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Last night, Sun Yi posted a selfie of a new look suspected wig on Weibo:

Soon the transfer of the evaluation broke 10,000, but the first hot comment is not a question number, nor a fan control comment, it turned out to be:

Coincidentally, a while ago, Wang Jiaer suddenly called Lisa on Instagram to let her see her dance. The melon-eating masses who don’t know the inside story still think that he confessed openly…

In the video, he danced the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” sung by Lisa.

I believe that many people understand when they see this, this “Lisa” is talking about the members of the Korean girl group Blackpink.

But why did she let domestic female stars think of her as soon as they changed their bangs and blonde hair? Why did Wang Jiaer call her from the air?

You must know that Wang Jiaer and Lisa belong to different large-scale planning agencies, and JYP and YG are the leading leaders of Korean brokerage companies. It is indeed rare to have public interaction with artists from competing companies in this way.

And this Lisa followed the members of the group to the United States some time ago.

Blackpink has participated in the ace talk shows “The Late Show” and “Good Morning America” in the United States, and performed cabaret.

Take a look at Lisa’s live shoot, wearing her personally identified cargo pants and waistless outfit.

In fact, as early as last year, some North American netizens did not hesitate to praise, saying that “Lisa is one of the most powerful and attractive Korean idols in this generation in terms of stage performance.” The tweet was retweeted more than three thousand times.

In fact, as a foreign member of the Korean girl group Blackpink, Lisa has always been a very special presence in the group.

Unlike the other three girls who can see the Korean appearance at a glance, Lisa was born with a mixed face.

In fact, Lisa is actually a native Thai girl, thanks to superb packaging technology and acquired efforts, she has created a dreamy doll look and figure.

Now fans give her the nickname “Barbie on Earth”.

In addition to the sense of mixed race, it is said that Barbie on the other hand also benefits from her ability to hold a variety of colorful hair colors, and there is no non-mainstream sense of déjà vu.

The silver-haired style at the Korean airport before even helped her on Weibo hot search, and many passers-by who did not chase stars were swiped on the screen.

The kind and cute smile, coupled with this conspicuous bangs and silver hair, is very personal.

In addition, Lisa’s recognition lies in the fact that she is the eternal “pants manager” in Blackpink’s group.

In the singing performance, she is often the one in the pants, so some fans will feel that she was treated differently by YG Company and buried a pair of slender and straight legs.

This may have something to do with her role as a rapper, with stylists giving her skirts and pants that can be waist-baring, as well as highlighting the tight curves of her waist after long-term exercise.

With her ever-changing light hair color, it can also fully show her sense of vitality on stage.

Some people say that Lisa has cuteness that girls can accept, and sexiness that is not aggressive.

With a simple appearance on stage, Lisa can also twist a sultry style with a bee’s waist.

In addition to Rap, Lisa’s dancing prowess is also recognized. She has brushed several rounds of her dance videos on Weibo, and the fixed point and rhythm are really online.

When it comes to lower back, you can lower your waist, and difficult movements are not a problem.

Domestic talent shows now emphasize the stage “expression management”, Lisa can be said to be a leader.

If the picture is not intuitive enough, then you must poke this Lisa’s floor dance solo, definitely worthy of the title “Barbie on Earth”.

It is precisely because of Lisa’s all-round ability to get her hands on that her personal resources are getting better and better.

For example, I was invited by Michael Kors to watch the show at New York Fashion Week, wearing a retro red dress and a hair color.

I also appeared on “Red Show” with the members, and Lisa’s nine-headed body ratio is also enough to catch the eye.

When she is on the sun, she can digest the photo style of the neon country well and show her two-dimensional beauty.

As we all know, as long as you are an artist produced by YG in Korea, you will not worry about fashion resources. Sakushi Jun loved her two blockbusters for W Magazine and DAZED.

From the look to the hair…


All of her upper body were CELINE’s 2019 spring ready-to-wear that had not yet been launched, which shows the importance of the brand.

Lisa is also the first Asian female star to carry the Celine “16” handbag.

At the 33rd Golden Disc Awards held at the beginning of the year, she wore the cover of “DAZED” CELINE offline, with flaming red lips.

But unexpectedly, this appearance caused Lisa to encounter online bullying by Korean netizens.

Because there were many celebrities in attendance that day, there were other group fans who were dissatisfied with Lisa’s red carpet chart. As a result, there were many inappropriate remarks of regional discrimination such as “wearing makeup is a doll, removing makeup is a Thai girl”.

After that, Lisa’s fans launched the #RespectLisa topic online, hoping that YG would pay attention to the degree of this matter and properly protect its artists, and not just use Lisa as a tool to open up foreign markets.

Having said that, it is indeed not easy for a Thai girl to be in charge of difficult dance and Korean rap in a Korean group.

Nowadays, Thailand, like China and Japan, has gradually become a force that cannot be ignored in the Korean Wave.

Earlier, there was Ni Kun in Beast Idol 2PM, and then BamBam in Got7, plus Lisa, and they were all very active.

On Instagram, many Thai entertainers, including Mario, have also come out to support her and oppose this racial prejudice.

In fact, before that, when Lisa replaced Girls’ Generation Tae-yeon as the female artist with the most Instagram fans in South Korea, there were Korean netizens who left messages: But the followers are all Thai.

It can be seen that the development of foreign idols in South Korea, the local people’s inner acceptance is not as high as everyone thinks.

That’s why Wang Jiaer, who is also a migrant worker in South Korea, shouted Lisa through an ins video, which is also expressing an invisible support and showing her good popularity.

In fact, Lisa has always been very calm about her appearance, in “Real Men” she is generous with no makeup, you can see that only the nose wings appear wider, but the facial features are still beautiful and beautiful.

Importantly, Lisa is also open and confident, generous enough, without the shyness and fear of showing no face.

This may be the quality that a good artist should have, showing his best self on the stage, and walking off the stage with enough confidence and a strong heart. And it’s not just because he painted a layer of pink and became so-and-so in other people, that he has the blessing of a star halo.



How much effort does it take to cultivate into such a human Barbie?

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