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Recently, someone private letter asked me why the onion sister. Emm, see this problem, should have not been touched by the “Xian Jian Qi Chuan Seven”. This is the case because


The women of the sword seven clear, the sword is elegant, the gods are full, encounter handsome male gods, don’t worry about it … Her points are dressed in onion


Therefore, if you don’t hesitate, I chose “onion sister” this fan to give the female master’s love as my nickname ~




The love of the seven women of the sword said why “onion”?

that is because

Her shape is such a ↓↓

And onion is like this ↓↓

Under the green, so her love is “onion”.

Of course, not everyone accepts green skirt + white trouse socks. Since the “Seven” trial version of the “Swordsman Chivalrous”, the style of the female, the moon is always a controversial topic.

Some netizens belong to the action, too lazy and people, and directly use the action to prove their own good. They in the demo version of the sword seven,


It’s a high-top tip to remove the moon-clear white trouse socks, a change style.


The onion sister can feel their enthusiasm. After all, summer is hot, and the moon is too thick. (Yes, it is like that!)


Have to say, the sword seven women is like this, and there is nothing. However, this does not mean that the official design is not good.

The story of the fairy sword is always a fairy, the heroes. Every generation of protagonists have the way they abide by and pursue. For example, the female master of Xianjian, Zhao Linger, her image is like a water hibiscus, and it is full of love, and a smile is full of fairy. At the same time, she also has a strong side. She adheres to the mission of the female family, to abandon the little love for the big love, sacrifice himself, save the lives.

Say the woman of Xianjian Seven, according to the understanding of the onion: Her people’s overall color matching is mainly young and white. Green, is the color of bamboo, there is high wind bright festival and tenacity meaning; white, it symbolizes people’s heart clear, and also has a clear meaning. The official is very likely to use this type of style to tell us that the month is a pure and kind, a female knight with a peaceful, and a passionate.

So, what is the story of the female owner of Xianjian? Some people will definitely have questions. She is not a woman’s future generation, can there be a huge mission?

Here, I have to say that the official background setting, the identity of the seven women of the sword is the Mingmen University, in the new work, this school is only her grandfather. Mingmen had a lottery name with the ancestral homemade, and even the disciples under the doors also helped Li Yili to strengthen the Royal Ling. Zongmen did not fall, only the only child is only the only child, and she is sticking to the road, it is likely to be heavy.

Not only that, the Ming Dynasty originated in ancient “eight winds”, it refers to the Dongfeng blowing in the spring time, and the green dress of the women’s dress is the life of the spring, the color of his pantyhose is daytime. Where is the world to welcome the morning? Of course, can only be oriental.

After listening to this wave analysis of the onion, will you still feel that the woman’s shape is unreasonable?

There is a saying, many details of the fairy sword series are hidden in the drawing, explain, simple cloud game, indeed understanding the rough plot, but there are many small places only to experience themselves, go to observe, to see the information. .

It is recommended to experience the demo version. If you have played, then you should patiently wait. The official has announced that the Sword Seven will be officially launched on October 15, 2021, and it will be a few months.