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In the spring of 2020, the romantic floral dress is bound to become one of the many little fairies’ favorite skirts, because this skirt is naturally gentle and flowy, which can make all the girls who wear it beautiful. Although the floral skirt is so beautiful, but if you do not choose the right pair of shoes, it is not possible to give full play to its beauty, so which pair of shoes can you choose to match in addition to the little white shoes?

Today Lily wants to share with you little fairies a way to wear it that has been very popular recently, in the spring of 2020, wear “floral skirt + canvas shoes”, it looks good and fried, so that it is not only fashionable but also reduces age! And many trendy people in the fashion industry are addicted to dressing, let’s follow Lily’s footsteps to see how they dress!

【Broken flower skirt dressing】


In the spring of 2020, wearing “floral skirt + canvas shoes” is really beautiful fried ~ red floral skirt, the length of the skirt just covers the calf, so even if you are a girl with thick calves, don’t worry! The draped skirt fabric is very comfortable on the upper body, and it looks thin with a black blazer with a white T-shirt underneath and a belt around the waist. Wear a pair of white canvas shoes under your feet for comfort and casualness without looking too formal!

In the beautiful and warm spring, the romantic floral dress should be worn decisively! If you don’t like wearing a floral dress, then try this mid-length floral skirt, which looks good with any top. High-waist hip design of broken floral mid-length skirt, with a blue shirt, under the background of the blue shirt, the skin is white and a little more temperamental, the hem of the shirt can be all tucked into the skirt, which can improve the waist line well, so that the lower body ratio looks very slender, and 150+ girls can also wear 160 in minutes! And the foot is simply paired with a pair of canvas shoes, comfortable and fashionable and age-reducing.


This year’s small suit is really too popular, this dark girly style blazer, is simply exclusive to cool girls~ When wearing such a blazer, and then matching it with a broken flower mid-length skirt, it is really salty and sweet! Such a cool and gentle way of wearing, Lily thinks that many girls should like it, right? Choose a pair of canvas shoes on your feet to match, comfortable and casual at the same time, but also add a bit of college atmosphere, like the little fairy, when spring comes, you may wish to wear it like this on the street!

【Floral dress dress】


When the spring blossoms, we can wear a beautiful and romantic floral skirt to go out and play, chiffon fabric floral skirt, in the warm and cold spring is still a little cold, so, with a red mid-length coat, so it is really pleasing to match. How can people not love the festive, foreign and whitening red color? Choose a pair of canvas shoes to match and you can wear a huge look, comfortable and casual and age-reducing!

In the spring of 2020, wearing “broken flower skirt + canvas shoes” you are beautiful fried~ Many trendy people in the fashion circle are addicted to wearing, lighter floral dresses, and some slim designs, after wearing it is very thin and shows the figure. There are some irregular designs at the hem, which is very good to get rid of the traditional basic style of floral skirts, V-neck design, visually play a slimming effect, with high-top canvas shoes, too fashionable to reduce age, so wearing is simply the appearance of an 18-year-old girl!


Floral skirt + blazer + canvas shoes, such a set is really suitable for spring and autumn wear, what do you think? Plaid style small suit, full of vintage fan. The shape and length of the blazer are designed very reasonably, petite girls can also control it, with a black floral dress and canvas shoes, very girly outfit, some handsome and capable! Whether it is a girl in the workplace, it is suitable for daily wear.


Light-colored outfits are really favored by many little fairies, because light colors make people look clean and comfortable, how about choosing a light-colored outfit for yourself in the spring of 2020? Entering the spring, cardigans, floral skirts are very suitable, when cardigans + floral skirts are combined, it is really a second to wear a gentle temperament. Orange knitted cardigan, with a light-colored floral dress, and then choose a pair of canvas shoes, proper age reduction and good looks, girly fan!

Well, Lily’s sharing is here, thank you little fairies for reading. In the spring of 2020, wearing “broken flower skirt + canvas shoes” looks good and explodes~ Such a huge fashion to reduce age, hipsters are addicted!