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Recently, “quick-freezing” weather has appeared all over the country, and the transition from summer to late autumn is almost a matter of feeling the cordial greetings of winter in advance!

The change of seasons will also affect skin care, such as changing skin care methods, changing skin care products, etc.

As a natural skin care product, essential oils can not only act on the surface of the skin, but also improve the skin condition by regulating the inside of the body, and achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.

So, today we will introduce you to 5 simple unilateral essential oils that can help you meet all your skincare needs in autumn!


Lavender essential oil

A gentle yet wide-ranging cleansing oil

If you want to be beautiful from the inside out, you must first clean your skin.

Lavender is recognized as one of the essential oils with mild properties and a wide range of uses. It is extracted from lavender by steam distillation, with a fresh and elegant smell, whitening and beauty, oil control and spot removal, and even promotes the regeneration and recovery of injured skin tissues, suitable for damaged skin recovery.

For example, the repair function of lavender essential oil, because it can promote cell regeneration, so it can treat relatively shallow acne scars, lavender essential oil also has a certain bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, and has direct anti-inflammatory and calming effects on red and swollen acne.

For example, the problem of enlarged pores on the skin, because the cleansing and balancing effect of lavender essential oil can treat problems such as enlarged pores and clogging caused by unbalanced oil secretion.

How to use:

(1) Before each use of cleansing products, add 1 drop of lavender essential oil, blend and lather richly, and wash your face.

(2) Put 2~3 drops of lavender essential oil into cream, lotion, mask, etc., and apply to the face.

(3) Make lavender toner in the ratio of 50ml of purified water + 5 drops of lavender essential oil, which can be carried with you and the hydration effect is very good.


Jojoba oil

A caregiver of frizzy hair

Pure natural jojoba oil can be used for men, women and children of all kinds of skin, more than 4,000 years ago Indians used for skin care hair care and food, in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have been used for decades, very safe and effective, Japanese cosmetics on jojoba oil is simply obsessed.

Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids, which can participate in the skin’s own water-locking barrier and maintain the water-locking barrier function, so jojoba oil has a good moisturizing effect.

This is an excellent moisturizer for damaged hair, especially dry and frizzy hair, which is more suitable.

Jojoba oil 30ml + lavender 2 drops + geranium 1 drop + ginger 2 drops + sandalwood 2 drops (smear/massage)


Happy Sage

A good helper for oily skin

The only way to prevent her skin from turning into a large oil field is to balance her water and oil.

Clary essential oil has good oil control properties, and can be applied to any skin without stress. Especially for skin that is prone to oiliness, enlarged pores, and acne, it has a beautiful cleansing ability.

Containing active compounds such as agarwood acetate and agarwood alcohol, Clary has been called “the best essential oil for controlling excess sebum”. Clary can also help control acne and reduce the appearance of mature skin wrinkles.

Happy sage can only be used at a concentration of less than 1% per use, and pregnant women, hypotension, and cancer patients should avoid use; It has the effect of removing lactation, and lactating women are banned.


Neroli essential oil

A whitening product with a bitter aroma

After doing a good job of cleansing and skin collection, brightening and whitening is a necessary part of improving appearance.

Orange blossom essential oil is extracted from bitter orange white petals, is the most considerate of the essential oil for women, and its delicate and gentle fragrance can most soothe women’s emotions.

The greatest effect of neroli essential oil is on the skin, which can help regenerate skin cells, increase skin elasticity, whiten, lighten spots, reduce wrinkles, and is suitable for dry, sensitive and other problem skin, so that the skin is nourished and restored to youthful delicateness.

Dull Skin Care Tips:

1 drop of orange blossom, 1 drop of Damascus rose, 1 drop of frankincense, 1 drop of real lavender, 10ml of rosehip oil, 10ml of jojoba oil

It is suitable for people with dull skin and spots to maintain their skin, especially because of poor body circulation caused by stress, insomnia, and people who are easily agitated.


Roman chamomile essential oil

A gentle caregiver for sensitive skin

Roman chamomile essential oil distilled from flowers can help improve eczema, sensitive skin and general allergies. Smooths ruptured microvessels, improves elasticity, and is excellent for dry and itchy skin. Eliminate puffiness, strengthen tissues, and are very good skin purification and skin care products.

The refreshing floral fragrance of Roman chamomile is excellent in soothing, relieves anxiety, tension, anger and fear, relaxes the mind, calms the mind and is very helpful for insomnia.

Application: Drop into an incense burner to relieve headaches and migraines and lift the mind during steam dispersion. 3 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil + 10ml of base oil mixed with massage oil, massage the face or whole body skin, can improve immunity and relieve allergy symptoms.

How to use: