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Once it’s summer

, Normal people want to dress cooler, but the light and simple shape changed, from the perspective of fashion aesthetics, always feels “casual”.

It’s all hot to death, and you’re still talking to me about styling? ”

All right all right, TGG understands the helplessness of the big summer, after all, many times fish and bear’s paw can’t get both, but are you ready to spend the next few months casually?

In fact, it is not impossible, it must be cool and outstanding, and there is another piece that can achieve the most effective effect with half the effort, that is, we must wear shoes every day


(Slippers do not make noise)

Of course, this is not the invisible ship socks necessary in summer, but the medium-length flower socks that can be exposed as long as they can be exposed.

There should be people who dislike it,

Aren’t stockings also hot and stuffy? ”

Indeed, many people are reluctant to wear stockings in hot weather, but compared to meditating in the top shape, the finishing touch of socks is very significant and easy, think about it from another angle, socks will not cause you too much temperature burden, can make your style colorful enough.

So, what is this stuffy feeling?

Besides, as long as you choose the right fabric, you can further reduce the temperature under your feet.

What kind of fabric to choose for summer stockings?

1. Cotton blend

Socks made of cotton blend are the most common fabric on the market and in our wardrobes, generally used in business socks and sports socks, light weight, and more durable and comfortable than other fibers.

Because the cotton material is mixed with synthetic fibers, the durability of socks is enhanced to a certain extent and helps to prevent shrinkage, and the water absorption and breathability are also better.

2. Bamboo fiber

Socks made of bamboo fiber are in spring, autumn and summer

In business

Compared with cotton materials, bamboo fiber has better hand comfort, better breathability and water absorption, and will not be hard after washing. And because it is a new type of fiber, the price of bamboo fiber socks on the market will be higher.

▲ Winston bamboo fiber checked socks

3. Hemp fiber

Hemp is one of the natural fibers with high toughness and strong antibacterial properties, which can be naturally degraded, comfortable to the touch, and the socks made of moisture absorption and moisture dispersion rate are better, and are not easy to appear wet and thick in a humid environment.

There are also men who are deeply troubled by athlete’s foot, hemp socks are definitely the best choice.

▲ Fighting Sawks “George Washington” portrait hemp socks

To sum up,



Bamboo fiber

It is the preferred fabric in spring and summer, but the price of hemp fiber will be higher than that of bamboo fiber, if you just look at the durability, cotton-blend socks can be

Socks under the leather shoes of mature men

In the summer, you still need a shirt trousers + shoes to commute, unless it is an extremely formal occasion to pay attention, otherwise it is not recommended that you are still choosing deep solid socks such as all black, mediocre it not only can not provide sufficient detail focus for your light look, but also black will be more heat-absorbing.

In the summer workplace commute, colored or patterned socks can break the rigor of the suit in the workplace style and environment, and firmly grab the eyes of female colleagues, but it will not be too coquettish.

In fact, people’s acceptance of colored (flower) socks with leather shoes will be higher than white socks, so as long as you like, colorful styles can be worn on the feet.

Polka dots or checks

Compared with plain gentlemen’s socks, this socks with J-based pattern are more dynamic, and the time limit of aesthetic fatigue is much longer than plain socks, not too monotonous.

Visually speaking, the intersecting stripes, including some mosaic styles, are more eye-catching than other checks and polka dots, and the eye-catching effect is good. And at this time, if your leather shoes are polished bright enough, multiple colors can also complement the luster of the leather shoes, adding a variety of styles to the feet, who dares to say that you wear low-key?

In addition, TGG also recommends that you can choose to put

Cool colors

of socks are included in the range of the week, such as light blue. Although the cool-colored socks will not give you much realistic coolness, they can visually create a sense of coolness, which is a more seasonal choice.

If there are no requirements, in addition to “cookie-cutter” trousers, wear flower socks in summer, jeans are also a good choice. Jeans can provide a tough handsome for the socks and leather shoes under the feet, looking not only coquettish, different from the strong contrast of trousers, at this time the lower body complements each other, much more natural.

And Chino Pants These slacks are the same reason, you can add in, but the effect is slightly less rough than jeans.

Street socks

Compared with the first part of the gentleman’s leather shoes, in the street, using mid-length socks to wear sneaker may be a lot more justified, and summer street styles that pursue freedom over the years have advocated wearing this way.

But being free doesn’t mean it can be unscrupulous.

Socks with sneakers to pay attention to

If your shoes are eye-catching enough, with complex designs and bright colors, then the choice of socks should not be blindly pursued “eye-catching”.

The finishing touch in the modeling can be in one place, otherwise it is easy to find the key points and appear too complicated, and the respective characteristics cannot be highlighted, but have become “painting snakes and adding feet”, there are tight and fast, complex and simple, and the layers will not be disrupted.

The reverse is still true, such as simple little white shoes, canvas shoes, these must have at least a simple pattern on the stockings, or a logo to highlight the identity, otherwise your feet will be at a glance, there is no “foot effort” at all.

Overall, the street style under the sneakers, socks

The sub prefers to choose a more simple style, such as plain color, simple stripe, small print logo, etc

Part of the reason is that the sneakers themselves have a strong sense of shape and design, plus there is no lack of movement in street style wear. Therefore, the decorative nature of socks is expressed in the balanced shape, which is aimed at adding finely to the shape.

So, if your white socks can’t find a “way to survive” under trouser shoes, then sneakers are its “home”.

It is no exaggeration to say that any color, shoes, white socks can properly show the wearer’s high requirements and quality for clothing matching, and in response to the highlight shape, white socks can instantly calm the sense of exaggeration.

Finally, the matching of street-style stockings must be adjusted according to the pants you say you are wearing.

Stockings with shorts

The length of socks is generally no more than the middle of the calf belly when wearing shorts.

For men with more muscular legs or thick legs, when wearing five-point shorts, the length of the socks can be boldly chosen between the middle of the leg and the top of the ankle

, rather than just staying at the ankles, so that the stockings can modify the line of the legs, create a stronger straight line effect, and have a certain thinning effect.

Stockings with cropped pants

Cropped trousers also have only a little, stockings

Be sure not to show the flesh, be sure not to show the flesh, must not show the flesh

Whether you are sitting and standing, the length of the socks should be enough to cover the remaining leg skin of the cropped pants, instead of standing “human-like”, and the result is “half meat and half socks” when sitting down, which is extremely unsightly.