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In fact, X5L has been in hand for a while, and everyone must have seen the special edition unboxing stickers on many forums.

In today’s serious homogenization of Android, X5L as a mobile phone does not need to be repeated, it is nothing more than hardware, UI, quality control.

Today, vivo’s design, workmanship and quality have reached a high level, compared with coarse grains, it can be said to be a complete victory in this regard.

As a fan of vivo, I think that vivo can have a place in today’s mobile phone industry,

It is by virtue of its distinctive characteristics, which are called “


“Not excessively!

It’s so expensive that someone pays for it… Compared with a brand of mobile phone that calls the “complex” a selling point, vivo is more realistic –


The king of K songs

“As a selling point outside the soul, the X5L has also gained unanimous recognition in this regard.

But this post focuses only on its soul – the voice, to be precise, the sound quality.


Haven’t you touched a few vivo mobile phones and dare to call themselves fans?

Two group photos, X3 X5 Xshot Xplay Xplay3S, but because they couldn’t find a spare machine for their colleagues, they didn’t join this review.

This review can be called infighting, and there are also the gold version X3T won at the vivo event and the Xshot Elite Edition for my own use.

And the earbuds are also the god of the dynamic that I am used to using –


, abbreviated as EM.

Believe it or not, anyway, the vivo phone is going to be boiled in terms of sound,

All three phones have been running in HIFI mode for hundreds of hours and are boiled on.

The following reviews of sound are based on the premise that the three phones turn on HIFI mode.


The audition repertoire is still out of my hobby, and I hope that the officials will watch and listen to it.

(1) Wang Yueming – “Out of the Block” Track 2 – “Qinghai Qing” DL: URL

(2) Jiyuntang – “Alley” Track 10 – “Deep in a Hundred Flowers”

(3) Garfield – “Longing” Track 7 – “Burial Heart”

Coladplay – Mylo Xyloto Track 3 – Paradise


(1) Wang Yueming – “Out of the Plug” Track 2 – “Qinghai Qing”

I auditioned the repertoire with thousands of classic instruments, and the rhythm was bright and interlocked.

I often listen to it many times but forget the time, because the music is quite long…


There has been a lot of text about X3…

In general, the sound stage is regular, the low frequencies are more average, the high frequencies that can be blown and the details are super high.

In terms of intermediate frequencies, there is very little staining in the role of the reducing system.


The sound stage is larger than that of the X3, but it is still in the decent range.

The low frequencies can be said to be almost the same, if the X3’s low frequency quality is still considerable, then its quantity may be just passing,

The low-frequency texture of the X5 is almost the same as that of the X3, but the amount is more, and the low-frequency amount is also pulled up to the passing line.

That said, the X5’s low frequencies are still better than passing (what standard?). My standard is 2333).

High frequency is still a relatively strong project, well extended, bright and not harsh!

The X5 is surprisingly good in terms of detail, I used to think that the details of the X3 were super strong in the phone, but now the X5 is stronger!


Char Siu has a sound field that is comparable in size to the X5, but it is more realistic and three-dimensional!

In terms of low frequency, it is the place where the char siu finished the explosion of the X3X5 brothers, and it is better than it in terms of quality and quantity.

But the high frequency is a little duller than theirs, and it doesn’t have the polished feeling of the previous two.

The details are also slightly inferior to the first two, but only beyond the level of ordinary mobile phones.

I have never liked the so-called “HIFI female voice” very much, and I think its MSG flavor is too strong…

The impression is that Garfe appeared before the so-called “HIFI female voice” became hot,

It tastes less and the sound is clean and infectious enough!

The silent, cold female voice is not very close to the ear, and the ethereal atmosphere created can make people creepy in the middle of the night…

The originally ordinary low frequencies are particularly powerful against this quiet background!

The details of various instruments in the background can be easily felt, not to mention the details of the vocals.

Thanks to the sound stage, the X5’s sound extension can be clearly felt, and the performance in this song is more ethereal.

Here you can once again let the low-frequency male of the X series rise once, and the amount is more cut out.

Needless to say, it’s all full of details, and listening to each lyric in the dead of night can be gripping.

If Garfield’s voice is cold under the X3, then the X5 with various enhancements is cold and noble!

If the sound of the X5 is an extension of the relative plane, then char siu is a three-dimensional extension.

It may be that the X3X5 has too much contrast between cold and heat in style, resulting in its good low-frequency illusion,

So here I don’t feel that the low frequency of char siu is much stronger than the first two.

Compared with the first two, the female voice of char siu is not so beautiful (it should be cold),

In addition, because the analysis of EM belongs to the general category, the performance of this track is greatly reduced, a little hazy, and the graininess is relatively prominent.

By the way, if you change the normal style of female voice, the X5 and char siu will perform better than the X3.

Coldplay is my favorite foreign band, and the British rock style is very addictive.

Its songs are generally very fast-paced and can release a full of low-frequency energy.

I don’t have much to say about rock …

I personally feel that X3 is not very suitable, the low frequency energy is relatively small, but it is greatly compensated by EM low frequency, which is still acceptable.

If you pair it with other earbuds that don’t focus on low frequencies, then… Hehe…

But thanks to its reductive properties, it can also be retracted and played freely in this energetic song.

In fact, the low-frequency texture of the X3 is still good, and the drums are elastic!

The performance of male voices alone is not as good as that of female voices.

Since they are two brothers, presumably the rock aspect is similar to the X3…

But what? A little more low frequencies are useful, especially for the atmosphere!

But more is more likely to cause confusion,

Thanks to EM, the background of such a rich and surging climax does not appear mixed, of course, X3 will not mix, very good!

In fact, if you say the male voice alone, I don’t feel enthusiastic enough in this song, it’s just a noisy but not noisy feeling,

It’s not as clean and crisp as it is in a female voice.

Presumably, the officials here have already guessed the performance of char siu!

You can move when you are still and you can move when you are still and you are still there! Char siu is more suitable for rock and roll than they are, or more omnivorous.

Although it does not have the explosive atmosphere of Calyx M, it is certainly higher than the previous two.

Just as easy to retract but with more control!

The voices did not sound as clear and thin as the first two, with a sense of veiling, but a little more enthusiasm and affection than them.


Say something other than sound:

5 inch 720P? What’s the Vivo mess with? That’s it when X3… Although I understand that this is a strategic requirement for product differentiation…

I heard that the upcoming X5MAX is no longer 720P, but it has become 6 inches, so why is it embarrassing.

It’s not unacceptable, but if you’re a 1080P or even 2K user, you’ll have to get used to it for a long time.

The special edition does not come with a protective case, you have to buy it yourself, but there is no protective case sent by X3 at that time, which is more painful.

For users who are used to FuntouchOS, the operation of vivo phones is similar, which is not much to comment on.



High frequency:


Low frequency:


Why is there no ordering of midrange vocals?

Because the vocals are not mechanical vibrations but emotional things, and the style is completely different,

What is the trade-off between the coolness and nobility of the X5 and the warm enthusiasm of the Xshot?

Maybe I have been using Xshot for a long time, and my ears have been boiled by it, which makes me prefer the sound direction of Xshot.

Many group members prefer the X5.

In fact, the protagonist of this article is X5, so the final summary focuses on X5.

It is not difficult to see that X5 is already a strong buff version of the previous generation X3, and it has been improved in all aspects,

In addition to the mid-range vocals, it is still more reductive and less colored, but thanks to other enhancements, the X5’s vocals are more pleasant than those of the X5.

In addition, compared to Xshot, I think Xshot is more omnivorous, that is, the application surface will be larger than X5 and better with earbuds;

The X5 now seems to have to be paired with low-frequency supplemental earbuds, and my other custom Lisheng R40, which focuses on parsing and upper disks, behaves cooler and more decomposed sound components under X3X5 and the low frequencies are more crippled.

So… You know, but the R40 works fine with the Xshot.

I have to mention that you will only find the high resolution of X5 in the first period of contact, but over time you will find that she is actually a chronic drug,

With EM, the listening level even exceeds Xshot, I believe you will also be attracted by her coldness and her nobility!

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(2) Jiyuntang – “Alley” Track 10 – “Deep in a Hundred Flowers”

(3) Garfield – “Longing” Track 7 – “Burial Heart”

Coladplay – Mylo Xyloto Track 3 – Paradise