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Tide Play Jewelry You lost to a French woman, even New York Aunt can’t compare!

Carol Markel (67)

“Whether it’s clothing or jewelry, you have to have a personal opinion and style. First of all, color is attractive at first glance, then plasticity and style” is Carol’s trend view of 67.

The cherry necklace bought for £300 in the shop is made of resin, the yellow necklace is a gift from a relative’s daughter, and the pale blue necklace is Madame Matovu; The blue glass bracelet was bought at the Pippin store for £250, while the other blue ring bracelet was a gift from my sister.

Her favorite matching principle is “Wear jewelry of different lengths and match it well, and the effect can be really good.” The bright colors of the trend can also be very exciting.”

Alice Carey (60)

Alice, a fiction writer, is already in her 60s, but she is still following the trend. The pink earrings were purchased for £200 at the Moodlndigo store for the Pink Party. The brooch is an aristocratic style colored gold ruby with vintage-inspired clothing.

In her eyes, “the right hairstyle and earrings, red lips are very important. And say goodbye to the era when you don’t take care of your skin when you are old.” Beautiful skin and jewelry can be more beautiful.

Edith Drake (89)

As the wife of many classic songwriters such as the legendary “It was a very good year”, the gold necklace with a sense of presence is also the own of Bermaine’s fashion boutique in GreatNeck NewYork.

“It’s important to keep your own simple, classic style, but don’t forget to follow the trend” is her trick. The 89-year-old woman has an unexaggerated steadiness in her thoughts. Jewelry with dark red nail polish is also very free.

Tziporah Salamon (65)

This is a 65-year-old New York fashion god and personal stylist, who likes vintage clothes and ethnic styles very much. She believes that “dressing yourself is also an art that needs to be depicted well”.

Colorful pattern checkered stripes paired with exaggerated silver necklaces can be well balanced. In order to match the bag well, wearing a catchy thick bracelet or a large gemstone brooch can also create an imposing queen posture, which is a good way to make people forget.

Iris Apfel (89)

The 89-year-old trendsetter, a former famous interior designer, loves clothing and jewelry. She believes that the national retro style is actually very suitable for modern trends, and can also mix and match some special humorous feelings.

“Modern trends don’t necessarily have to be expensive, and what kind of combination is very important” is her philosophy. Layering a statement bracelet, a silver necklace on the chest and a black outfit will work very well.

Jane Heather Devine Folds (65)

The heart-shaped sunglasses are the wife of Chuck Folds, a 65-year-old mixed art painter and jazz pianist. Wearing a metal “Change” text necklace of her own design, she participated in Obama’s presidential election, hoping to “hope that he will be elected no matter what, and want to use this word to spread her ideas.”

The necklace, which is set with two high-end gemstones and the rest is set with cubic zirconia, costs about £250, and she says she “will always wear this necklace so that she can seek her own ‘Change'”

Jenny (50)

This is a 50-year-old woman who loves both vintage and vintage jewelry. A mix of ornate leather goods and a three-layer vintage pearl necklace creates a very elegant atmosphere. “My style is classic and elegant, influenced by Christian Dior in the ’50s,” she says. The silver gray hair color and the beauty of jewelry reflect each other, exuding an irresistible charm.

Whether it’s the red carpet of big coffees or the trendy views of French women! The demonstration of the stars is a timeless trend vane. Sometimes you can create a different self by simply choosing simple jewelry to match.

Sister Bao

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