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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Now the living room decoration is becoming more and more simplified, and the original large coffee table has been replaced with a round small coffee table, which is beautiful and can free up more space for children to play.

But this round furniture must pay attention to the material, as far as I know, 99.9% of this round board is MDF, and the amount of formaldehyde released is very amazing.

If there is such furniture in the home, be sure to check the internal material, it is best to use a formaldehyde self-test box in the drawer to test it.

This is my test result, formaldehyde exceeds the standard by nearly 5 times, it is too scary.

I bought the sealing primer online and brushed all the upper and lower panels of the drawer

Although the color is much lighter, it still exceeds the standard, and there is really no way but to discard it.

My nightstand was brushed with a closed primer and all of them were up to standard, and this coffee table is too toxic! Because I only brushed the upper and lower back panels, this round board because it was made of drawer slides, and the closing paint was not easy to brush, so it could not be handled well, and I could only lose it painfully.

When buying furniture, you must pay attention to the material of this furniture, including European beds, the more complex the shape, the greater the possibility of MDF.