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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Nowadays, China’s economy is developing rapidly, and there are more funds for scientific research, military and other fields of research and development, and China still has a long way to go in these fields. Although there is a long way to go, our country has also achieved a lot of achievements, and the other day it was announced that the PLA will use the new Type 17 sleeping bags and bedding, and the soldiers will no longer deal with dew.

Although it seems that the sleeping bag is a small object that was invented a long time ago, why develop a military sleeping bag now? The first thing that needs to be clear is why China is only developing sleeping bags now. We know that soldiers will inevitably encounter emergencies during the march, and in the event of an emergency or the need to assemble urgently, soldiers need to pack their bags and enter the march in the shortest possible time.

Although the sleeping bag seems to be more convenient, you can slip things in and tidy up a little and go. However, ordinary sleeping bags are not as convenient as ordinary beds, and they cannot be defended immediately in the event of an emergency, time is money, delaying the rectification time of the soldiers, which is very serious.

This Type 17 sleeping bag has the advantages that ordinary sleeping bags do not have, first of all, the sleeping bag is made of special materials, which can withstand the cold well, waterproof and warm function is better than the bedding, and the soldiers do not have to worry about sleeping poorly during the march, and will no longer be with dew overnight. And this sleeping bag is well organized, which can reduce the time for soldiers to pack their luggage. And this sleeping bag is divided into two types, according to the north and south environment and temperature and humidity and other aspects of the research and development, very practical.

The research and development of this Type 17 sleeping bag is very important to the march of our soldiers, and with a good night’s sleep, it can ensure the good spirit of the soldiers. Although there is such a good thing as a sleeping bag, it does not mean that our soldiers can have a very relaxed situation, the usual training is still very hard, and the sleeping bag can only allow the soldiers to have a slightly better environment.