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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Speaking of bedriding, I didn’t hear the alarm clock this morning, and I was woken up by myself while talking in my dreams… Don’t ask me why I can’t get up so hot, I myself want to know (winter may be directly sleeping into slimes, right?). In short, in order to free myself from the state of sleep possession, I have now loaded a number of extremely ridiculous alarm clock APP, Huai Bei will use one a day, experiment which can wake me up the most! Of course, solo happiness is not as good as everyone’s happiness, of course, those who are healthy must share with all sleeping pigs, intimate as me, and sort out the good things found in this article! Let’s take a look at what’s there~

#Slim down from the moment you open your eyes#

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

The legendary alarm clock that “if you don’t turn off the neighbors, they will rush over and spank you” is saying this! The principle is very simple, that is, shake desperately, shake until the alarm clock turns off, and then you are also awake XD (the measured result is that the alarm clock is really super long and super noisy, so noisy that I think that the neighbor will rush over with a kitchen knife to ring the doorbell in the next second (I repent)) The most absurd part of this APP is that it will also help you record whether your shaking speed has improved, and friends who want to train their arms can consider XD

Shake the alarm

Although the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock can only be downloaded by iPhone users, Android friends should not worry


Frustrated ~ The app that also has a shake off function is also “shake alarm clock”! This is not only a free app, but also exclusive to Android users (the little friends of the mourning phoenix express their envy)! “Jitter alarm clock” not only has a jitter off function, but also a variety of functions such as roaring off and striking off, which can make you wake up in the morning like a madman with mental problems

#Math early in the morning#

I Can’t Wake Up!

From math problems, memorizing color blocks, number sequence, memorizing locations to swiping barcodes, and more, I Can’t Wake Up! You can choose to mix and match and adjust the difficulty yourself!


Math in a dying state is a very irritating thing. And FreakyAlarm is a cruel app that forces you to do this to clear your head! Not only are there all kinds of puzzles, but there are also QRcode tasks, which will solve you to solve the task to kill people ^_^

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Also a puzzle alarm clock, Puzzle Alarm Clock

The puzzles of the puzzle alarm clock are super diverse~ from color block problems, arithmetic problems, graphic problems, scanning questions, to repeat questions, etc., both challenging and brain-catching, the point is that it is also a free APP! Isn’t it awesome~?

#Get me out of bed#

Wake me up! Alarm clock Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

If you’re so good that you can continue to sleep after playing the above, I recommend you download this. 「Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock”, as the name suggests, is to get out of bed and take a few steps to turn off the alarm clock (but if you want to go back to sleep after walking, it is also a shame on you)

Step Out Of Bed!

Don’t ask me why I love crazy a bunch of money, I also want to ask (biting a handkerchief) In addition to stipulating the number of steps you have to take out of bed, this getting up app also has the task of taking a designated picture at home, and the wake-up force should be higher than the previous XD

Sleep with your sister alarm clock Alarmy

This Chabei North (?) APP, is among the many weird alarm clock APP, one with an excellent reputation~ At the same time, it has three wake-up methods of puzzle closing, shaking off and photo closing, and the focus is free is Zanla!

#Game Control Only#

Monster alarm clock AlarmMon

The super popular monster alarm clock in Han Niu uses the method of “playing games to turn off the alarm clock”, while satisfying the desire for fun of mobile game control and the brain-waking needs of lazy pigs. Not only that, but there is also a function of “artist morning call” in the APP, which is completely a must-have for fans~

#Remote Control Model#

Rocket alarm clock

Finally, this rocket alarm clock is also violent! “Wake up tasks” include shaking your phone, blowing into the microphone, taking selfies with a toothy smile, and so on. What’s special about it is that you can help people set tasks remotely! If a friend also downloads this APP and binds a mobile phone number, you can help him set an alarm clock in the distance, which is super suitable for people who have habitual late sick friends~ (Ah, if you want to use it to prank, I don’t guarantee your life Lama XD)

If you’re like this editor, you have to set at least five alarms in the morning, and press the bed-laden ghost who still has to sleep. Then the above apps are very suitable for us~ The experiment will start tonight! Come and try which one works best for you~