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Energy-efficient noodle cooking stove, dumplings, rice noodles, and spicy blanching can all be used #厨房设备 #商用厨房设备

Recently, a college student wanted to open a noodle restaurant, and the decoration equipment had basically been finalized, but a small boiling bucket stumped him, and I had to give him some advice. Spend an afternoon sorting out the information, hope to help a little and get to the point!

There are many kinds of noodle cooking stoves on the market, mainly divided into gas noodle stoves and electric noodle stoves, which can be divided into desktop noodle stoves and vertical noodle stoves, so the purchase of noodle stoves should take what they need, and buying the right one is the best.

So what is appropriate?

(1) Determine the capacity of the noodle bucket

The common size parameters of the boiling noodle bucket are shown in the figure below

According to the flow of local people, it is estimated that the number of passengers in a day is about a day, and several bowls of noodles are ordered at a time. One bowl of noodles and one noodle fish, you can calculate how large the boiling noodle bucket is needed,

Remember that the big is overused!!!!!

(2) Determine whether gas or electric heating

There are many business sites where there is a shortage of electricity, so the only choice is gas noodle barrels. Excluding this situation, electric heating is relatively energy-saving, can be kept at a constant temperature, and is relatively safe. The gas heating speed is fast, and there is no fear of power failure. The difference between the two is not large, and the specific choice depends on the requirements.

(3) Determine the function

boiled noodles, dumplings, rice noodles, etc.,

Gas square tubes can be selected. The heating speed is fast, more affordable than the flat bottom, the electricity can choose the electric heating tube, easy to replace and not easy to use, multi-switch control, more energy-saving, moderate price. These two models are cost-effective.

soup, porridge, marinade,

Gas flat bottom and level bottom can be selected. Uniform heating, not easy to paste the bottom, easy to clean, fast heating.

(4) Final purchase

We chose the size, set the heating method, and chose the function, but the products with the same function and style on the market are still dazzling. Don’t worry, next we can look at the thickness of the plate of the cooking stove, whether it is stainless steel, whether it is foamed, and the price is compared in these dimensions, we cannot pursue blind cheapness, nor can we blindly buy high prices.

Like my college classmates just starting out, you can first buy a stainless steel plate foam type gas square pipe boiling noodle barrel. Of course, this is also enough for him to use, in the later stage, in order to clean conveniently, heat preservation convenience can be replaced with an electric heating double-bottomed boiling noodle barrel.

Finally, I hope you can choose a suitable noodle oven and wish the boss a prosperous business!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Multi Function Noodle Cooker Electric Cooking Pot Electric Skillet Non-Stick Coating Fry Pan Portable Hot Pot, hope it can help you.