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Today, a meat friend asked Elder Tang:

Are succulent bubblegum and Daphne the same variety? Is it a good summer? What should I pay attention to during the maintenance process?

Powdery bubble gum (Daphne)

Are bubblegum and Daphne the same meaty?

The succulent market has been on fire for about 10 years, and the potential of old varieties has been almost tapped, so now many succulent greenhouses have begun to try to cross new succulent varieties by themselves. And there are more people playing hybridization, and some succulents may appear with multiple names after they come out, such as the bubble gum we are going to talk about today, which is actually the same kind of succulent as Daphne. In addition, some people call it xylitol, and after the preferred, it is also called rococo and caviar, and some meat friends may have repeated it several times.

Rococo with a reddish color after preference is preferred

Bubblegum (Daphne) Profile:

Bubble gum (Daphne, xylitol), sedum succulent of the sedum family, said to be a hybrid variety of new jade and silent night, is a small succulent, easy to grow, but also easy to grow old piles, its leaves are small and round, oval, slightly flat on the front, the back of the leaf arc is convex, the first end is blunt round, there is no obvious leaf tip, the whole plant is covered with a thin layer of white frost, usually the leaf color is white-green or gray-green, the outer leaves will turn pink and orange-red after the autumn and winter out of the state, and there is a certain sense of transparency, very charming.

Bubble gum (Daphne)

Is bubblegum (Daphne) good for summer?

At first, I thought that bubble gum (Daphne) was a hybrid of peach egg and white lotus, but some big guys said that he personally crossed bubble gum (Daphne) with new jade embellishment and Silent Night, and in this way, its difficulty in summer increased by several levels. In fact, the new jade decoration is still relatively good to spend the summer, if the summer ventilation is good and not exposed to the sun for a long time, we can water it smoothly in summer. And the silent night is not so good to serve, it is famous “summer must die”, summer is very afraid of heat, even if the shade and water control are in place, it may still have problems.

Three-headed bubblegum (Daphne)

Since bubblegum (Daphne) has half of the silent night genes, its difficulty in summer is naturally higher than that of ordinary meat. First of all, it should be maintained in a particularly well-ventilated place in summer, such as a hollow flower stand, a place with a piercing wind, and other places that can be hung and ventilated around. Secondly, in summer, you can not be exposed to the sun, it is recommended that the temperature exceed 32 ° C after the start to shade bubblegum (Daphne), at least at noon and afternoon high temperature can not let it continue to be exposed, otherwise it is easy to sunbathe.

Bubblegum (Daphne) leaf cuttings

In addition, bubble gum (Daphne) high temperature in summer must be controlled (let alone rain), about 15-20 days along the edge of the basin a small amount of water, and at night when the temperature is relatively low. This not only ensures that the root system of bubble gum (Daphne) does not dry up, but also avoids the condition of losing leaves, leaf melt water and rotten roots and black rot due to too wet potting soil.

Bubble gum after the rain (Daphne)

What should I pay attention to during the maintenance of bubblegum (Daphne)?

Bubblegum (Daphne) In addition to the above aspects that need to be paid attention to in summer, we should also pay attention to the following 2 points when we usually maintain:

One. Cure with small pots and granular soil. This is not only to control the growth rate of bubblegum (Daphne), but also to make it reach a better state, after all, from its father and mother, it must be a succulent variety that will grow if you are not careful. However, the proportion of soil particles in the early stage is not too high, reaching about 60% is almost the same, and when its stalks grow and change pots, we will increase the granules by 20% to achieve the purpose of control.

Small pot of controlled bubble gum (Daphne)

Two. Try to be exposed and watered as sensibly as possible. For a succulent like bubblegum (Daphne), if you want not to grow and raise a better state, it is obviously not enough to make a fuss on the potting soil, we also have to put it outdoors to raise, and usually strictly follow the principle of “not dry and not watered, pour through” when watering, otherwise it will inevitably become a “dog”!

Bubblegum (Daphne)

This article is original by Elder Tang Succulent (some pictures come from the Internet), welcome to pay attention and take you to long knowledge together!