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Mature women with good temperament usually give people a very domineering feeling. The coat that is most common in autumn and winter is also a favorite item of many mature women. You can fully exert your good temperament, and walk with a considerable sense of wind.

Of course, for this type of woman, I also hope to wear a softer effect to avoid making the pressure on the body too strong. Zhang Yuqi is this type of woman, although her personality is very cute, but it does not affect her temperament at all. Wearing a coffee color with wide-leg pants, handsome and low-key and attractive, the casual shape is comfortable and casual, and does not affect the presentation of high-end sense at all.

No matter what style of coat, you can’t avoid a very mature feeling. And Zhang Yuqi directly matched a sweatshirt with a hat, injecting a casual atmosphere into the coat.

The combination of outer pine and inner pine did not have a sense of drag, and there was no problem of bloated and fat. The combination of two different styles of pieces mixes and matches a very different temperament effect. Mature women want to wear a very age-reducing look, and the combination of sweatshirt and coat is worth trying to enhance the layering and vitality.

The silhouette version of the coat can be easier to wear with a strong aura, although the overall design is relatively simple, when enough length and loose fit, it is also very prominent in the advantages of the figure. And for women with larger skeletons, the problem of appearing fat can also be avoided. And the choice of color is also more particular, black will wear a very cold feeling, not conducive to creating a feeling that makes others want to be close. Earth tones, on the other hand, are one of the base colors with a high-end sense and are relatively softer. Very warm visual effects, will better reduce the problem of oppression.

Although the shape of the coat is very common, if you want to get rid of the problem of passers-by, the inner layer is a very important point. Using a sweatshirt with a strong sense of casualness to match it will bring a lazy and casual effect, which can neutralize the problem that the coat is very competent, but there is no worry about a very contradictory feeling.

Many people think that the underwear of the coat should choose a slim fit, which is more conducive to avoiding the problem of bloated and fat. In fact, as long as the texture of the coat is thinner, it will bring some very light feeling. When combined with a loose underwear, there will be no problem of bloated and fat, but it will enhance the sense of layering a lot, creating a stronger sense of fashion for the effect of layering.

In addition to the success of the selection and matching of pieces, the color matching of this set of looks is also a highlight. Although the colors are not very eye-catching, the color combination is very coordinated.

The combination of dark gray and earth tones also matches the matching technique of combining light and dark. Although the visual impact is not very strong, it is more in line with the environmental atmosphere of autumn and winter. And Zhang Yuqi’s own temperament is very prominent, the relatively low-key and restrained color is more textured, and there will be no problem that clothes steal the limelight from others.

This set of styling is also a very out-of-the-loop set, and it is also completely achieved to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and warm and pragmatic can also show a good figure. A sweater with large lapels is paired with a dark coat, and the collar adds a bright effect to the look.

The wide midi coat defines the line of her shoulders, and she wears a birdy feeling with a large skeleton. The combination of flared pants makes the look more distinctive and also plays a role in showing the length of the legs. Compared with the common wide-leg pants and small leg pants, flared pants have a more retro atmosphere, echoing the style of the jacket, and are also fully in line with the matching technique of loosening and tightening.

Compared with the previous two groups, in addition to the advantage of small and thin legs, this group of shapes has too many points in the display of temperament. Derived from her wide skeleton, she chose a bread suit with a dropped shoulder effect.

The looseness of the bread suit is not enough, coupled with a very fluffy effect, which makes the upper body look a lot bloated, and the neck is gone. Therefore, when choosing cotton clothing, this style of comparing the body is as far away as possible, and the effect of slipping shoulders without neck affects the overall image too much.