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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

#See Zhen Good Life#

2008 – Shenzhen is not much better than my hometown

In 2008, I came to Shenzhen for the first time and lived in Bantian in Longgang District, Guanwai. At that time, the urban village in Sakata, the roads were not too wide, the houses were not very tidy, the streets were not very clean, and I thought to myself, this is not much better than the small county town of my hometown, and to exaggerate, it is not much more comfortable to live in than the village where I was born [think]. Then Comrade Xiaoshan took me to play in the north of Huaqiangbei, and there was a rambutan seller on the side of the road, enthusiastically shouting: “Fresh rambutan, the sweetest rambutan, don’t miss it when you pass by…” I have only seen canned rambutan, and I have never seen live rambutan, and I rushed forward to take a taste. Suddenly, Xiaoshan grabbed me fiercely and took me to the side.

Me: [what][what][what]

Xiaoshan pulled me away and reprimanded me: “You don’t know who is selling something, and you don’t know if you can try it, so you can eat it?” You don’t look at who it is? ”

When I looked back, the stall owner was a certain ethnic minority person, who seemed to be quite fierce-looking. But I still don’t understand: “Isn’t it possible to taste one first when buying fruits to eat?” ”

Xiao Shan was angry: “What if you eat it and don’t buy it, and he makes you lose a lot of money?” What if he forced you to buy it, and it was expensive? ”

Can it still be like this? I think Comrade Oyama is a bit over-imaginative. However, after about two years, the cake cutting incident happened, and sure enough, it was not a big mistake.

2009 – Grab bags, grab necklaces, grab earrings, it’s dangerous here

In 2009, my winter vacation at the beginning of the year, I flew from Sydney to Hong Kong, Xiaoshan went to Hong Kong to pick me up, the train changed to the bus, stood in the back compartment, hula and many people came up again. I quickly moved my large suitcase, trying to make room for others. Xiaoshan held me down, and his fierce eyes flicked and flicked.

Oyama: Don’t move, you give in again, and for a while you won’t even have room to stand.

Oh, it’s scary.

After I settled down, I wondered if I would find a place to practice my skills. Comrade Oyama did not let it. It is said that there is a famous *** bus near Sakata, and there have been several robberies of carriages after dark, and it is said that there will be more such cases when the year is closed, and there are cases of motorcycles dragging necklaces and earrings. Well, I’m too timid to show up, I won’t go out.

Later, we left Shenzhen and went to work in the mainland, I really didn’t know anything at that time, I only knew that there was chaos outside the customs, the housing prices in the customs were expensive, and we didn’t have the courage to stay and work hard. If you stayed at that time and found a place to live in Kannai and find a job, would you be a rich family now? Huh…

2017 – Back to Shenzhen

In 2017, we were tormented by the northern smog and made up our minds to return to the south. In the south, the most friendly city for us is Shenzhen, which has a livable natural environment, a large number of job opportunities, and good industry prospects… There are no more roadside stalls that slaughter customers, no speeding parties pulling earring necklaces, and the city’s supporting facilities and services have developed considerably, which is very good and suitable for us to live! Just go, come when you say, Shenzhen, we are coming.

Comrade Xiaoshan had been on a business trip in Shenzhen for a long time at that time. Taking advantage of every weekend, I ran four districts of Longgang Nanshan Futian Bao’an. At this time, there is no distinction between inside and outside the customs, and the outside is just as livable and safe. At the beginning, I looked at the new house in Longgang District, a certain flower and a half li, I don’t know which one, look at the shell network, there are many flowers and half miles in Shenzhen. That apartment is really good, three bedrooms and two living rooms, and a large entrance garden, the total price is more than 400. I especially liked it at that time, one is the house type, the other is the name, at first I thought it was “in the petals”, wow, so beautiful, good literature, imagine yourself as a princess in the flower, haha. Later, I learned that it was spent half a mile, and I still thought it was very good. But I gave up because of the counterpart school problem. Then looked at Bao’an, the piece of Lingzhi New Village, according to Xiaoshan, it was super old and also gave up. Finally, Nanshan District, Nanshan South. After buying a house, we began to live in peace and contentment.

People from Nanshan who live and work in peace


In Shenzhen, the beauty of mountains, water, architecture, green plants everywhere, parks everywhere. Various science and technology museums, as well as many cultural and art exhibitions. The window of the world splendid China… Endless human geography leisure space. Without further ado, go straight to the picture.

The beauty of the mountains:

Ma Luan Shan Country Park

Maluan Mountain Biling Waterfall

Danan Mountain is full of green walls

A strange tree on the Great South Mountain

The beauty of water:

Shekou Sihai Park

Shekou looks at the seaside boardwalk

Architectural beauty:

Corniche overpass

Bullet China Resources Center

Beach Beauty:

Little Meisha

Plant Beauty:

What is this tree like a curtain beaded tree called?

City flower rhododendron , commonly known as triangular plum

Science and Technology Museum:

Futianzhen Junior Science and Technology Museum

Whether it is life, entertainment, or the growth of children, Shenzhen can find a place that suits you. Damei Shenzhen. Thirteen years later, I have witnessed a good life! #见圳美好生活!

Me: [what][what][what]

Little Meisha

Futianzhen Junior Science and Technology Museum