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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Fast-seal anti-theft license plate screw hat

If the license plate falls off during driving, it is not a trivial matter, and if the traffic police check car is not hung as required, the heaviest will deduct 12 points at a time, but no joke, zinc alloy license plate screws, no rust with solid sealing and anti-theft, impeccable safety.

40 pieces of socket tool for car use

Ratchet wrench is a very frequent tool for car repair, experienced old drivers will always put these in the trunk, remove the tire elastic screws are super easy, 40 pieces of wrench barrel, family cars are enough, cost-effective storage trunk emergency super reliable.

Chinese classic old songs vinyl CD record

The years have been incomprehensible, and the classic songs are worth recording.

The car carries a music USB stick

If you don’t like cumbersome CDs, then this car music USB flash drive is true love. Simple, portable, and good-sounding. It can be used when plugged in, and it is convenient without hanging directly on the key.

Car phone holder

Using your mobile phone to make calls and see navigation while driving is inconvenient and dangerous. Car mobile phone holder is a must-have in the car! The mobile phone holder in the shape of a sports car is full of movement. With a waterproof and anti-slip effect, it can be fixed by simply placing it lightly on the dashboard.

Solar car air purifier

It can absorb all kinds of smoke, formaldehyde, leather smell and other unpleasant gases in the car in just a few minutes, and release fresh oxygen, turn the car into an oxygen bar, and give you a fresh interior environment. It can also be used as a mobile phone holder.

Car storage box, seat gap car

I like this car multi-function seam storage box, install it to easily store mobile phones, pens, cards and other small items, easy to handle, no need to spend time looking for it.

Car mobile phone mount, shock-resistant and anti-fall, using nano material, free your hands during driving.

Autobot car phone holder

Autobot car phone holder, this arm guard design bracket provides a stable support role. Mobile phone bracket is essential, daily driving whether navigation or voice, telephone need mobile phone holder.

It integrates a variety of functions, fresh air, 3 layers of filtration, and fashionable shape.

Multifunctional on-board inverter

If you run a long distance, it is recommended to bring this inverter, voltage monitoring, known as a mobile on-board power station, overload protection, do not damage the battery.

Car bluetooth player hands-free phone system

With this speakerphone system installed in the car, it is convenient to answer, make calls and listen to music, and driving is safer, and it is available in black and white.

I believe that both male and female drivers cherish their cars very much, when the car has some scratches or paint removal phenomenon is very regrettable, the existing paint brush, the repair effect is very good.

Car convenience scratch repair touch-up pen

As long as you choose the corresponding color for your own body color, the operation method is also very simple, there are basically no defects after repair, the most important thing is that you don’t have to go to the paint repair shop, and it is very cost-saving.

Door warning collision lights

Wire-free door warning anti-collision lights, magnetic induction switch, automatic luminous flashing when opening the door, warning rear vehicles, non-destructive installation design, open the door to light.

Car thermometer, aromatherapy clock

Car thermometer, car clock, car perfume, set three functions in one, full of gimmicks, super practical.

Day and night all-round anti-glare visor

Effectively filter strong sunlight in all directions, effectively block ultraviolet rays, and make sunlight no longer dazzling.

Ring magnetic automatic massage lumbar cushion

Outdoor smog, the air in the car may be a little cleaner, but not necessarily oh, many car interiors, will emit peculiar smells.

Car phone holder

Solar car air purifier