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18-meter “big passage” bus

Poster News Yantai on November 2

The reporter learned from Yantai Bus Group that in order to fully alleviate the problem of difficulty and congestion for citizens in the downtown area during the morning and evening rush hours, the 18-meter articulated “big channel” air-conditioned bus purchased by Yantai Bus Group was officially put into operation on November 2 on No. 1. The stunning appearance of the “China Red” pure electric air-conditioned car has added the color of the times to the “Da1 Road” full of memories.

The configuration is advanced, secure and intelligent

At 6 o’clock in the morning of November 2, as the first 18-meter pure electric air-conditioned car that has just been updated on No. 1, Mu Jiancheng drove the “big passage” bus slowly out of Miyajiadochang Station, crossing only Chu Road, South Street, Guanhai Road, and Gangcheng East Street into the newly extended Sunjiatan Bus Station.

It is reported that the front and rear compartments of the new “big channel” bus are connected by discs, and the large discs are fully enclosed design. The connection between the two carriages of the “Great Passage” adopts an accordion bellows design, with a safety handle in the middle, which is more safe and comfortable. The low-floor design of the barrier-free carriage, from front to back without steps, convenient for passengers. LCD display screen is selected in the carriage for passengers to display Chinese characters and voice station services, and the line information is clear at a glance. At the same time, the 360 surround view safety system, collision avoidance, track deviation monitoring and early warning system, driver behavior monitoring and early warning system, cloud bus system and tire pressure monitoring system equipped with the vehicle are equipped with multiple safety guarantees for vehicle operation and citizen travel, and always remind drivers to strengthen their awareness of safe driving. Compared with other buses, the new generation of “big channel” buses has three doors in front, middle and rear, a three-axle design, a length of 18 meters, and a maximum passenger capacity of 150 people, which is nearly double the current 78 people in the 12-meter “China Red” bus.

Inside the 18-meter “Great Passage” bus

Due to the accordion-style setting in the middle of the “big aisle” bus, new requirements are also placed on the driver. “The longer the car and the larger turning radius, the more careful observation and driving of our drivers are required. Our drivers are selected for a long time. A one-month theoretical and practical training was re-conducted before taking up the post. The vehicle itself is very advanced, new energy pure electric air-conditioned vehicle, stepless transmission, 360 safety surround view system, avoiding the blind zone of vision, driving control is relatively good. Road 1 driver Mou Jiancheng said.

At the same time, from now on, the 44 new energy air-conditioned buses of route 1 have completely bid farewell to the previous “cold bench”, and each seat is newly equipped with a special soft cushion. It is reported that before this year’s winter festival, the buses purchased by Yantai Bus Group in 2017 and 2018 will all be upgraded to “soft seats”.

The vehicle is classy, spacious and comfortable

In the morning, South Street Cultural Center site. Although it was the weekend, there were still long queues for passengers who went out to play and shop.

“I heard that today No. 1 will be on the 18-meter ‘big passage’ bus, and I specially brought my children to experience our childhood memories and new cityscapes.” Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said. A few minutes later, on the straight bus lane, a touch of “Chinese red” slowly approached. The streamlined body with a large curve is round and smooth, the main color of big red is warm and unrestrained, and the tall body that is fashionable and avant-garde exudes a strong urban taste.

The new Chinese red “big channel” air-conditioned bus stops smoothly, and the citizens waiting in line board the bus in turn. “Get on the middle door to drop coins, swipe the card, and get off at the front door and back door.” In order to ensure the safety of citizens and the efficient operation of transportation capacity, a safety supervisor is equipped on each vehicle to guide passengers. According to the on-duty driver Mou Jiancheng, “The safety supervisors on the new buses are all bus drivers who have just been recruited by the company in the internship period, and they are specially arranged to learn service skills in the supervisor position, familiarize themselves with the working environment, and accumulate experience for the future driver’s position.” ”

Safety supervisor in the car

In order to ensure the convenience of citizens, the volunteers of Yantai “Learn from Lei Feng” Anlisheng Volunteer Service Brigade once again went to the bus stop to carry out civilized ride guidance activities. Since April this year, the Anritsu Lei Feng Volunteer Service Brigade has insisted on carrying out “civilized ride guidance” volunteer service activities along No. 1 South Street and Guanhai Road every month. Advocate civilized travel of citizens, and at the same time distribute leaflets to elderly passengers, publicize the concept of “off-peak travel”, advocate elderly friends to avoid morning and evening peak passenger travel, make room for students and office workers to travel quickly, and at the same time, avoid accidents such as frequent passenger flow congestion, which is easy to cause the elderly to fall and injury. An Lisheng, captain of the volunteer service team, told reporters that because he is a retired cadre of the bus group, he should participate in various public welfare activities of the bus and lead thousands of outstanding volunteers and model Communist Party members to contribute to the development of public transport and serving the big society.

Route 1 was extended to Sunjiatan Bus Station, adding 15 stops along the line

The reporter learned from Yantai Bus Group that from now on, the No. 1 bus line will be extended to Sunjiatan Bus Station simultaneously. Bus No. 1 directly opens up the passenger flow corridor from Chu Road and South Street to Guanhai Road and Gangcheng East Street, and the bus express really plays the role of a fast passage for large-capacity, high-density, urban backbone lines, making it more convenient and efficient for citizens to travel.

In order to weave a network of urban buses, effectively do a good job in people’s livelihood projects, and better serve and meet the travel needs of citizens, Yantai Bus Group combined with passenger flow data analyzed by advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing, and extended the terminal station of Line 1 from the original Talent Market Bus Station to Sunjiatan Bus Station from November 2, adding 15 stations along the line, including Shandong Technology and Business School and Human Resources Market (Sports Park).

Mr. Zhang, who lives in Sunshine Fujing Garden, often travels between his community and the human resources market, and he is a direct beneficiary of the extension of the No. 1 bus line. “In the past, it was very inconvenient to go to the human resources market to work, which was particularly inconvenient, but now it can be done directly, saving at least 15 minutes. This adjustment is in line with the people’s will, I am particularly satisfied, and I sincerely praise the 1-way extension. ”

According to the relevant person in charge of Yantai Bus Group, after the extension of the 1st route to Sunjiatan, it directly covers the eastern school, the newly built large community and the surrounding government administrative office area, running through Guanhai Road, Erma Road, South Street, and Only Chu Road, creating a passenger flow corridor that runs through the east and west of the urban area, which is also consistent with the structure of Yantai urban group. As an important node of the network layout, Sunjiatan Station plays an important role in Donglian High-tech Zone, Muping District, Xilian Zhifu District and Fushan District, and the extension of No. 1 also means that the Yantai bus network is becoming more and more perfect.

18-meter “big passage” bus

Inside the 18-meter “Great Passage” bus