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The New Year’s Day passed in joy, and the countdown to the Lunar New Year also ushered in. At the beginning of the new year, you may wish to choose a warm gift for yourself and give yourself a New Year’s reward and surprise with new clothes. ROEYSHOUSE’s 2021 early spring new products have been launched, allowing you to perceive the first “spring breeze” in advance and harvest the first fashionable guide of the new season.

In the shopping process, I believe that many women will worry that the treasures they photograph will become obsolete in a blink of an eye when choosing fashion items such as clothing, shoes and bags. In fact, if you want a piece to become less outdated, in addition to buying more classic items, there is also a good trick, which is to buy future popular items. So, what kind of fashion is trending in early spring 2021? We have a sneak peek.

Velvet dress, strong bloom, is an irresistible item for most girls, can make people easily wear a sense of luxury, retro with a touch of dignified gentleness.

The dress (Style No. 03667), black velvet is elegant and high-class, while red velvet is eye-catching, which can shine in the light, and is paired with smooth and drape velvet fabric, which makes you feel comfortable for all kinds of dinner parties in early spring.

The well-designed doll tie has an age-reducing effect, with an elegant pose, fashionable and thin temperament, and the dress (model No. 03606) vividly reflects the elegance of female ladies.

The burgundy slim-fit velvet skirt (style No. 03654), with a V-neck and elegant fishtail hem, adds a little sexiness, bumpy and convex, highlighting the charm of the female figure, freeze the image of femininity and generosity, making you the first beautiful scenery of early spring.

Lace-up elements, fashion heat endures. A simple tie can switch styles, and through winding, binding, and tying, it can have both a quiet beauty and a flexible trend. It can be seen in shirts, dresses, knits, etc. ROEYSHOUSE’s new product in early spring 2021, with ties to create an unintentional fashion style for you.

The early spring dress adds a gentle and elegant temperament through the tie neck, while adding a different delicate texture. The dress (Style No. 03597) features panels sheer and embellished buttons for an effortless French lady look.

The dress (Style No. 03668) has a tie at the neckline, echoing black and white, and the finishing touch to achieve a striking effect. Made from high-quality stretch-knit fabric to ensure elegance and comfort, it’s a pleated skirt you can’t miss for early spring.

Urban workplace attire, lace-up elements give a high-class intellectual temperament. ROEYSHOUSE warm 53.8% sheep wool blazer (model number 03530), with a one-grain button design, with practical pockets, through the waist tie embellishment, fade the dullness of workplace wear, elegant and intellectual, instantly stand out.

The fake two-piece style dress subtly enriches the layering of the bodice, avoids monotony, and injects more romantic charm into early spring. Its biggest beauty is that it is obviously one piece but can wear a sense of matching of two pieces, and the more three-dimensional fit visually shows thin flesh, and can easily wear the most beautiful posture.

Dress (style No. 03716) patchwork lace fake two-piece design, with a moderate sexy beauty, add fashion and style, exquisite balloon sleeves give retro aesthetics, bring a perfect and coordinated sense of fashionable matching, the beauty of early spring is so within reach, what are you waiting for?

Sheer fake two-piece dress (style No. 03652), your first choice for evening dresses. Temperament French square neck, elegant and generous, elegant puff sleeves bring more feminine feeling, in the simple slim fit design, interpret gorgeous and noble.

The year begins in spring! ROEYSHOUSE CAN’T WAIT TO START EARLY SPRING WITH YOU! The latest fashionable and elegant robes inspire endless outfits, a series of popular elements, composing a full of expectations for spring. Choose an eye-catching outfit, interpret your goddess style, and blossom into the modern charm of spring.