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Many first-time dog owners see that the puppy is very cute and take it home. However, it turns out that the puppies are not what they imagined at all, and their cute little angels are also trick-or-treating little devils. At some point, they will start biting things in the house, tables and chairs, socks, shoes… I want to bite and see everything. Especially shoes, light slippers have bitten off a few pairs.

Why do puppies especially like to bite their owners’ shoes?

The dog’s “pre-hunting” phase

Growing puppies have a “pre-hunting” phase. At this time, the dog will be interested in prey, but it is not yet capable of hunting. During the growing period, adequate nutrition is very important, and wild adult dogs will bring a whole piece of meat back to the nest and put it on the ground for the puppy to eat. Puppies are slippers and socks placed on the ground as “big dogs”

Give it

of gifts.

Dogs are playful

The little ones also put things in their mouths, which is a way for them to explore the world. Puppies, too, use their noses and mouths to explore everything in the house and learn about the world. By nibbling, it will recognize that the chair legs are hard, the socks are soft, and the shoes have the smell of the owner.

The grinding period when the dog changes its teeth

This is the reason that most shovelers understand, and it is the same as babies like to bite when they have teeth. Dogs have two teeth grinding periods, the first time at about 4-5 months of age, the baby teeth fall out and begin to develop permanent teeth. The second time is when the permanent teeth retract into the jaw bone at 6-12 months of age. During these two periods, the puppy will feel very uncomfortable in the teeth, and the teeth will itch and want to find something to gnaw. Just as your shoes are thrown on the ground, you gnaw at them.

The dog thinks the shoes taste good

Everyone has a pair of small leather shoes at home, and good leather shoes have the fragrance of some natural leather, and the dog bites very deliciously. So what’s going on with dogs biting slippers? Because the shoes have your smell, human feet have more than 500,000 sweat glands, and the shoes worn by the owner will definitely have the smell of the owner. For dogs, the smell of the owner is not fragrant. Once dogs miss you and you’re away, they’ll nibble on their shoes, and smelling you makes them feel particularly secure.

Nibbling on shoes will make the dog feel happy

Some scientists believe that chewing itself causes dogs to release dopamine. Dopamine is related to lust and feelings, it transmits messages of excitement and happiness, and can reduce stress and enhance happiness. This dependent chewing on shoes is generally a psychological problem, and the dog is too bored or has separation anxiety. At first, maybe it just happened to nibble on shoes once, but over time, the dog found that when he gnawed shoes, his body would be full of happy feelings. As long as the dog nibbles the shoes, the dog will be happy, and the empty and lonely dog, when he finds the shoes, he will gnaw and release the pressure.

In fact, can this be all blamed on the dog? They don’t know what the shoe is, they just know that it smells of the owner, and just as the thing lies on the ground, they go over and bite.

How to avoid dogs biting shoes? It’s actually very simple.

1. Don’t throw your shoes on the ground, put them in the shoe cabinet or put them in a high place, and don’t tempt dogs to commit crimes;

2. Give things it can bite, such as dog-specific teething toys, teething sticks, etc.;

3. Don’t bite it all over the ground, you can change it frequently to make the dog fresh, but there is always something for it to bite and play;

4. When it finds that it is biting something that it should not bite, stop it, and then replace it with other attractive things, such as toys.

The little devilish puppies suddenly made the shoes at home update quickly. Let you love and hate, hitting is not scolding. It’s not right for the dog to bite the shoe, and it can be better solved by figuring out why the dog does bad things. Separation anxiety solves the problem of separation anxiety, and buy teething sticks during the grinding period. The simplest thing is to put your shoes away and don’t give them a chance to do something wrong.

Does your dog like to bite your shoes?

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