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At the end of last year, American designer brand Kenneth Cole announced that most physical stores, focus online channels and licensing business. Three months, recently, there are news that the American women’s brand Bebe Stores Inc. is under bankruptcy, which will close all physical stores, and focus on online living opportunities.


Confused in the domestic garment industry, the same impact is huge. The mainland garment industry giant Metersbonwe, lost more than 6,000 million in the first half of last year, with a loss of 1 billion years, and more than 1,500 stores were closed for 3 years. Other brands are not there, 5,053 Boskes, Li Ning closed at least 1200, Belle 167, Anta 40 to 140, how to be a horrible word!

There is an e-commerce channel, you can still have a breath, and there is no chance to breathe under pure line.

It can be said that e-commerce’s impact on traditional clothing industry is almost the biggest in all categories. It can be seen from now on the tide of the store that can’t stop. The cash flow, information flow in the e-commerce channel is large enough, and has caused a very threat to the low-end products underline, and the sales of most entities are quite huge. The traditional clothing industry should not take this kind of stupid problem in the trading business channel, basically no need to ask again. Using history is that Ke Da should not enter the digital camera? Obviously it doesn’t, then it’s dead.

Just like the two well-known brands mentioned by the Shou, Kenneth Cole and Bebe Stores Inc. have the same procedure after bankruptcy: turn off the store and focus on online service. Assume that they don’t have online channels, and there is no chance to connect. This is why no matter how difficult, the US state is the reason for e-commerce.

Once the chain reaction is formed, the global clothing brand has to be finally flooded in the history of retail in the future. Mobile Internet age, only costumes that combine with e-commerce and traditional retail can become a time choice, and survive.


Future virtual dressing and reality combination, scene service power transformation upgrade

As early as possible, the garment industry has a prophet to explore the virtual clothes, which is the future trend, don’t ask why Xiaobian knows. The recent recent clothing industry has a lot of incidents, which is undoubtedly the virtual clothes of Amazon and Tmall (actually two years, this year talented).

Just take Amazon, the user will open a “dressing comparison” that “wear comparisons” in the latest version of the Amazon App, the program is made to the different wearing a review. At the same time, hired senior modeling teachers to make clothes, providing users with suggestions about color and fashion trends, get results within one minute.

Such a service, if it is the layout of the physical store – after the consumer places you, the brand is shipped from the recently stored store, “On the day” service is definitely not difficult, and the return is also convenient. Such scene services are absolutely perfect, and of course there are still many places to improve (such as sending photos involving privacy).

In general, the future clothing industry may be such a model: online to do brand collection platform, offline layout experience store (and homogeneous price), you can use virtual clothes, VR / AR and other high-tech The clothes of each brand. The big integration is a trend, and it will become the next falling clothing retail brand.

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