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The author of this article: Y_S say that the name is long and eye-catching

Because the renovation did not reserve the place of built-in oven or disinfection cabinet 15 years ago, the dishwasher planted grass for a long time and finally succeeded in pulling weeds in front of the Panasonic desktop dishwasher before the Spring Festival. I finally experienced that this is a weapon for the lazy life of lazy people to improve again after the sweeper in modern society.

In the second article, the advantages of dishwashers and the use of money-saving methods are summarized in more detail.

After buying a dishwasher, because the dishwasher can not use the traditional washing spirit rich in foam. Even if you buy a dishwasher with three sets of dishwashing blocks and dishwashing liquid, you have to take advantage of the good price to prepare for future consumables.

After researching some brands, I first saw that the 1KG dish of dish washing powder before the Spring Festival was priced at less than ¥30, and I entered several groups. The hardness of my tap water belongs to the level that does not need to be added, and the rinse dish agent, an additive that shows the effect to outsiders, does not need to be used every day.

Although the effect of using the free dish dishwashing liquid is already good, for example, this storage tank with a bunch of kitchen oil on the outside is almost the same as new.

But for stainless steel pots, I always feel that it is still almost interesting. For example, the double-standing stainless steel pot after washing before has not regained its new youth.

The advantage of visiting Aunt Zhang often is that you can learn a lot of new things, such as knowing from the recommendation of dishwashing powder and articles that the bright dish has a top quantum (bright dish quantum) effect is better, but the more bullish is Cascade’s platinum (platinum version) dishwashing gel, also called dishwashing capsule.

After searching for another user who used the dishwasher for a long time, I also recommended the same thing. But a few years ago, it was called Cascade 10X Platinum Edition.

Cascade is a Procter & Gamble product with a powerful formula that dissolves food residues on dishes, leaving dishes clean and shiny without worrying about dirt leaving in the dishwasher. At present, it has been upgraded to the current 16X, this 16X is temporarily understood as 16 times or represents 16 kinds of stains? I don’t know if it’s right.

Cascade 16X is more effective against some stubborn stains thanks to a more powerful cleaning formula and comes with a lit-up disc function. Secondly, its publicity is that it can make stainless steel look new, and I saw that the Auntie comment before also said that Cascade Platinum Edition has a very good stainless steel coloring ability, which made me want to be excited about this product. I can’t see the test with pictures on the Internet, so I can only do it myself.

However, this product is not self-operated by domestic e-commerce at all, and it seems that even overseas purchase direct mail has never existed, so you can only find purchasing or transshipment yourself. Take a look at the products of Meiya 70 particles, but 20 dollars a can, occasionally a small discount can be cheaper, compared with the price of 4 more domestic pieces, or their own transfer is suitable,

I bought it for $19.24 a can, plus a credit card 10% off from Meiya. THE SINGLE TANK CAN BE SEEN FROM THE PICTURE ABOVE IS 1.15KG. After all, it was the first time to use, and I didn’t dare to buy too much at one time, just two cans can probably make up to the shipping weight of 3KG, and it cost less than 100 freight and taxes to transfer to hand.

Due to the Spring Festival and the new crown epidemic, the east and west arrived safely after almost a month later than the usual transfer. The packaging of the plastic barrel itself, so it is not easy to damage during transportation. On the front, you can see that this is the Cascade 16X Platinum PLUS+ edition, I don’t know if this PLUS+ is an upgrade from the PLUS I saw before. A single can of 70 capsules, again labeled No Pre-Wash.

Detailed instructions for use are available on the back. For example: use one piece at a time; Keep it dry when holding it in your hands; Do not open or separate the gel, and remember to cover the lid of the plastic bucket after each use. Precautions are not to let the child touch, if in the eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes, if on the skin, wash off directly with water.

On the side is the dishwasher recommended manufacturer and the first recommended mark in North America, and the 1:1 gel icon in the middle reminds me of the 1:1 pellet display on the LEGO box.

On the other side is the current Cascade product capability difference display chart, not only can you see that the washing effect is Best, but also enhance 24 hours after food curing, baking tableware cleaning, especially mention the light recovery ability of metal tableware, and the ability to clean the dishwasher. Not much to say about tea stain cleaning and glass brightening effects, ordinary Cascade also has it. Seeing this, I think that 16X represents 16 abilities, and the result is only 15 points, unless the overall cleaning capacity of the first column is counted.

I wanted to find out where the product was actually manufactured, but I couldn’t find it. It is also unclear whether there is a difference in cleaning effectiveness between the Canadian version and the American version.

This drum, sealed with a disposable seal, can be closed again after opening.

After opening, there is a strong smell of detergent, even a little pungent. Since the outside of the gel is also a water-soluble layer, it is good that it is not sticky or leaking due to moisture.

When buying, I also read the reviews of foreigners, and the praise of use is still very high, but it also mentioned the problem of the water-soluble layers outside sticking to each other due to moisture, it seems that in addition to keeping your hands dry when you take it, you must also pay attention to storing it in a dry place.

Compared with ordinary composite dishwashing blocks, the gel is also composed of a variety of detergents, but it only becomes liquid.

The 3-color liquid on the top has a bit of a gossip tai chi feeling, and the lower part is a dishwashing powder-like material.

Ready for practical testing. The dishwasher is naturally the Panasonic NP-TR1HECN desktop dishwasher I bought at a good price at the beginning of the year.

This and the gel did not say in detail the corresponding set, but from the perspective of the use of Lao Mei, it must be a large set of embedded set, because it is liquid and the official also said that it cannot be divided, and it is still a bit wasteful for 6 sets.

The protagonist of this wash is naturally the so-called strongest stainless steel cleaning and coloring ability I was looking forward to. This is a WMF stainless steel pot, and because it has been used for a long time, spots have appeared inside that have not fallen off after washing many times.

In order to increase the difficulty, I deliberately cooked the hot pot again, but because the taste was too good, even the butter from the base was used as a dipping sauce, resulting in not so much solidified oil layer.

The other is that after the washing of the previous bright dish dishwashing liquid, there are still some yellow burnt marks on the sides.

The glass pot lid is also a little dark, not too transparent.

The other tableware happened to be a meal plate that my family had just eaten hot pot.

You can see butter with a lot of hot pot base on the plate.

The knife also has a lot of oil stain from chopping butter hot pot ingredients.

Overview of items to be cleaned.

Put the dishwashing gel directly, and the machine with the dishwashing block slot can be put directly into the dishwashing block groove.

The outside of this product is a water-soluble film, and because the inside is liquid and powder, it is easier to dissolve than the rinse dish washing block. Not long after the dishwasher was filled with water, I opened the door and made an observation, and the dissolution effect was very good.

The first wash drain was so dirty and there was some foam that I thought this piece might indeed have been enough for a 6-set dishwasher.

However, the water that is rinsed at the end is exceptionally clear and should belong to the residue. After all, American products have very high standards for harmful residues and food safety, and they should also be assured.

After 60 minutes of drying with residual heat, the washing is complete. Although the taste was very strong when the can was opened before, there was no obvious taste after washing. Saying that this product is talking about lemon flavor, I didn’t smell it.

The first thing shown is the steel kitchen knife placed on the outermost side, although the butter on it has been washed very cleanly, but it is still a little different from the shiny steel knife that I would ideally be able to wash. Looking closely, the main thing is that there are many worn pinstripes, and the dishwasher cannot play a role in sanding, which is understandable.

When I took out two spoons, I saw the power of this product. Especially the right-hand colander, because it is used less frequently than the left-hand spoon, there is not so much wear, and it is really a little bright and glowing.

Due to the beveled shape and smooth surface of the bowl, the dishwasher handles very well at all times, and there are no water stains after washing and drying.

Do you feel the glaze shine again?

The two stainless steel pots I most hope to rejuvenate. The WMF on the left is irreparably dull due to its age.

You can still see a lot of round spots that don’t know what caused them.

But the Shuangliren soup pot on the right is obviously brighter than the previous bright dish regular version washed. Compared with the previous picture after using ordinary bright dishes, the effect of the pot side is very amazing, and there are no occasional residual water spots.

Is the washing effect of the glass pot lid satisfactory?

Everyone should know that after the dishwasher has been used for a period of time, it is recommended to clean some of the inside with dishwasher detergent. As I zoomed in in of the photo I had just put in the dishwashing gel, I could see that there were many black oil marks in the bottom filter bar and the gutters of the dishwasher that had been used for almost two months.

But after this Cascade 16X Platinum PLUS+ dishwash, except for a large residue on the side that has not been filtered out, the black spots on the inside are all gone. This was not expected before, and it seems that using it regularly doubles as a dishwasher cleaner is a good option.

Piggyback to look at the heating rod, there are no traces of white scale. However, the water hardness on my side is not high, and I have not done special water softening treatment.


After this small test, although this Cascade 16X Platinum PLUS+ version can not restore all stainless steel tableware to the youth when they first bought it, but the outstanding performance I think everyone should have seen, but also prove that the cleaning effect of dishwashing detergent for dishwashers is still not a small difference. However, in view of the fact that even if it is a single washing cost of their own overseas shopping, it will almost reach 3 yuan, and the cost of washing dishes that I usually use a bright dish dishwashing powder for 3 cents is still much higher, which is a luxury use. Therefore, it is more suitable for entertaining guests at home in order to prepare more beautiful glass tableware, or to use it once a month when intensively cleaning, after all, it is also very good as a dishwasher cleaner.