hinders blood circulation.

If you allow your legs and torso to stretch out at least 135°, blood can travel freely through your body.

An experiment organized by psychologist Darren Lipnik at the Australian National University showed that lying down to work does benefit biochemical reactions.

To test the idea, he gave experimenters a set of 32-letter anagrams — a set of scrambled letter combinations that could be recombined into a single word.

“Theoretically, the brain releases more norepinephrine when standing than when lying down.” Lipnik said.

“There was a suspicion that norepinephrine inhibits a person’s ability to solve anagrams and creative thinking, so we decided to test whether lying down really helped solve anagrams faster.”

Some participants were asked to solve anagrams while standing, while others were asked to solve anagrams lying down.

It turned out that the average completion time of lying down puzzles was about 20% faster than standing puzzles, with 26.3 seconds and 30 seconds, respectively.

Researchers have long known that sitting upright for long periods of time has serious long-term consequences.

In 2019, a survey of 1,000 office workers in the UK found that nearly half of respondents reported frequent headaches and back pain, 30% had frequent wrist pain, and 15% had leg pain.

The team also created a composite model of the future office workers based on complaints from office workers they interviewed.

The synthetic, nicknamed Emma, suffers from eye allergies, varicose veins, swollen wrists and ankles due to poor circulation, and low-quality office air that causes a swollen nose and a permanent bent back.

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