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In daily life, we often find that the floor and the table that we have just dragged are wiped with our hands after a while, and they are all dust.

Even closing the doors and windows tightly is not much use!

If you forget to drag the bottom of the bed for a few days, it is estimated that there will be a cloud of “wool” in a sweep. Mixed with hair wool, its weight is still very light, sometimes open the window ventilation, the wind is easy to blow everywhere, resulting in no cleaning at home!

Where did the wool floc come from?

? Mainly from 2 places, which are

Textiles at home and outdoors

Textiles include sofas, sheets, clothing, etc. at home, textiles in the process of use caused by fiber shedding, including us walking around indoors, hair and dust fibers and dander will also fall on the body, but you don’t notice.

Low-legged furniture such as bed sofas is easy to hide dust at the bottom and is not convenient to clean. Over time, a lot of dust and wool will accumulate, and it will become a lump due to electrostatic adsorption.

Outdoors is mainly open windows for ventilation, or when we enter the house from the outside, dust and wool on us will also be brought into the home.

It is also not convenient to clean fine dust with a vacuum cleaner! When the vacuum cleaner is working, the airflow generated when the motor rotates at high speed can easily cause dust problems, and there are narrow gaps such as the surface of the appliance and under the bed, and the vacuum cleaner can not do anything. Of course, cleaning the dust box is also something that many people do not like.

These hair dust, not only look sloppy, but also invisible dust mites will also affect the health of family members, especially people with allergies, which will cause sneezing, runny nose and so on.

How can you effectively remove these wool in your home? Learn how Japanese housewives do it, without a vacuum cleaner, the hair disappears automatically, easy and effortless!

1. Entrance partition placement

When Japanese homes are renovated, many are designed as sunken entrances. There is a height difference between the entrance and the floor of the living room, which can not only change shoes while sitting on the steps, but also effectively prevent dust from being brought into the living room.

However, the sunken entrance design, many people in China feel unaccustomed. So we can choose to put a floor mat at the entrance, which can also enhance the effect of retaining dust.

There are many types of floor mats, and as the entrance door, it is more appropriate to choose a high-elastic wire loop floor mat with a soft texture and not easy to shed.

The silk ring floor mat has strong scraping ability, and if you step on it directly, the dust under the sole of the shoe will be rubbed down. At the same time, it has a strong ability to lock ash, will not get everywhere, and cleaning and maintenance is also very simple, directly rinse with shower water to become clean.

2. Choose tall furniture

In addition, the home decoration and daily dust removal methods of Japanese housewives are also worth learning. Reduce bulky furniture, try to choose tall or suspended furniture, sweeping robots can also easily penetrate to avoid dust accumulation.

3. Use electrostatic precipitator mop

When daily dust removal, most Japanese housewives use electrostatic precipitator mops, using the principle of paper towel static electricity, you can easily absorb fine dust and hair on the ground, dust removal without dust!

The electrostatic paper towel made of non-woven material, coupled with the special texture design, when mopping, dust and hair will not fly everywhere and drift with the wind, all of which are adsorbed on the dry towel.

The weight of 450g is very lightweight, and the turning head is also very flexible, even a cute girl can easily handle furniture, air conditioning tops, suspended ceilings, and sanitary dead spots under the bed and sofa bottom.

In addition to electrostatic dry paper towels for dust absorption, it is also equipped with wet wipes with sterilization function, which can meet the needs of general family living room and bedroom floor cleaning, and footprints, water stains, oil stains, etc. can be easily erased.

It is also possible to use an electrostatic mop with disposable kitchen wipes or fish scale rags to clean the floor or glass without leaving marks.

The use of a disposable electrostatic precipitator mop for both wet and dry purposes is equivalent to vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and sterilization all done once, and throwing the no-wash mop when it is dirty, saving time and effort in cleaning the whole house!

Dust cleaning in high places, Japanese housewives prefer to use this retractable and bendable electrostatic dust duster, not like a chicken feather duster, a duster down the dust all over the house.

Compared with electrostatic precipitator mops, this electrostatic precipitator duster is more suitable for the use of small areas, such as LCD TV surfaces, bookshelves, bedside, furniture surfaces, etc. It has a strong ability to absorb dust and takes away dust hairs with a light sweep.

The dust on the panels and windowsills of small household appliances is dusted off like this, and it is immediately clean. Soft and fluffy duster without worrying about scratching the surface of the object.

Long and short handle design, up and down the home, dust and hair in the corners, without leaving dead corners

Especially for the elderly or pregnant mothers, electrostatic dust dusting is easier and does not need to bend over.

4. Floor cleaning tablets

In addition, Japanese housewives also wipe the surfaces, walls and furniture with anti-static cleaner to reduce static electricity in the home and avoid the accumulation of dust.

However, bending over to wipe the floor is more tiring and less efficient. If the house is covered with a large area, you can use floor cleaning tablets to save more trouble, not only anti-static, but also clean, deodorization and sterilization and floor maintenance.

The floor cleaning sheet can instantly dissolve in water, use it to mop the floor, the floor can be mopping more clean, including oil stains and some stubborn stains, no need to work hard to wipe repeatedly.

Biodegradable enzymes are added inside, mopping the floor while also sterilizing and musty smell, the mopping floor has a faint fragrance, and the wooden floor is more shiny.

Simply put, if you want to keep the home clean and tidy, you must be diligent, and the hygiene and cleaning should not leave dead corners to reduce the accumulation of wool.

In fact, if there are conditions, the installation of fresh air system at home can solve a considerable part of the dust in the home, and with the sweeping robot, dust removal and hair removal is very easy.