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Body is usually a very important factor affecting dressing, women with a blessed figure need to pay special attention when dressing, whether it is color matching or style selection need to do a good job of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, 360-degree beauty Gillian although the appearance is super high, but the clothes can always not keep up, especially after the blessing, the outfit is even more difficult to say.

Gillian’s styling analysis:

Large-size shirt – comfortable enough but fat

Gillian’s clothes after getting fat are “worrying”, wearing a plus-size shirt with wide-leg pants, which looks like 130 pounds. Many mature women with a slightly fat body usually choose looser clothes in order to achieve the effect of covering flesh when dressing, too loose styles can indeed ensure sufficient comfort, but it is very easy to look short and fat when wearing, and the large-size shirt worn by Gillian has become a typical negative outfit.

Color-block design – add visual richness

This shirt is not single in the design of color, with the basic pure white splicing bright blue, in the color matching of the whole body presents a visual richness, but for slightly fat women, the richer the color when wearing, the more difficult to control, on the contrary, the simpler and more low-key the color matching, the easier it is to show the effect of thinning.

The upper body is too long – the effect of wearing a five-and-five body

Gillian’s own height is not very advantageous, coupled with this wearing in the upper body with a relatively long top, although the mid-length top can cover the crotch wide leg thick shortcomings to a certain extent, but for women who are not very tall in height, it is very difficult to control, and it is easy to wear a five-and-five effect.

Loose wide-leg pants – full of comfort

Gillian matched a dark loose wide-leg pants on the lower body, the shape of wide-leg pants is actually very suitable for short and fat women, choose a loose fit and a high-waist design when wearing, which can both modify the leg shape and raise the waist line to show the leg length, but in the matching of the top, pay attention to choose a loose and short design, not too long.

Gillian’s other styling analysis:

Long white shirt + 7-point wide-leg pants

Gillian’s clothes are really elusive, and she is not tall, but she loves some loose and extended tops, loose plus-size shirts to match short 7-point wide-leg pants, and use a loose matching method to show enough comfort in the matching of the fit, compared with Asa next to her.

Irregular patchwork slip dress

The suspender style dress is actually very suitable for Gillian, her figure belongs to a typical pear-shaped body, the skeleton is very petite, but the position of the crotch is relatively wide, the line of the calf is not very good-looking, this suspender style dress can fully play the advantages on the skeleton of the figure, and at the same time with a moderately loose skirt design, the crotch and legs of the small shortcomings are hidden, belongs to the typical way of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, The design of the dress uses irregular panels in the design of colors to present the feeling of error and fall, which is very eye-catching.

Yellow pleated dress + beige suit top

In the color matching of the whole body to know how to be relaxed, both to wear a visual sense of brightness and richness and to supplement with basic colors, presenting a simple and refreshing matching effect, Gillian’s matching is relatively successful, the fitted light-colored suit top with a moderately loose bright color pleated dress, can not only show the effect of brightening the skin but also show the gentleness of the mature woman.

Patchwork knit + loose wide-leg trousers

The knitwear of the splicing elements presents a rich sense of color design, compared to a single solid color, this color-blocking design method will appear more foreign, the lower body with a loose-fit wide-leg pants, in the design of the style presents enough comfort, with a high-waist fit, simple and comfortable, but the length of the top is slightly longer, wearing on petite girls is not very friendly.

Gillian has the fairy appearance that many people envy, but the clothes are always dropped, and the young lady can’t dress indiscriminately if she is beautiful.

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