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“Liaozhai Zhi Yi” abbreviated as “Liaozhai”, commonly known as “The Legend of the Ghost Fox”, is a collection of literary short stories written by Pu Songling, a famous Chinese novelist of the Qing Dynasty. “Liaozhai Zhi Wei” means to record strange stories in the study, “Liaozhai” is the name of his book, “Zhi” refers to the meaning of description, and “strange” refers to strange stories.

There are nearly 500 articles in the book, rich in content, mainly divided into the following types: first, love stories, which occupy the largest proportion of the book; the second is to attack the destruction of the imperial examination system on readers; Third, exposing the brutality of the ruling class and the oppression of the people is of great social significance. The comic strip “Liaozhai Zhi Yi” consists of several editions, and the editor has compiled the classic comic strips published by Tianjin Fine Arts Publishing House from 1955 to the present, please enjoy.

1 During the Song Dynasty, there was a scholar in Fujian, surnamed Zeng, who had passed the examination “Xiaolian” (lifting people), so everyone called him filial piety. Later, because no one dared to call him by his first name, after a long time, people forgot his real name.

2 When Zeng Xiaolian was not in the middle of filial piety, his quality was very bad, and no one looked down on him. He was a glutton, a gambler, and whenever he had money, he would go to the hotel for a drink, and he would play cards and bet on treasures with the ruffians.

3 Zeng Xiaolian was very familiar with the local rich Wang Ziliang, and was his guest, because Wang Ziliang often asked him to write documents and deeds.

4 Therefore, when Zeng Xiaolian had no rice to cook, as long as he opened his mouth with Wang Ziliang, Wang Ziliang would help him.

5 At that time, Zeng Xiaolian had already married his wife, but he was still like a pink butterfly, looking for flowers everywhere and asking Willow, and when he saw a beautiful girl in the eastern neighborhood, he often peeked under her window.

6 A scholar surnamed Guo learned about this and accused Zeng Xiaolian of misconduct in front of many villagers.

7 It turned out that Zeng Xiaolian had set up a library to teach a few schoolchildren and cheat some bondage, but his reputation became worse and worse, and parents did not want to let such people mislead their children, and as a result, one child after another dropped out of school.

8 He could no longer live, and at the instigation and funding of Wang Ziliang, Zeng Xiaolian changed his way to gain fame.

9 Because he was accustomed to opportunism, fraud and fraud, after several exams, he was lucky enough to succeed and won the filial piety test.

10. In the capital entrance examination, he passed the Jin Shi exam again.

11 One day, Zeng Xiaolian invited a few brothers to the outskirts of the capital, and heard someone at the neighboring table talking about a physiognomy in the Bodhi Temple who was very good at physiognomy, and Zeng Xiaolian proposed to go to him to meet him.

12 When he arrived at Bodhi Monastery and saw that many people were waiting for talks, Zeng Xiaolian walked over arrogantly and asked his acolyte to meet him first.

13 Seeing Zeng Xiaolian’s arrogant and empty eyes, and knowing that he was a good and flattering character, he mocked him with all his heart, so he bowed to Zeng Xiaolian with a smile on his face.

14 Zeng Xiaolian said: “Let me ask you, will I have a python robe and a jade belt in the future?” While speaking, he shook his fan, pouted, raised his face, and was proud of himself.

15 Xiangshi hurriedly dressed and straightened his crown, and respectfully waved him again, and said very seriously: “The dragon roars when the guest official is eyebrows, the weather is varied, and he has the position of prime minister of Taiping for twenty years!” Zeng Xiaolian was very satisfied when he heard this, and he laughed unconsciously.

16 At this time, it suddenly rained heavily, and Zeng Xiaolian and others could not enter the city, so they had to take refuge in the meditation hall.

17 In the meditation hall, an old monk was attending meditation, and Zeng Xiaolian greeted the old monk with an embarrassing attitude, and the old monk, seeing that this man was a scoundrel, was unwilling to answer him, making Zeng Xiaolian feel bored.

18 At this time, the rain was falling tightly, and everyone was helpless, so they went into the house, sat down casually, and waited for the rain to return to the city.

19 Idle and boring, everyone jokingly congratulated Zeng Xiaolian on his future “prime minister” official luck.

20 Zeng Xiaolian did not know that everyone was mocking him, but he actually believed it and said arrogantly. “If I can really be the prime minister, I will definitely recommend all the senior brothers to be inspectors and generals, and even the old servants in my family will send him a thousand generals and general officers!” Everyone laughed and laughed, and Zeng Xiaolian was still unconscious.

21 Half a day passed, the rain was still dripping, Zeng Xiaolian sat sleepy, so he lay on the bed. In the dim light, he suddenly saw two eunuchs holding a holy decree to summon him.

22 Zeng Xiaolian hurriedly came to the Golden Hall to meet the emperor. The emperor appointed him as prime minister, gave him a python robe and a jade belt, a western horse, and gave him the power to promote the Manchu minister of culture and martial arts.

23 When I returned to Xiangyu Mansion, I saw that my residence was also carved and painted, which was very luxurious. Sure enough, the hall is called, and the hall is under Bainuo.

24 Ministers and officials of the imperial court came to congratulate him on his promotion to prime minister. He reluctantly bowed back to those with higher official positions and titles: for those with lower official positions, he raised his hands behind his back and disdained to talk to them.

25 As for gifts—exotic treasures, beautiful women’s pleasures, there are countless more.

26 Zeng Xiaolian drank and enjoyed himself in the house every day, especially pampering the song girl Yin Yin and the fairy, and was lustful and happy all day.

27 Guo Sheng, who accused Zeng Xiaolian of misconduct in the tea house that year, also happened to be an official in the dynasty, and everyone respected him as Guo’s servant. When the wronged family met, their eyes were red, and Zeng Xiaolian thought that Mrs. Guo knew his subtlety, and he had to pull out this eye nail.

28 Zeng Xiaolian thought: He had received Zhou Ji from Wang Ziliang in the past, and he should also let him make some money, so it was better to remove Guo Taifu from his post and recommend him to take over as the Zhengqing of the Imperial Servant Temple!

29 Thinking of this, Zeng Xiaolian instructed Chen Changyushi and Lü to give advice, forged incriminating evidence to impeach Guo’s servant, and sponsored Wang Ziliang, so that Wang Ziliang could make up for Guo’s lack of servant.

30 It turned out that the Taifu Temple Zhengqing was specifically responsible for feeding horses for the emperor and taking charge of the transportation of post stations throughout the country, which was a very lucrative errand. Wang Ziliang gathered and searched again, so he immediately became a rich and powerful nobleman.

31 In order to consolidate his position, Wang Ziliang often prepared valuable gifts, gold and silver treasures to Zeng Xiaolian. Zeng Xiaolian was very happy to see Wang Ziliang so knowledgeable, so he called him Zhiji.

32 Zeng Xiaolian himself also knew the general situation, and also selected some precious gifts from all over the world to send to the harem for his mother to enjoy.

33 Therefore, the emperor favored Zeng Xiaolian even more, and Zeng Xiaolian became even more arrogant.

34 One day, Zeng Xiaolian and Wang Ziliang went to the suburbs to play, and when they returned to the city, a drunk man rammed his honor guard. Zeng Xiaolian thought it was disrespectful and very angry.

35 Zeng Xiaolian immediately ordered his entourage to escort the drunk man to the gate of Yin Yamen in Jingzhao, to be brought to justice.

36 Jing Zhaoyin did not ask questions, followed Zeng Xiangguo’s instructions, and asked the messengers to beat the drunks to death.

37 The residents near Xiangguo Mansion, hearing the news, everyone was at risk and moved to avoid the disaster. Zeng Xiaolian occupied these houses on the grounds that they were ownerless houses and confiscated them to the public.

38 Zeng Xiaolian’s original peasants were also usurped by the Zeng family. Zeng Xiaolian’s clan uncle personally instructed the evil slave to remove the boundary stones of people’s fields in the middle of the night.

39 Therefore, the peasants went to the county, but the county officials protected the Zeng family. He also said that the peasants were ruthless, falsely accusing the gentry, and that they were given light fines and heavy sentences.

40. Many peasants were forced to help the old and their children leave their homes and flee for their lives.

41 Suddenly, Zeng Xiaolian’s favored Yin Yin and Immortal died one after another, and he was very saddened by this.

42 However, he remembered that the girl from the eastern neighborhood of his origin was born beautifully, and had lost her career for it, so he sent a housekeeper to “say goodbye”.

43 When the steward arrived in the eastern neighborhood, the old man in the eastern neighborhood told them that his daughter had promised a match, and the housekeeper was furious and forced the old man to accept the dowry.

The next day, a group of centaurs hugged a palanquin and snatched the girl away. The old man dragged the sedan pole and was kicked down by the butler.

The 45-year-old man fell ill in bed, and died within a few days because of his serious injuries and distress for his daughter. The old man’s wife also ran out frantic and went into exile.

46 Who knew that girl, but a fierce person, she hanged herself when she arrived in Zeng Mansion, and Zeng Xiaolian was greatly depressed!

47 At this time, many officials dared to be angry with Zeng and did not dare to speak. Coincidentally, the original Jing Zhaoyin was discovered for corruption and was removed from his official position, and Bao Zheng took over as Jing Zhaoyin, and he discovered Zeng Xiaolian’s bad deeds and was very angry.

48 Bao Zheng met Zeng Xiaolian during the last dynasty and accused him of his sins, and Zeng Xiaolian felt that he had the emperor’s support, and did not care at all, but quarreled with Bao Zheng.

49 So Bao Zheng wrote a letter about Zeng Xiaolian’s crime of oppressing the people.

50 The emperor had received many rare treasures from Zeng Xiaolian and had the intention to protect him so that he could continue to search for his own property.

51 However, all the departments and Jiuqing all went up to join Zeng Xiaolian, and even Chen Changyushi and Lü Zhizhi, who had worshipped Zeng Xiaolian as their teacher in the past and recognized him as their godfather, also went up to impeach him.

52 Niangniang interceded for Zeng Xiaolian, but the emperor was also afraid of Bao Zheng and did not dare to protect him.

53 The emperor had no choice but to preach a decree the next day to cure Zeng Xiaolian’s sins.

54 Zeng Xiaolian was dismissed from his post and investigated, all his property confiscated, and he was sent to Yunnan to serve as an army.

55 At this time, his son Pingyang Taishou and his henchman Prince Liang were also captured and exiled together.

56 On the way to the liberation, pedestrians cheered, and the people cheered.

57 When they arrived in the deserted countryside and the mountains, Zeng Xiaolian and his wife walked with difficulty and were severely beaten by Xie Jiao.

58 Suddenly, a group of men came out of the woods, each with a sharp blade, and the messengers fled in fright.

59 Zeng Xiaolian and others knelt down and begged for mercy, and the leader asked their names and official positions, and they returned the favor.

60 When these people listened, they were overjoyed, it turned out that they were all wronged people who had been killed, and everyone recalled their past sufferings.

61 One of them, with his big axe, slashed at Zeng Xiaolian.

62 Zeng Xiaolian woke up in shock, it turned out to be a big dream.

63 The old monk smiled and asked him, “Has the dream of the prime minister been fulfilled?” Zeng Xiaolian was very surprised and thought: How could he know the plot of my dream? So I asked the old monk for advice.

64 The old monk said, “Benefactor, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, you should not have evil thoughts of doing evil.”

65 Zeng Xiaokang thought repeatedly, playing with this sentence, as if he had gained, when the rain had stopped, he quickly bid farewell to the old monk and went back to the city alone.

66 As soon as he stepped out of the threshold of the meditation hall, everyone burst into laughter, because everything he experienced in his dream came out of the dream, and everyone could hear it clearly.

67 Everyone said goodbye to the old monk and returned to the shop, where they found that Zeng Xiaolian had moved away.

68 Zeng Xiaolian rushed back to Fujian overnight, took his wife and children with him, and moved to other places to teach as a profession, and never again interacted with those bad people, and he also corrected his conduct.

To be continued, please enjoy the next episode of “Painting the Wall”