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What are the recent Douyin explosive products? What are the new hot selling trends worth paying attention to?

Feigua data counted the Douyin product list from May 10 to May 16, and the top three on the list were all summer T-shirt products.

It can also be seen from the live broadcast data market that the recent sales popularity of men’s and women’s clothing has been on the rise, especially with the arrival of summer, T-shirts are particularly hot in the live broadcast room.

Let’s take a look at these live broadcast explosive products, what promotion methods can be learned!

PART 1: With sales of nearly one million a week, what is the secret of the explosion of national tide T-shirts?

Last week, the top 3 sales products on the Douyin product list were celebrity unisex cotton T-shirts and summer AE cotton short-sleeved T-shirts, all of which came from the small shop Miziqi Small Store.

As can be seen from the details page of the small shop in Feigua Data, the main products promoted by the small store of Miziqi are low-priced summer clothes, with sales reaching 238.7W in the past 30 days, an average customer unit price of 5.8 yuan, and a sales conversion rate of 45%.

The main broadcaster of these three explosive products is the official flagship store of Miziqi, and the starting volume is from live broadcast goods.

Taking celebrity men and women with the same cotton T-shirt as an example, most of the time of a live broadcast is repeatedly on the shelves to explain low-priced explosive products, and the live broadcast room highlights the fabric of the T-shirt, the national tide LOGO and other details, and uses the method of “sending three times has been photographed and priority delivery” to enhance the popularity of the live broadcast room.

When this product is promoted in the live broadcast room, the ice sleeve and T-shirt are placed in the same link on the shelf, and when users click on the purchase link, they can buy 3.9 yuan ice sleeves or 19.9 yuan T-shirts, which promotes a large number of orders by draining traffic at a low price.

The main reason for the hot sale, in addition to the ultra-low price, the national trend style design of the LOGO is also particularly eye-catching, and the live broadcast room highlights the fabric, hemming and other craftsmanship of the T-shirt, emphasizing the super high cost performance.

Because of the main “unisex” and “pure cotton”, it also attracts a wide range of audiences: female audiences account for more, and there are also many male audiences; The age range of 18-35 years old accounts for more than 20%, which shows that this product has a better national popularity.

PART 2: 10.2w sales per week, commission up to 40%

What are the promotion tips for this face towel?

Last week’s product list had a pearl pattern thickened face towel , with a weekly sales of 10.2W, which was also a live broadcast starting volume.

The main ones who bring this product are small broadcasters with fans less than 1w, and the industry is mainly distributed in planting grass, life, and Internet celebrity beauties.

The broadcaster with the better effect of live streaming is Wenqiuqiu strictly selected, the live broadcast room adopts the strategy of ultra-long live broadcast, rotating anchors for 24 hours to bring goods, from May 7 to May 10 live broadcast, the sales of single products reached 7.3W.

The unit price of the product is 5.9 yuan, which is also a low-price welfare payment, but the sales policy of the live broadcast room is 5 packs of shooting, which increases the unit price of the live broadcast room.

The form of low unit price + combination auction, first highlight the cost performance of the goods, and then give the audience the feeling of “buying more and more affordable”, which can effectively impulse.

From the perspective of the audience portrait of the product, more than 90% of the audience of this product is female, and the age of 25-30 years old accounts for more, in line with such audience portrait broadcasters, can also consider this selection.

The above is the content of this issue of the commodity list, and finally make a summary for you:

Summary of this issue

1. The recent popularity of summer clothing products continues to rise, low-priced, pure cotton basic T-shirts have become explosive products in the live broadcast room, low powder number can focus on long-term repeated explanation of the strategy, there will be a good starting volume, rising powder performance.

2. Daily necessities with low unit price can be sold in the form of N packages, focusing on low prices while increasing the unit price of customers.