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Sparkling things have a natural attraction for women, this feeling of bulingbuling can make women look radiant, especially when attending some big events or female celebrities walking the red carpet, a shiny dress can always make you easily stand out from the crowd, but this shiny dress is not the average older woman can control.

Wendi Deng’s styling analysis:

Sequin elements – eye-catching

Wendi Deng is getting older and more bold, wearing a maple leaf dress to show off his good figure, and beauty has become the focus of the audience. This dress uses a large area of sequin elements throughout the body, with orange-yellow sequin elements to present a sufficiently eye-catching matching effect, this bright color itself is very difficult to control, with shiny sequin elements, really not ordinary people can hold up, I have to say that Wendi Deng is worthy of being a legendary woman, first-class figure, even the ability to control the outfit is much stronger than ordinary peers.

Sheer fabrics – add femininity

This dress is very bright in the design of the color, in the design of the fabric with a little sheer sense of fabric to present a little looming matching effect, for slightly older mature women, when wearing this moderate sheer fabric can be extremely feminine, but when using it need to pay attention to the degree of perspective can not be too high, so as not to appear too exposed.

Slim fit – wear a curvy figure

For many older women, loose, casual, comfortable items are usually their favorite, mainly because on the one hand, the sense of space of this item is relatively strong, wearing denim is very comfortable, on the other hand, for a slightly plump body, a moderately loose fit can also hide small shortcomings in the figure, but for women with a devil body like Deng Wendi, even if they are not young, the slim style dress still outlines the graceful and convex body curves when worn on the body, The body line is even better than that of a 30-year-old woman.

Three-dimensional shape – delicate and attractive

This dress is also very personal in the shape of sequins, maple leaf-style sequins present a leaf of autumn feeling, both delicate and very attractive, with long curly hair and atmospheric stud earrings, it looks full of confidence, where it looks like an older woman.

Other styling analysis of Wendi Deng:

Colorful striped dress

Although Deng Wendi is not young, but in the dress is not limited by age at all, for older women, it is not difficult to control the bright colors on her body, a bright striped dress on the body, both foreign and can show a thin matching effect.

Blue diamond-encrusted backless dress

The dark blue dress is more foreign than the basic black and gray, this dark blue or royal blue is very friendly to mature women, this dress is based on the blue with a shiny diamond-set design, which enhances the visual richness and brightness, and the back is designed with an open back to show off the figure, and it is simply beautiful to wear on the red carpet.

Halterneck hip dress

The halterneck style dress will be very friendly to oriental women, because oriental women usually have a relatively small skeleton, so when wearing this halterneck style dress, you can present the superiority on the skeleton of the figure, and the dress uses the design of the hips at the hem to show the curve of the hip line, highlighting the grace of the body perfectly.

Yellow square-neck dress

Bright yellow can show a brightening effect, but for girls whose skin tone is not fair enough, it will seem more difficult to control, this dress is really difficult to avoid wearing rustic on ordinary older women, but it looks very foreign on Deng Wendi, and the square neck style wears a French style of romance.

Ordinary older women will have a weak ability to control color, and usually do not try too bright colors and too exaggerated styles, but occasionally if you want to wear a different matching effect, you can learn from Wendi Deng’s outfit.

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