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During the November holiday, Apple announced that Apple Watch Series 7 will be available for pre-order at 8 o’clock on October 8 and will be released on October 15. I believe that many friends can’t wait to start, so, Apple Watch Series 7 (hereinafter referred to as Apple Watch S7, the same as other series of products) is it worth buying?

What are the upgrade points of Apple Watch S7?

Because Apple has not officially announced the specific parameters of Apple Watch S7, the pre-sale version, price and other information are speculated based on the information available in Apple Watch S6 and Apple products Jingdong’s self-operated flagship store, and the final information is subject to Apple’s official website.

The pre-sale that opens tonight is Apple Watch S7, Apple Watch Nike, Apple Watch Hermès, and the specific pre-sale version is shown in the following figure:

According to Apple’s self-operated flagship store of Jingdong, the price of the basic Apple Watch S7 is shown in the figure below.

On Apple’s official website, we can see that the upgrade of Apple Watch S7 has the following points:

Larger, more advanced displays

Compared with the Apple Watch S6, the screen display area of the Apple Watch S7 is nearly 20% larger, which is more than 50% larger than the Apple Watch S3, which is also on sale. The larger screen allows the Apple Watch S7 to have a number of new watch faces.

The watch app’s interface has also been newly optimized for large screens, and for the first time it has full keyboard input, so you can enter text by tapping and swiping.

More durable body

For the first time, the Apple Watch S7 is IP6X rated dust resistant (that is, completely protected from dust ingress), still 50 meters water resistance, while the crystal is 50% thicker, and the design has been completely new to make it stronger and more crack-resistant.

Faster charging

Regarding the charging speed, Apple’s official website evaluates “ultra-fast charging”, which is up to 33% faster than Apple Watch S6, and if you want to monitor sleep, charging for 8 minutes is enough.

Do you like fitness? Significant index: 4 stars

Other points of concern:

Performance: The performance improvement is not mentioned on Apple’s official website, which may be similar to the Apple Watch S6;

Size: 41mm dial is comparable to the previous 40mm dial, 45mm dial is comparable to the previous 44mm dial, which size to buy can refer to the previous generation experience (go to the store to actually see);

Battery life: At the press conference, Apple promised 18 hours of “all-weather battery life”, which means that there was no improvement;

ECG (electrocardiogram): There is a relevant introduction on Apple’s US official website, but the domestic official website does not, and it is predicted that the first release does not support this function.

▲Apple US official website.

Three questions that tell you whether the Apple Watch is worth buying

Is Apple Watch worth buying for the first time? Then it depends on what your answers are to the following 3 questions, and we have added 5-star reviews for these three questions.

On Apple’s official website, there is an interface of “where is Apple Watch good”, and the highlight in the front is “fitness good partner”. If you are a fitness enthusiast and an iPhone user, buying an Apple Watch to assist in fitness must be a good choice.

Can you keep charging and wearing your watch every day? Significant index: 3 stars

Another important feature of the Apple Watch is health monitoring. Although charging before going to bed can meet your daily heart rate, sleep, menstruation, steps, hand washing, blood oxygen saturation and other health data monitoring, Apple Watch S7 also improves the charging speed, but still can not avoid the status quo of charging a day, whether you can insist on charging and wearing every day, is also a problem you need to consider.

Do you like the design of the Apple Watch? Significant index: 2 stars

Apple has designed a very rich watch face and strap for Apple Watch, if you have a need to wear and feel that the Apple Watch looks good, then it is good to become your fashion match.

Of course, Apple Watch can also help you find your phone, take photos, unlock iPhones and Macs, swipe subway buses, listen to songs and podcasts, and there are a number of third-party apps worth trying, but whether you fitness, whether you can stick to it, whether you like the watch face and appearance, is why you choose Apple Watch.

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Is the Apple Watch S7 worth buying?

In the major e-commerce platforms, I have not seen a variety of offers and interest-free activities similar to when the iPhone was released (if you find it, you are welcome to share it with you in the comment area), so we recommend buying it on Apple’s official website, supporting up to 24 interest-free installments of China Merchants Bank, Construction Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank, and up to 12 interest-free installments in Huabei installments.

Overall, although in terms of performance and function, Apple Watch S7 is not much different from its predecessor, but the improvement of screen quality, charging speed and body design makes Apple Watch one step closer to perfection. If you’re not a new fruit fan every year, we give the following suggestions on whether it’s worth buying:

Apple Watch S6 users: Although the larger screen will surprise you, there will not be much difference in daily use, you may wish to wait for the new model next year to see if it is new;

Apple Watch S5/S4 users: In addition to the larger screen, the blood oxygen detection function is also a new feature for you, as long as the budget is enough, Apple Watch S7 will take your experience to the next level;

Apple Watch SE users: For you, the biggest improvement is the all-weather display of the watch face, if you are tired of looking at the black watch face without raising your wrist, Apple Watch S7 is worth upgrading;

Earlier Apple Watch users: The display area has increased by more than 50%, and the new features accumulated for three or four years, the Apple Watch S7 is worth replacing, of course, if the budget is insufficient, the Apple Watch SE is also a good choice.

Apple Watch new users: This comes back to what are the answers to your 3 questions above, like fitness, can insist on wearing, and feel that Apple Watch looks good, then start!

Do you like fitness? Significant index: 4 stars