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——The county economy should be proficient in the global “chain”

Reporter Zhang Jimin

Qishan County is a transportation hub on the “Guantian Economic Zone”. Take the Baolan high-speed railway passenger line, 10 minutes to Baoji, 50 minutes to Xi’an, 2 hours to Lanzhou, and Lianhuo Expressway and Guanzhong Ring Road pass through the county.

The convenience of transportation, in addition to bringing a steady stream of information, also makes this top 500 grain and cotton county in the country have a fast logistics advantage.

In 2020, Qishan County will optimize and integrate its location advantages and agricultural strength, and propose to expand the “one-bowl noodles” economy: adhere to the common development of Qishan noodles and rolling noodles, strive to drive the industrial chain through leading enterprises, upgrade the value chain of characteristic products, expand the breeding, deep processing, and sales networks, and promote the coordinated development of the whole industry.

From “in-store food” to deep processing

In Qishan, cheek noodles and rolling dough are the most popular. In 2011, Qishan rolling noodles were recognized as a famous Chinese snack, and Zhenzi noodles were listed as an intangible cultural heritage protection project of Shaanxi Province.

These names have benefited the people of Qishan, and gourmet shops have blossomed everywhere. But as the façade opens up more and more, one reality cannot be ignored: those who go out to run a gourmet business are rich, while those who stay to provide ingredients locally are not developed. How to make one rich person rich into one city rich?

In 2020, Qishan County issued the Implementation Opinions on Expanding the “One Bowl of Noodles” Economy, and the two delicacies of cheek noodles and rolling dough were entrusted with the important task of adjusting the industrial structure and developing the local economy.

Ji Huiyi, deputy director of the Qishan County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, said: “If we want to expand the ‘bowl of noodles’ economy, we must first grasp agriculture. Local wheat, pork, Qin pepper, carrots, fungus, tofu, garlic seedlings and other ingredients should be supplied in sufficient supply to ensure quality. ”

During the wheat harvest season, golden wheat is dried everywhere in Qishan Prefecture. In Fengjiazhuang Village, Qinghua Town, the Zhouyuan Fertile Land Ecological Agriculture Professional Cooperative plans to build a 5,000-mu high-quality wheat park, and a 1,500-mu organic wheat demonstration base has been built so far. In Yidian Town, a wheat eugenic area, it focuses on building a 10,000-mu selenium-rich wheat base.

△ Chili pepper, an important ingredient for cheek noodles

In recent years, around the “one bowl of noodles” economy, Qishan County has formed an industrial layout of 200,000 mu of organic wheat, 100,000 mu of organic vegetables, 100,000 mu of organic fruits and 200,000 organic pigs.

“One bowl of noodles” not only promotes the development of wheat, vegetables, peppers and pig industries in the upstream, but also drives the linkage development of vinegar, pot helmet, oil-poured spicy seeds, cheek meat and other industries in the downstream.

At the same time, Qishan County has cultivated deep processing enterprises that attract flour, noodles, balsamic vinegar, rapeseed oil, Qishan cheek noodles, rolling dough and other products. The first phase of the whole industrial chain of Qishan noodles with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan has completed the main construction, and projects such as rolling dough production line and barreled Qishan noodle production line have been put into operation.

The chili products developed by Baoji Deyoulin Food Company entered the aviation field and became the supplier of dough juice for the “Sanqin Package” on flights, providing 60,000 dough juice packs for Xixian Airport every day. It also provides substrates for chain catering enterprises such as Axiang rice noodles and Xibei, with an annual production of 3,000 tons of chili products and an output value of 50 million yuan.

The stone-ground low-temperature ecological flour production line developed by Baoji Zhouyuan Gongpin Agricultural Science and Technology Company has become a direct supply of flour for Qishan Zhenzi noodles and sold to dozens of provinces in China. As the largest vinegar enterprise in Shaanxi, Qishan Tianyuan Food Company has an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, and has also developed a series of new products such as vinegar drink and vinegar powder…

At present, Qishan County has cultivated a total of 108 leading agricultural product processing enterprises, built 74 “one village, one product” demonstration villages at or above the provincial level, and established 650 farmer cooperatives, attracting the masses and various business entities to jointly build and share the economic benefits of “one bowl of noodles”, and by the end of June, 93,000 people had been employed.

From solo to standardized production

The safety of agricultural products is an important part of Qishan’s “one bowl of noodles” system engineering, and to make good noodles, the ingredients must be of high standards and strict requirements.

To this end, Qishan has established a national crop variety regional experimental station and a Qishan high-quality wheat experimental station of Northwest A&F University, driving the county to develop a high-quality raw material supply base of “one bowl of noodles”.

In 2019, Qishan took the lead in establishing a local agricultural product quality and safety information supervision platform and a “true and false” traceability system APP, and 117 agricultural product production, storage, transportation and slaughtering enterprises in the county achieved traceability, with a coverage rate of more than 90%.

“We issue certificates of conformity to all enterprises for edible agricultural products, so that they can commit themselves that the planting process is safe and qualified before they can enter the market.” Dong Liang, director of the Qishan County Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Center, said that not every company can guarantee that they are “honest good children”, and with the improvement of the random inspection mechanism of the market supervision bureau in the later stage, enterprises have to pay attention to the early process.

The Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Center has also made a supervision app to promote to agricultural cooperatives throughout the county. From scattering seeds to weeding, spraying, picking, each step must be photographed and uploaded, and finally form a QR code to paste on the product, customers only need to open the mobile phone to “scan” to see the process at a glance.

“Our Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Center is a key link in the approval process, and we must have strict standards.” Dong Liang said that this practice is very popular with consumers, as the news spread that a box of “labeled” apples sold for 120 yuan and a pound of tomatoes sold for 10 yuan, farmers who were originally unwilling to accept supervision also took the initiative to ask for use, the coverage gradually expanded, and the role of supervision in promoting product quality improvement became more and more obvious.

Qishan County has set up an industrial support fund of 20 million yuan to support leading enterprises in technology research and development, encourage new business entities to expand production and improve capacity, and accelerate the construction of standardized incubation bases and modern green food industrial parks.

In the Qishan County Zizi Noodle Industrial Park, the origin standard is integrated into the ready-to-eat noodles, so that all links such as noodle making, soup mixing, cheek making, and cutting base vegetables are mechanized and produced on an assembly line. In view of the implementation of the meal system after the epidemic, a new way of eating single-person noodles was created to experience one-pot meal.

Qishan actively carries out the registration of regional public brand trademarks, establishes a unified certification management platform for public brands of Qishan noodles and rolling dough, strengthens the authorization, management and maintenance of intellectual property rights such as public brands, trademarks and patents, and conducts dynamic supervision and assessment, so as to achieve one voice, one image and one quality to the outside world, and strive to “connect the enterprises that “fight alone”.

△ Roll out the noodles

Qishan Centennial Meiyang Folk Food Co., Ltd. took the lead in trying, and the raw materials needed to produce rolling dough were basically purchased from Qishan, vinegar from Tianyuan, chili peppers from Deyoulin…”Through portfolio optimization, enterprises in this county can not only increase the added value of products, but also jointly promote the expansion and strengthening of Qishan’s ‘one-bowl noodles’ economy.” Yu Hong, the head of the enterprise, said.

From selling pasta to the integration of three productions

At the end of June 2019, Alibaba Research Institute recognized 4,310 Taobao villages and 1,118 Taobao towns across the country. Caijiapo Town, located in the southern part of Qishan County, was selected as one of the “China Taobao Towns” for the first time, and another Hu Village in Caijiapo Town was selected as a “China Taobao Village” for the first time.

Why is Qishan Square? The answer lies in a set of data: Qishan’s annual express delivery volume is close to 2 million, and here, about 85% of the packages sent are rolling dough, usually seven or eight rolling dough in a single order. This number is doubling, and in 2021, the county’s express delivery orders averaged 20,000 pieces per day.

Qishan has built a “one-bowl noodles” product logistics and distribution platform to reduce costs and increase speed. In 2020, led by the Qishan County Bureau of Commerce, a “three-level logistics system” was built in the county, opening up the channel for village-level agricultural products to go up and industrial products down, and set up 9 express delivery outlets and 51 village-level outlets in each town.

Encourage express delivery companies to expand the site and scale and obtain a larger volume, thereby reducing the cost of delivery, Qishan from the past 3 kg parcel delivery cost 20 yuan freight, down to 3 kg 3 yuan can reach the whole country.

“This also has a purpose, hoping to encourage more farmers to participate in the industrial chain of the ‘bowl of noodles’ economy, so as to promote farmers’ employment, increase income, and help rural revitalization.” Wang Huaiyi, secretary of the party committee of the Qishan County Commerce Bureau, said.

“Dough tonight to do a second sale, 32 yuan to send everyone 6 packs. Click to follow, I will send two more packs…” As night fell, Wang Hongwei opened his live broadcast room and enthusiastically interacted with fans online.

Wang Hongwei, 36 years old this year, the founder of the old prince of the Wang family in Qishan County, has felt the charm of e-commerce and enjoyed the dividends of following the “vent”.

In recent years, with the help of short video platform, he has become an “Internet celebrity”, personal IP attention fans reached more than 1 million, with the increase in the number of fans, rolling dough sales are also increasing rapidly, his own brand rolling dough daily average online transaction order volume of about 1,000 orders, delivery volume of more than 10,000 packs.

It’s not just rolling dough, but now it’s also trying to sell it online. In the Qishan Zhenzi Noodles Cultural Industrial Park, all links such as making noodles, mixing soup, making cheeks, and cutting base vegetables have been mechanized and produced on an assembly line, and then vacuum packaging is carried out according to the amount required for a bowl of Zhenzi noodles.

At present, the county has developed 137 e-commerce enterprises and 853 e-commerce individuals, and the e-commerce transaction volume of “one bowl of noodles” has exceeded 900 million yuan.

Qishan County deeply explores the advantages of food culture and tourism resources of “the hometown of China’s noodles” and “the hometown of Zhou Li”, drives the consumption of Qishan cuisine with the spread of Zhou culture, promotes the exhibition and sales of “one bowl of noodles” into scenic spots, and realizes the in-depth integration and development of catering and tourism.

The “one bowl of noodles” economy undertook the planting and breeding industry before the industry, the processing industry in the middle, and the catering industry and cultural tourism later. In the “Implementation Opinions on Expanding the “One Bowl of Noodles” Economy” issued by Qishan County, it is clear that in the future, the “One Bowl of Noodles” economy will be used as the carrier to improve the ability to integrate the three industries, and strive to achieve a total output value of more than 20 billion yuan in the county’s “One Bowl of Noodles” economy by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

(Contemporary Shaanxi Zhang Jimin)