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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Daily driving, it is inevitable to encounter bumps, driving a car for several years, the surface of the body has already been repaired everywhere, and it looks like there is a color difference, so some owners have the idea of repainting the whole car body. So how much does it generally cost to repaint a car? How many years can it last?

Prior to this, if the paint damage of your vehicle is not very serious, we do not recommend doing full car painting, because then your car is not the original paint, re-painting, no matter how it is difficult to achieve the original effect. And if you consider changing hands in the future, if the vehicle is not original paint, the price will be greatly discounted.

If you are determined to do a full car painting, price is naturally one of the key points. Generally speaking, the whole car painting depends on the grade of the car and the grade of the paint, in the outside maintenance shop, the price of low-grade car ordinary paint is about one to two thousand; Mid-range cars are about four to five thousand; High-end cars are about seven to eight thousand. If it is a 4S shop, at least double the price of the repair shop, or even higher.

There are still many car owners who are worried that the car can last a few years with repainting? This is really difficult to say, Xiaobian believes that this depends on the grade of lacquer, as well as craftsmanship and professionalism. For example, if you hand over the painting of the whole car to an experienced teacher or a rookie technician, the final effect will have a certain difference. There is also professionalism, if some employees do not have professionalism, then he will try to cut corners in some processes, which eventually leads to the quality of spray painting. Generally speaking, if the whole car is painted, if the maintenance is good afterwards, it is also good to last 5-6 years.

It is worth mentioning that many car owners plan to repaint their cars and change colors by the way. This can be done, but it must be noted that not all colors can be changed, and the three colors of special vehicles cannot be used at will: red for fire protection, yellow for engineering rescue, and blue for national administrative law enforcement, and you must apply to the vehicle management office for filing within 10 days after changing the color. Otherwise, it is punishable to change the color of the car at will.