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Wetune ECU custom tuning program

Upgrade location: Guangzhou Tianhe

Upgraded model: BMW 530Li

A friend told me that he liked the BMW 3 Series when he was 20 years old, he liked the BMW 5 Series when he was 30 years old, and when he was young, he valued the pure handling of BMW, and when he entered the age of standing, he valued the comfort and identity brought to him by BMW.

Today’s arrival is a BMW 530LI, the owner of which is a successful young man who chose this 530LI in order to appear business. But after buying a car, I found that my passion for power and speed could not be suppressed. So choose Wetune for a special first-order power upgrade.

The original car is equipped with a 2.0T, B48 high-power engine, which can output a maximum horsepower of 252hp and a maximum burst torque of 350Nm. With the ZF 8AT gearbox, the overall feeling will be smoother, daily acceleration, almost no feeling of the gearbox upshift, but the downshift setback is also there, but it is also relatively slight.

Temperature, engine conditions, wheel wear, etc. will cause the power data to be lower than the official standard

Due to the hot weather and high intake temperature, the original measured horsepower engine was only 232hp and 347Nm. Remove the computer version, choose the bench method to read the original car data, and send the read data to foreign engineers for customized special adjustment.

When the special adjustment data is transmitted back, it is written to the original car computer, and loaded into the car for the second horsepower machine measurement.

Finally, measured horsepower.

Original vehicle data: 232hp 347Nm

After Wetune: 292hp 413Nm

Boost data: 60hp 66Nm

The power is improved enough, and the appearance must also be engaged!! The exterior design of the original car is biased towards business style, giving people an old-fashioned feeling.

In terms of appearance, replace the M5 sports front and rear surround and brighten black net, sharp appearance design to change the original car elegant, mediocre feeling, and then paste the electric volcanic ash color change film, it looks full of combat sense! ! !

Carbon fiber horn rearview mirror!!

Replace the old original wheel hub!! Choose wheels of the same size to avoid the trouble of filing!!

Finally, he replaced the ABG full-section valve exhaust, and the exhaust sound was more high-pitched and transparent than that of the original car.

Wetune, giving you a one-stop retrofitting experience!!!