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There is a saying in the Analects that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. This sentence means that if a craftsman wants to do the work in his hand well, he must first ensure that the tools he uses are excellent. If we put this sentence on our daily stir-fry cooking, then one of the corresponding tools is the stir-fry pot.

If you go to the kitchenware area of the supermarket, you will find that all kinds of woks occupy the shelves of kitchenware, different brands, different prices, and different characteristics. Some can be bought for tens of dollars, and some cost thousands of yuan a pot. If you carefully understand the material of these pots, you will find countless of them.

The most common stir-fry pots we see in our daily lives are iron pots, non-stick pots, stainless steel pots, casseroles, and aluminum pots. So today, lazy meow will talk to you about the topic of daily pot selection, let’s take a look together, what are the characteristics of these 5 kinds of wok? Which pot is better to buy?

1. Iron pot – there are pig iron pots and cooked iron pots

I remember when I was a child, there were not so many types of woks, and the most used by every household was a simple and practical iron pot. I don’t know when non-stick pans appeared on the market, and the number of people using iron pans slowly decreased. However, in recent years, I have found that the iron pan has returned to its C position.

At present, the iron pots sold on the market can be divided into two types: pig iron pots (cast iron pots) and wrought iron pots (fine iron pots).

。 The pig iron pot is cast with molten iron, which is relatively thick and heavy, and has poor thermal conductivity,

Good heat preservation,

Compare reopening and daily maintenance. The wrought iron pot passed

The process of manual beating or machine forging, the pot body is thin, tough, and the heat conduction is fast, and it is not as heavy as the pig iron pot.

In general, the pig iron pot is more suitable for soup and stewing, and the cooked iron pot is more suitable for stir-frying. If you are too lazy to carry out daily maintenance and your arm strength is relatively small, it is recommended that you choose a wrought iron pot. After all, the heavy pig iron pot, daily stir-frying is too laborious.

【Precautions for the use of iron pot】

When frying food with high acidity in an iron pot, some iron ions will indeed enter the food, but this iron is inorganic iron, not the heme iron from meat ingredients with a high absorption rate in the human body, so do not expect too much “iron pot iron supplementation”. In the case of opening and proper maintenance, iron pans can also be used as non-stick pans. However, after daily cleaning, remember to dry the moisture to avoid rust in the iron pan.

2. Non-stick pan-coated pot, short service life

Non-stick pan should be a kind of wok that has only become popular in the past 10 years,

Its “non-stick” essence is because the surface of the pot has a coating made of special materials

, this coating can play a role in isolation. At present, the common non-stick coating is Teflon

Coated and

Ceramic coating.

We just bought home a nonstick pan and it will work very well. But after using it for a while, you will find that the non-stick pan has begun to stick to the pan, because the coating has begun to peel off. Whether it is a non-stick pan with dozens of pieces or a non-stick pan with hundreds of pieces, as long as the coating peels off, the pot is basically wasted. Compared to iron pots,

The life of non-stick pans is much shorter, and it is generally about 1-2 years to be discharged

【Precautions for the use of non-stick pan】

When using a non-stick pan, we must keep in mind 2 points, one is that the stir-fry temperature is best limited to 250

Below °C, do not cook at high temperature for a long time, otherwise it will affect the stability of the coating and may release harmful substances; Second, when using a non-stick pan, do not use a shovel and steel wire ball, otherwise it is easy to destroy the non-stick coating. In addition, the nonstick pan is a consumable, and when the coating is peeled off, it is necessary to change the pan decisively.

3. Stainless steel pot – stir-frying has high requirements for heat

The so-called stainless steel, in fact, is made of iron and other metals, which is relatively more durable, and has good corrosion resistance, high strength, and relatively higher prices. In the material of stainless steel pots, there are also models, everyone remembers that 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel as the material of stainless steel pots, in comparison, 316 stainless steel is better.

However, when stir-frying,

Stainless steel has very high requirements for the heat, and if you do not master it well, it is easy to stick to the pan

。 Especially like some stainless steel pots with better thermal conductivity, once you forget to reduce the heat after the hot pot, stir-fry and stir-fry, you will find how to stick to the pot, which I have a deep experience.

【Precautions for the use of stainless steel pot】

When using a stainless steel pot, be sure to control the heat. Because the stainless steel pot has good thermal conductivity and heat transfer, and is relatively durable, we must remember not to turn on a large fire, and use medium and low heat when cooking. The flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot, otherwise the food is easy to scorch, and the surface of the pot will be yellow or black.

4. Casserole – traditional pot, easy to break

Casserole belongs to a more traditional category

Ceramic cookware has the characteristics of fast heat transfer, slow heat dissipation and strong heat preservation ability, but it is easy to break if you are not careful. Like some classic dishes, casseroles are deliberately used as pots, such as casserole fish heads, casserole chicken, casserole roasted ribs and so on.

Dishes made with casseroles,

It can maximize the original taste of food

When you buy casseroles, you must go to formal channels to buy, because some unscrupulous merchants will produce some casseroles with excessive heavy metal residues, and long-term use will have a bad impact on the human body. Therefore, do not choose three-nil products because of greedy cheapness.

【Precautions for the use of casserole】

When using a casserole, do not turn on a high fire as soon as it comes up, otherwise the casserole is likely to swell and crack due to the sudden rise in temperature. The correct method is to first reduce the heat, then turn the large heat, and finally turn to low heat to simmer the food slowly, and the warming process must be gradual. In addition, casseroles cannot be used for dry cooking.

5. Aluminum pot – not recommended

Aluminum pots should belong to relatively antique pots. The biggest advantage of aluminum pot is that it is cheap and lightweight, and it has the characteristics of durability, fast heating, uniform heat conduction, and no rust. On the surface, it seems to be perfect, but in fact,

When cooking in an aluminum pot,

There will be a hidden danger of “aluminum migration out”

, that is, the aluminum element in the aluminum pan migrates into the food. If the human body ingests too much aluminum, it will be bad for health. Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone use aluminum pots for cooking for a long time.

【Lazy meow experience】

The 5 kinds of pots mentioned above, iron pots, non-stick pots, stainless steel pots, casseroles, and aluminum pots, are all pots and pans that appear frequently in our home kitchens. They use different materials and different characteristics, and when buying a pot, the instruction manual will indicate which pot it belongs to.

According to my practical experience and the summary of the people around me, in terms of choosing a pot, I can share the following 3 suggestions with you

1. Rarely cook or kitchen white, choose a non-stick pan that is light and easy to operate;

2. If you often cook and have a certain culinary foundation, you can choose a cooked iron pot; On this basis, if you are too lazy to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance, you can choose a stainless steel pot;

3. If you like cooking very much and are more particular about the taste of the dish, you can match it with a casserole as an icing on the cake.

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