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A few days ago, my friends said, and in recent years, I will have a lot of popular style, and now I am very young to see the girl in shorts. On the street, most of the news is full of babes, or the bubble sleeves.


Although it is good, it is actually not very suitable for most ordinary girls. I can’t help but wear the most shorts of shorts, comfortable and convenient.

The summer of the student era is very hot but there is a girl wearing a skirt. The school uniforms in the school clear short sleeve trousers. During the holiday, it is also a styles of shorts, sports and casual style, and it is very convenient.

Recently, I can’t help but think of the summer shorts in the hot girl, it is a clear flow!

In the summer, I don’t know if my sisters who buy shorts are looking down, share a cheeky sports shorts today.

The length is probably above the knee, can be perfectly hidden to hide the thigh meat; the price is comfortable, the hidden meat is thin and high, don’t pick your body, children can close your eyes!


Daily with short-sleeved body, at home, in the bedroom; class, go out, sports fitness can wear!

Store Reference: Neresun


Three-dimensional love buttons


Pink color plus pants sewed a series of love small buttons decorated, greatly weakened the male child, combining the sweetness and vitality of girls!

Pink pink love

Pink color plus the free patterns of staining, freely free, loose wild, is a vitality full of youthful girl, tender and very angry!


Simple basic paragraph, light color color, super fit for summer refreshing feelings; bumps of bearings reflect both cute and adding a playful, youthful shadow is always behind.


Dairy Cow Sports


The cute well known to small animals, black and white is classic color; the dairy shorts are both classic and cute, and the sports trend is full, and it is unruly a cool girl.

Hong Kong flaws

Huanghe blue color is like the combination of ocean and the beach, bathing summer sun, hot and leisure, not only on the beach pants; personalized floral, everything, each girl can wear its own unique style.

Hip hop loose tide cool

Classic thin striped shorts, tidal, hip hop, sports fan with the heart, easy and comfortable, don’t know what to wear, it is right.

Who said that the girl is doing shorts? The girl is full, the sports and leisure foundation, the tilt cool is multi-change, self-heart, wear a personality style!