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I believe that everyone has a few jump ropes since they were young, right? Skipping rope is a kind of “gadget” for relaxation and entertainment in many people’s impressions, but I want to say now that jumping rope for ten minutes consumes the equivalent of running for half an hour, do you believe it? Don’t underestimate this little jump rope, the title of “King of Sports” is not for nothing, let’s see what functions it has!

Cheap, the cheapest jump rope can achieve the desired exercise effect for a few dollars.

It can effectively reduce fat and shape the body.

It can improve physical coordination while exercising bones, muscles, and cardiopulmonary function.

The injury to the knee is only half that of running.

How to choose the rope body material?

Maybe you’ve seen jump ropes from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, but do you really know jump rope? Did you really choose the right jump rope? In this issue, the editor has sorted out the most complete strategy for jumping rope, which is enough to help you choose a jump rope that suits you.

You may have noticed when buying skipping rope, there are many kinds of skipping ropes on the market, basically can be divided into plastic (PVC) skipping rope, wire skipping rope, bamboo skipping rope, rubber (PU) skipping rope, braided rope skipping rope, etc., there is no absolute difference between good and bad, their respective advantages and disadvantages and for the population are shown in the following table.

How should I choose the handle?

In addition to the traditional jump rope, now the market according to the different handles are also divided into weight jump rope, bearing jump rope, counting jump rope, fingertip jump rope and cordless jump rope and other types, many friends do not know much about these new jump rope, Xiaobian now give you one by one answer.

Weight-bearing jump rope

Weight-bearing jump rope is divided into two types of handle weight and rope weight, the weight increase, will train your upper limbs including shoulders, and even trapezius muscles, the body will burn fat more efficiently, can better achieve the effect of weight loss and body shaping. But after adding weight, skipping rope requires more large joints to participate: in the past, most of the wrists and ankles were used, and the range of motion of the elbow, shoulder and knee joints was increased after adding weights. Adding weight is not the heavier the better, exceeding your muscle strength and endurance level, then it is easy to cause these joint injuries.

Bearing jump rope

The traditional jump rope plus bearing design, can well avoid the trouble of knotting the rope when rotating the rope body, the movement is smoother The bearing jump rope is divided into single bearing and double bearing, the bearing is designed internally and designed externally, it is recommended to buy open single bearings and open double bearings. Closed single bearings are easy to rust, because it is easy to sweat, rust is not convenient for oil maintenance,

Count jump ropes

Counting jump rope, as the name implies, the jump rope has the function of automatically recording the number of jump ropes, eliminating the trouble of people counting while jumping and forgetting while counting.

Fingertip jump rope

Fingertip skipping rope is to turn the traditional long handle into a ring handle that can be put on the finger, improving the problem that traditional skipping rope is difficult to store, so that the small volume of skipping rope can be easily placed in the pocket, and you can jump twice anytime, anywhere you want to exercise.

Cordless skipping rope

Cordless skipping generally refers to the use of a short rope on the jump rope handle, connected to a counterweight, but the ropeless skipping rope is much smaller than the resistance to be overcome by the original skipping arm, and the calories consumed will also decrease, and the weight-bearing skipping rope Compared with ordinary roped skipping rope, due to the load, the body will overcome greater resistance and consume more calories.

In addition to these new designs, some jump ropes have a different way to connect with smart apps, not only can you see the number of jump ropes, heart rate and calorie consumption during exercise on smart devices, but also a wealth of related supporting courses, making skipping more scientific and interesting.

After having a jump rope, it is also necessary to match the efficient and practical jump rope method, you can take a “pyramid” training method, twenty minutes a day, and you can see the changes in the body after a week. How to do it specifically, Xiaobian will tell you.

If you are a beginner in skipping rope, you can also follow the figure below to train, allowing you to quickly go from beginner to proficient

The final finale is the unboxing video of Adidas skipping rope, this skipping rope can be started by both sports whites and professional trainers, and this one for friends around Amway has also received a lot of praise, if you are also moved, then start your road to beauty from this skipping rope!

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