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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Source: Shuidandan666 (Author: water egg)

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

Think about it or send it in WX ~ Because this lip is really a happy

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

CPB’s lip honey is very good, the sequins are more, not sticky, moist, faint, very comfortable

The Japanese is always likes bright things, and it is much more color than the lip ghiz in Europe and America, but the transparent sense is particularly strong.

This time, 8, 8 colors are very daily. The upper thread is like a thin, the thick wipe is different ~

My favorite is 1, 2, 8, especially 1, super crystal

Of course, everything is non-pure and dumb, the hair will be sticky, this all the words “lip honey” can’t escape ~

This set of cute pink cosmetic bags, zipper is also CPB logo

It is hard, and it is also a mirror.

It is worth mentioning that the brush head is very special, the twist radians are super suitable for smoothness from the corner of the mouth.

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

This series is high and low, the color is low, and the first body is very affected.

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

The trial color is wiped

It is very light in itself, even when you don’t get angry.

Shooting in indoor constant light

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

1-super wild, universal TOP crystal honey

2 – Some sexy in the faint, meat, and in harness

3-, very light, I gave me the born friend of the natural red lip, rub it out, it is transparent, and the lip is wiped out.

4-powder white, will make itself shallow

5- Wiping is a faint grapefruit, this is very voyage

6 – my mouth is not obvious, or powder

7- Compare the colorful cold rose red, this special flashes

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

8 – The sequins is relatively small strawberry red, and the pipe is deeper but rubbed is a light and lively water.

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

Specially satisfied with a stacked ~

The big flash inside is the sequins of the nails

I really want to make a makeup!

CPB水晶光透唇露 8色全试色

I painted a lot ~ I have no time to handle it by the Tanabata.

I am free now, I can update it ~