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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Bumblebee mask front post shared large surface with T-shaped surface removal skills processing, today share small local surface and R angle processing skills, generally small narrow surface use simple surface to do complex product construction ideas, basically use two points to create a straight line or three-point fixed arc, this regular curve is easy to control, not easy to deform.

The two local features under the figure are many small faces for two-sided transition, and it is important to use simple faces or deal with different radius R angles to control the smooth trend.

To understand the trend of product surfaces, generally draw surfaces with a smoother trend like straight lines or small arcs for easy control, specify three points with artistic splines, create horizontal and vertical curves and then sweep out the surfaces.

The tangent position on the left side of the fillet is relatively smooth, but the shape on the right has two curved surfaces in the middle of the convexity, we have to use the datum on the left and right sides to connect the bridge curve in the tangent, use the curve grid to make the fillet smooth first, shorten to both sides at the tangent position and then carry out the transition of the second pass.

The R corner radius of the appearance surface is not the same, for example, some R2 R4 R5, the line of this shape should have a smooth trend, generally use the regular option in the style rounded corner function to control the trend according to the center curve.

After creating a rectangular surface with the bevel on the side, it is enough to form V with X and six points in U, and the fewer points, the smoother the face.

Some local surface shapes are more strange, the left side is very narrow, the middle is very wide, the right tip is like a triangle, how to split simple surfaces to do complex product construction ideas, all product appearance surfaces are used rectangular faces to do quality control.

Making a large surface is not easy to control, we can disassemble and make two surfaces in the middle and then two sides transition, as illustrated in the figure.

The right edge is a triangle, we can add a cross-sectional view, there are horizontal and vertical curves for artistic surfaces, and then form U-V by X at 3*3.

In cases where the two faces intersect without tangential smoothness, the surface is shortened by a period and then smoothed by transition through curve groups.

The shape of the general boss is the same, the surrounding slope first sweeps out the rectangular curved surface through X shaping for fine-tuning, and the R angle of the edge of the boss is first poured large and then small, or the R angle is first poured smoothly, and then sharp